When is the Best Time to Hold the Hen Party Event?

When is the Best Time to Hold the Hen Party Event?

It’s a challenging question that has to be fixed ahead of time when planning a hen evening; when is the best time to bring together all the hen’s best friends who may live in different places in the world  for the special party?

There is a lot of planning to do when deciding when to stage the event, from what fun things you will plan for the Bachelorette party, to the availability of the guests. Here are some good strategies .

When to Hold It ‘One Month Before’

Hen Party Travel Long Distance

It’s good to host the hen’s night about thirty days before the wedding if you are travelling to a remote get together (overseas or interstate). Such travel arrangements require significant commitment from your guests.


There is much less chance of the chief bridesmaid or the bride still struggling with a hangover thirty days after the hen’s party, thus less chance of  being physically ill when cutting the wedding cake!

The bride-to-be will probably be able to appreciate a gift from her girlfriends more at the hen’s evening and than at the often overwhelming wedding ceremony.


Staging the party so far in advance may mean that the event seems detached from the actual wedding. The guests journeying long distances for the wedding, may be significantly less prone to take part in the hen’s party because of this.

When to Hold It ‘One Week Before’

Hen Party at One Week


Seven days before the date is just right if you are preparing a mammoth night but are staying locally. It is long enough before the wedding to mean you won’t be hung-over when thanking the Chief Bridesmaid who organised the hen’s night party.


It’s near enough to the actual wedding occasion to feel that delightful sense of excitement.

When to Hold It the ‘Evening Before the Wedding”

Henn Party prior to Wedding Day

This is a risky choice, but it does have some benefits. This would be ideal if you are considering a peaceful party and not an all night marathon or too much alcohol!


Every attendee is likely to in one place especially those that need to travel long distances to get to the ceremony.

It will  feel exciting so close to the main event.


Will you be able to resist the temptation to stay up all night? It may mean the greatest night ever coupled with the worst wedding ceremony in history!

Whichever day or weekend you choose to hold your hen’s party, make sure that most ladies don’t need to show up at work the next day.



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