Which part of the Hens Night Party should you keep a secret?

Which part of the Hens Night Party should you keep a secret?

To keep a secret or not keep a secret, that is the question!

It’s one of the first things a planner needs to decide: how much do you tell everyone?

Whether it’s a Hens Party, Ladies Party or just some friends getting together for some fun, someone has to organise it, and organise all the people, which is no mean feat. Keeping the details, activities or even the whole thing secret can add a sense of mystery and excitement to the party, but it is not without its hazards. Ensuring everyone wears appropriate clothes for the activities is just the tip of the iceberg, not to mention how much pressure it puts on you as the organiser to guess what activities will make the most people happy. And what if you need help? Just one other person knowing the secret can blow the whole thing wide open – in today’s world of instant communication, one word in the wrong place and five minutes later everyone knows the whole thing!

Some people choose to keep one particular aspect a secret, such as the ‘big finale’, the location or a mystery guest – whether it is part of the entertainment or a reunion with a beloved friend or family member who they have not seen in some time. Others somehow manage to keep the whole event a surprise, giving only the smallest hints as to what preparation the party-goers should make. And then there are those who get everyone involved in the planning, which can make things both easier and harder on all involved.

Ultimately it is, of course, up to each individual planning each event. What sort of planner are you? If you were having a party thrown for you, would you prefer to be ‘in the loop’ or pleasantly surprised? Please email or contact us to tell us any stories you have of parties in the past where these methods have worked – or have gone terribly wrong!


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