What to wear to a Burlesque Hens Party

What to wear to a Burlesque Hens Party

Let your flirty shine

There’s no question about it, Burlesque is just an excuse to dress up, feel gorgeous and have fun! And there’s no better way for you to bring sexy back than to indulge in one of the many fabulous Burlesque costume styles that have developed from its early beginnings to the wonderful pieces that we see today.

The traditional Burlesque costume is inspired by the steel boned corsets which were the height of fashion in the Victorian era.  Creating the perfect hourglass figure the corsets make women feel feminine with their beautiful sateen and lace designs. Victorian women also never left the house without a hat, so a traditional fascinator or mini hat is often used to complete the look.


And we’re talking shoes! Did you know that the high heel originated from a place of power? Queen Elizabeth 1 used them as a way of asserting her body and enforcing her stature. They helped to elevate her above her peers, literally and figuratively. So heels have always been seen as a symbol of power and privilege, and today heels symbolise power through sexuality, as feeling attractive equates to a feeling of power. Wearing heels forces us to change our body posture, and lucky for us, exaggerates the features that bring out our sexiness. Thrust out those breasts, wiggle those hips and strut your stuff. Because we’re bringing sexy back!



Burlesque Costumes

Today we associate Burlesque with seductive routines of peeling off the layers to evocative, mood enhancing music and lightshows. But Burlesque hasn’t always been about the striptease.  It originated in the 17th century in Italy as a form of pantomime using songs and humorous verse, and of course, costumes.

Early examples of this were quite bizarre, such as this horsehead costume from the late 1800’s.


With the invention of tights in 1798, costumes became more risqué.  1889 saw the opening of the Moulin Rouge, and the pretty dancing girls quickly became popular figures on the local French café scene.  For maximum effect while doing the legendary can-can, dancers wore black stockings and bloomers so thin that you could see a dark patch in the crotch.

Although striptease was fast developing as a popular form of entertainment, there was still very little skin showing as nudity was still considered quite disrespectful by standards of the time.

But Vaboom! Burlesque hits America! Specifically Ms Lydia Thompson, who hailed from London and brought with her to New York her troupe of “British Blondes”. The most popular new act in town brought with it cross dressing, extravagant stage effects, risqué jokes and saucy costumes – the likes of which they’d never seen before – and they simply couldn’t get enough.  A little horsewhipping on stage landed one of Ms Thompson’s troupe, Pauline Markham, a night in the jailhouse!

What’s your Style?

So have we piqued your interest? Are you ready to have a little fun and frivolity? At Hens Party Ideas Adelaide our Burlesque package  will allow you to indulge your fantasy and let your flirty shine!  What style of Burlesque costume suits your particular kind of sexy?  Because costume has come a long way, and these days you can fine tune your style to create a unique seductiveness.

History Repeats

If you’re a traditionalist, you can team an 18th century style corset to show off your curves with long, lacy gloves and fancy fascinators. Bring your femininity to the fore with a showy feather boa, a blingy sparkling neckpiece and perhaps a classy cigarette holder to introduce your sexy new routine. Aim for elegance and sophistication and add a smooth, sleek hairstyle and some come to me lips and eyes makeup to complete your outfit. Smokin’!



Rockin’ Rockerbilly Burlesque

Feather boas and sparkles not quite to your taste?  Perhaps you prefer a pin up model look with a little rockerbilly style.  Fabulous pumps, seamed net stockings and a tight fitting skirt with a little halter neck top.  Frills, ribbons and bows and some oh so lacy peek-a-boo lingerie. And not just any lingerie, something really pretty that makes you feel sexy, because this is the key to seduction. Marilyn Monroe was the mistress of this look, and this style will certainly make your cherry pop!



Burlesque: The Showgirl!

This is your moment in the spotlight, and you want the complete package! Peacock feather headpieces dripping with beading, sexy bone corsetry pulled in tight to accentuate your fabulous figure, French lace suspenders and ankle strap pumps to draw the eye to your stunning set of pins and a beaded bodice that shakes with every one of your shimmies. Get our Burlesque instructor to teach you some ‘come to me’ moves as you twirl your fancy feather fans. You are all about seduction and she will show you all the tricks of the trade.



Burlesque: A little fetish?

After something a little spicier? A little leather with your lace?  A few whips and studded collars? Imagine your own Torture Garden or perhaps a threesome and a little bondage with your blindfolds and paddles? A beautiful black leather under breast corset with titillating little pasties. Bring out the power platforms and bring on a little bump and grind. You are limited only by your imagination!



Smoking Hot Gun Burlesque

Imagine yourself as a smoking hot Cowgirl? To add a Western twist to your costume, grab yourself a couple of bullet bandoliers, a cowgirl hat and a couple of pistols and you’re well on the way to a Wild West showdown. Remember too, that one of the key rules in honing your skills of seduction is to keep the focus on either your cleavage or your legs.  Show off your best assets, and keep him guessing about what other luscious surprises you have in store. Add in a little saloon style, with your man eagerly awaiting the delightful delicacies that you are ready to dish up to him!



Burlesque: The Masked Crusader

The art of illusion has its finest hour with Burlesque. Using a mask keeps people guessing, and only allows them to see what you want them to see. Be sassy, be cheeky, and use your body and your body movements to really tease. You can be whoever you want, act however you want and revel in the excitement that you bring to your audience. And even if the only ones that ever get to see your routine is your close friends at your Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Burlesque dance party, then you can really let your hair down, let go of your inhibitions and unleash your inner exotica!



Burlesque: The Glitter Queen

All that glitters really is gold when it comes to creating a fabulous, tantalising costume to wow your audience. Don some fabulous little nipple tassles, and grab yourself a bottle of glitter and pour yourself a sexy little number as you learn a few new moves at your Burlesque party. The more you shimmer, the more fabulous you will look and feel.



Whatever your costume style, you can be assured that Burlesque will allow you to get in touch with your true femininity and explore a new sexuality. You may amaze yourself and bolster your confidence as you learn how to strut, pose, pout and shimmy your way through fabulous new routines. It is a true art form, and although it’s always best to be yourself, and not try too hard, wearing perfume and beautiful lingerie will help to create your mood. Burlesque can be a wonderfully liberating experience and is suitable for all shapes, ages and sizes, and can be a great addition or alternative to anybody’s fitness regime. Find the vixen within!

In the words of the most well-known Burlesque dancer of our times, the beautifully exotic Dita Von Teese “I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.”



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