What’s My Colour

What’s My Colour


According to colour psychology, every shade in the colour spectrum creates a unique sensitivity and the colours we choose to surround ourselves with are a direct reflection of our personality.  Using colour is a known strategy in many areas of marketing, and companies invest heavily in research to determine the best outcomes for their products.  Weddings are no different, and planners will often go to great lengths to determine the best style options for your wedding based on the colours that you favour.


The big day is approaching, and by now you have made all the important decisions; dates, venues, guest lists and of course the colours of the flowers, dresses, tablecloths and decorations have been selected.  So you’re already expressing your uniqueness, your true personality, and the things that matter to you.  Your hen’s party should reflect that too, because an afternoon tea party of pinks and lilacs certainly won’t be for you if your colour spectrum demands the vibrancy and energy of a Bollywood dance party!



Are you a Blue Hen ?


If you have chosen Blue as a primary colour for your wedding, chances are you have a calm, serene nature, and you love tradition and nostalgia.  The brighter the hues, the more fun loving you tend to be.  Those who choose blue are sentimentalists, have big hearts and are more subdued in their personality, with a more introverted energy. They don’t like to make a fuss or draw attention to themselves. Paler blues inspire greater creativity and sky blue is considered healing. Those who select a darker blue are known to favour knowledge and integrity. So perhaps a fun Winery Tour or learning a new skill in the art of Rudigami.



Are you a Red Hen ?



Life for you is all about love, romance and warmth. You like to be noticed, and have a higher energy. You are one passionate lady who demonstrates a vibrant enthusiasm for life. Red is full of sexual energy and excites our emotions.  Lovers of luxury and indulgence, for those who choose red it’s time to make this Hen’s party all about you!  How better than to embrace the art of seduction with a Burlesque Hens Party. Not only will you and your friends have a fun night, but you can take away the tricks of the trade to enhance your bedroom adventures for years to come!

mini-henspartyideasadelaide.com.au-burlesque (4)


Are you a White or Ivory Hen ?

For you it’s all about elegance. You love the essence of purity and innocence that white portrays, and you strive for perfection and to provide a loving, nurturing home.  This is to colour of perfection, and of new beginnings. Full of confidence and poise, you have high standards and strong beliefs.    A more traditional hen’s party will be your style. You could celebrate in a stylish hotel, and invite some handsome topless to spoil you.


Or you could organise an afternoon of games with family and friends and waiters outdoors followed by a fun night in town.



Are you an Orange Hen ?



Now you are definitely showing us your true colours – it’s all about fun!  You are passionate, adventure seeking, sophisticated and enthusiastic, all at the same time!  Orange is associated with motivation and positivity. Such radiance and flamboyance deserves to be celebrated with nothing less than the opportunity to be the stars of your very own movie with a night of Bollywood dancing!  Embrace the rich jewelled colours, learn some new choreography and get your heart pumping and that booty shaking!



Are you a Green Hen ?



Calling all naturalists, lovers of harmony and tranquillity.  This woman embraces community, loyalty and fertility, and is very practical and down to earth.  She also tends to be happy to leave the details to someone else, so if you have been entrusted with this special task, you can really cater to suit her true nature.   Picture yourself in a beautiful bushland setting, surrounded by the soft calls of birds and gentle winds, and then add a bit of cheekiness with a 90 minute session of Life Drawing

mini-www.henspartyideasadelaide.com.au-life-drawing-esther (1)


or Paint on the Man with one our beautiful male models.  Guaranteed to please and create a memory she’ll never forget.

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au-paint-ON-a-nude-male-model-j (6)


Alternatively, we could take you away on a glorious beach ride with our Horseback getaway with stunning views of the hills by day and fabulous evening sunsets.

Are you a Purple Hen ?

This is the colour of spirituality and imagination. We are talking exotic, mysterious, and unconventional. You certainly don’t want to be one of the crowd, you have a gentle and free spirit and you want your wedding to be unique.  Purple is rich, and invokes feelings of regalness and abundance.  This is an opportunity to embrace fantasy, and what better way than to create a new identity for yourself with an afternoon of face and body painting.  Our talented pool of artists can help you literally transform yourself with facepainting and makeup, and you will feel amazing.

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While you wait for the paint to dry you and your friends can discover your futures with a tarot card reading.


Are you a Yellow Hen ?

If you’re looking for someone creative, humorous, joyous and who is a dreamer at heart, yellow is their colour.  She will always be the life of the party, effervescent with joy, and a little impulsive.  This is the happiest of all colours, bright and sunny.   This high energy girl would be the perfect candidate to learn some sexy new Pole Dancing moves, learning to strut her stuff, and finding the temptress within. An afternoon or evening of guaranteed fun! Not high energy enough? – perhaps you need to bring out the big guns, literally, with paint balling or try some karting!  If you’re looking for fun and adventurous, this is definitely it!
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Are you a Pink Hen ?

With such a popular wedding colour choice, it’s no surprise to find that those who choose pink are feminine, romantic, gentle and loving. She will bask in being the centre of attention on her special day, happy to feel special and beautiful.  This girl will love to be completely indulged at her hens party.  Perhaps a very special High Tea, with rose patterned china, cupcakes and champagne. Then follow that with a complete pamper package with a soothing spa treatment.

A cocktail making party would also go down well with a Pink lady. Our skilled topless mixologist would not only teach her the tricks of the trade but would lavish her with attention.



Are you a Silver Hen ?

We are talking timeless, classic, dignified.   Silver is related to the moon and represents reflection, intuition, sensitivity and mystery.   If your hen has chosen silver, you can be guaranteed she is looking for a hens party that will be a reflection of those qualities and what better way than to do that on water, fluid and flowing, on a beautiful afternoon Dolphin cruise or sailing along in the sunset with champagne. Or choose a classy venue and invite our  magician who will intrigue the hen and her friends with his magic and charm. Ask him to teach you some tricks too.

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There is quite literally a whole spectrum of colours to choose from, and depending on your hen and her favourite colours, you might decide to focus on the colour itself as a theme for your party, rather than the personality traits and emotions invoked by that colour.

A classic Black and White theme but perhaps with a glamour spin of feather boas, pearls and tiaras in the back of a stretch limo.

Or a Pink Barbie Hens Party for those with a bright, bubbly personality.  Think pink convertibles, shimmering wigs and to die for dresses, not to mention a tight little pink number on the Ken Doll stripper.

Are you a Rainbow Hen ?



Still can’t decide?  Throw a Rainbow Party! Shake your booty whilst shaking up a Mojito, a Manhattan, Rainbow Sangria or Jello Shots! There are endless combinations to be made, and a party where you learn to make cocktails.

caters to everybody’s colour preference and personality.  This class will definitely get your party started!

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (5)


So whether your colour is a hue, a tint, a shade or saturated, Hens Party Ideas Adelaide can definitely design a package that will make your Hens Party shine! We are Adelaide locals, so we know the best venues, local activities and hottest hunks.

Contact us at https://www.henspartyideasadelaide.com.au/contact/ to book any of these parties


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