Why opt for a classy Hens Party over the usual trash?

Why opt for a classy Hens Party over the usual trash?

Planning a party that will suit the bride, her friends, her family and workmates is always a challenge, and not every bride’s idea of a great Hen’s party involves a drunken night of debauchery or Magic Men Strippers!

Traditionally Hen’s parties were a far cry from what we experience today. In ancient times when land and animals were valuable commodities that could be traded within groups, the ownership of women also emerged as a means of securing wealth and strengthening social status for the husband’s family.

History also records fabulous Grecian rituals of oils, bathing and feasts to celebrate the transition of the bride from her birth family into her husband’s family. A lock of the bride’s hair would be cut and offered to the goddess Artemis and Aphrodite.


A Modern World

But the Hens Party that we know today has undergone something of a revolution, and reflects an exciting, more modern concept of two partners of equal status entering into a celebration of love and a focus of shared futures. The Hen’s party has become an anticipated event of its own and there are so many options available to us it’s sometimes hard to work out what’s the best one to choose. When we mention Hen’s parties plenty of images come to mind from Aunt Maude’s idea of an afternoon of thoughtfully chosen gifts and Tupperware games to the bridesmaids conjuring up an evening of cocktails and tequila slammers at the latest all male revue!


Just as weddings themselves have evolved and become a code of relaxed elegance with sophisticated settings and chic rustic inspired invitations and centrepieces, many brides are opting to transform the traditional hens party into a classy event that involves massage, pampering, elegant venues and fun experiences. They want an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons, where mums aunties and friends alike can all join in together and share the fun.

Body and Soul

With such a focus on health and wellness these days, for those who are a little more health conscious, Yoga Parties are fast emerging as a favourite way to bring together fun and friends, and are definitely more affordable than going to a Balinese wellness retreat! The well known benefits of Yoga to help reduce stress, improve balance and flexibility will definitely be welcomed by your guests, but the addition of a beautifully toned male Yogi to guide them through their meditation will most definitely keep things interesting!

Decorate the room with flowers and greenery and layout beautifully coloured yoga mats and towels. Create a relaxed, beautiful atmosphere with soft lighting, candles and burning incense. You may even like to provide healing crystals and cards with inspirational quotes to your guests.


In a nod to the elegant Grecian days of massage and pampering, why not relax and be transformed by professional makeup artists? A Hair and Makeup Hens Party is a fabulous way for you to bring together guests from different groups who may not know each other and are a little nervous in a fun, private and playful environment. Indulging in a little pampering and trying out a fresh new look will mean they can join in the fun and go away looking and feeling amazing. Guests can experiment themselves with the latest looks and perhaps as a special surprise for the hen, a stunning new look could be the perfect preparation for a night on the town.


A Total Transformation

If the hen is a little more adventurous, a Face & Body Painting party would be the ultimate in exploring new personas!  This beautifully artistic experience is pure indulgence and while the makeup artist is transforming the hen into an object of true beauty, guests can be taught new skills to paint on themselves or each other using paints, glitter, masks, eyelashes and even glow in the dark body paint! You are limited only by your imagination and this is your opportunity to create something fabulous!


So now you’re all dressed up with no place to go! All that fun and now the parties ended? Not at all – it’s the perfect time to go dancing – and not just any dancing! Young or old, short or tall, all of your party will have a wonderful time learning some new dance moves and choreography with either Bollywood or Burlesque dancing. Be warned though – these dances are extremely catchy and you may find yourself busting these moves long after the night has finished!


Put on your Dancing Shoes!

India’s thriving film industry has spent years developing their own unique brand of song and dance and by combining the many rich textures of India’s classical and folk dances with western Jazz, Hip-Hop and Arabic dance moves, Bollywood was born. The lavish sets, extravagant costumes and success of films such as “Slumdog Millionaire” have contributed to its worldwide popularity, and Hen’s Parties are no different.

Choreographed routines will get your heart pumping and your booty shaking in a truly fun experience. This group learning encourages and motivates people to lose their inhibitions. No prior dance training is required, and the focus is completely on a positive attitude and gaining confidence.  Your guests will love being able to dress up, and may even imagine themselves on the set of a famous Hollywood film doing a flash dance with the gorgeous Dev Patel!


Not to be outdone, Burlesque is also skyrocketing in popularity as an option for those looking for a unique Hen’s Party experience. Arising from theatrical parody’s performed during the Victorian era, this art form really came into its own with the development of the Moulin Rouge cabaret dancers.

Gypsy Rose Lee and Tempest Storm became stars of the 1930’s and 1940’s in America when they transformed Burlesque with the addition of striptease.  This casual striptease style has had a resurgence in recent years with the rise to fame of Dita Von Teese.

Far from being some sleezy nightclub entertainment, the Burlesque of today is a wonderful artform that pulls together storytelling, eroticism and sensuality. You are taught moves that will make you feel sexy, sensual and glamorous, and you may learn some moves that will find their way beyond the hens party and back home to the bedroom! Everybody has the ability to learn to sway their hips, shimmy their shoulders, perform a glove peel or work a boa, and what a wonderful excuse to dress up!


Location, Location, Location!

If you really want to indulge your hen, the ultimate experience is to hold your event at a scenic location such as a beachside apartment that overlooks the sea or a beautifully appointed 5 star hotel with luxurious rooms, saunas and spas, swimming pools and even a gym if your hen is into fitness and is likely to be up for it in the morning!

Surround yourselves with beautiful artwork and elegant furnishings; treat yourself to a late morning check out and a scrumptious breakfast. Champagne and chocolates are a must along with a few chocolate dipped strawberries.

Of course classy doesn’t necessarily mean no nudity. Even Aunt Maude would probably not be opposed to a hunky young topless waiter to serve up a few cocktails along with your champagne and chocolates served on elegant Royal Doulton china and silver service trays.


So forget the trashy, less than glamorous images that can often come to mind when we are talking about Hen’s Parties, and replace them with beautiful images of elegant surroundings, relaxed atmospheres, fun times and gorgeous guys!

If you’re looking for Hen’s Party with a little more class than one that leaves you grappling to remember the events of the evening before when you wake up the next morning, let us help you create a memorable experience.



If you’re interested contact us or if you have any other ideas and unsure how to make it happen let us know and we’ll try to help create it.


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