What Sets Hens Party ideas Adelaide Apart

What Sets Hens Party ideas Adelaide Apart

At Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we strive to provide you with not only a service but an experience. The Hens Party’s industry is by no means lacking in services, from topless waiters to strippers. However, we believe that from start to finish your hens should be an experience that you’ll remember forever. Rather than waking up the next day with a hangover and a few foggy memories from the night of strippers and alcohol, wake up remembering all the fun new things that you experienced and are excited to tell your colleagues about rather than ashamed. A hen’s night/day should be filled with fun activities that bond your guests, delicious food and drinks and other innovative things that will set your hens party apart from others. Rather than have to stressfully liaise with several different service companies speak to us about your vision for the day and we’ll organise it from start to finish.


Why go for a kitschy run of the mill hen’s party when you can opt for something that everyone will enjoy, and you won’t be embarrassed to tell your work colleagues about it on Monday. What’s worse than organising a hen’s party and thinking about whether you should skip the hen’s grandma off the invite list because you’re getting a stripper? At Hens Party ideas Adelaide we’ve made sure that all our activities are tasteful enough to have your grandma or even underage sister there. We’ve found at our past life drawing parties that grandmas and moms are the ones who get the rowdiest and into the life drawing.

Hen’s parties have a fascinating history; they initially began in ancient Greece and involved very different traditions. The bride to be would sacrifice one or more toys from her childhood as well as, a lock of hair and her girdle (a woman’s elasticated corset extending from waist to thigh) to the virgin goddess Artemis. This was done to relieve Artemis of protecting her and transitioning into the sphere of sexuality under Aphrodite’s protection. The ornaments sacrificed signify the bride’s movement from childhood which in those days was always associated with being a virgin into adulthood wherein the woman would become sexually active. The girdle, in particular, was a symbol of virginity.

Apparently, things have come a long way from then. Nowadays rather than being a celebration of transitioning to adulthood and leaving your virginity/childhood behind, hen’s parties are ironically more of a celebration of your single days and undoubtedly the casual sex that they entailed.

Traditionally and I use that term loosely these days hens parties these days involve, lots of alcohol, most likely a stripper and undoubtedly some penis straws. While the allure of strippers can be fun, you spend an arm and a leg to see a penis for about 1 minute in a very uncomfortable manner that from both my experiences and those of ladies who have attended our events is not a very pleasant experience. The hype around strippers is more exciting than the 15 minutes you spend getting fake tan on your beautiful white dress from having him grind on you (of which there will undoubtedly be photo evidence). For this reason at Hens Party ideas Adelaide we’ve opted to scrap strippers and rather go for a more tasteful experience that is at the same time cheeky, because well, it is a hen’s party after all. We’re most certainly in agreeance with the notion of getting together with your best girlfriends and celebrating. However, whether it be to release yourself from the protection of Artemis, celebrating your singlehood being over or celebrate the great times that your singlehood brought and where it’s lead you to we believe that it should be both a classy and fun affair.

Our life drawing package is by far our most popular package and for good reason. How rare is it in your everyday life that you get to see a naked man outside of the bedroom? And while this has an element of sensuality, we believe that nudity is an integral part of self-expression and confidence. Even though you’re not the one who’s naked seeing someone being so vulnerable in front of a big group of people invertedly makes you feel more comfortable with yourself. As corny as it sounds, feeling comfortable with yourself is in our eyes the key to success in life. In your relationships lacking in confidence (when it comes to any area) will undoubtedly lead to lots of issues with jealousy, infidelity and just in everyday interactions and conversations.  There’s also a certain taboo when it comes to seeing the opposite sex naked and what it means. While we’re huge supporters of sensuality and expressing yourself sexually, we also believe that it’s crucial for gender equality that all sexes experience their nudity in a casual atmosphere. Which is why life drawing is not only fun and cheeky but also constructive for societies gender roles and equality.


For those who prefer something less hands-on and a little bit more technical and creative we present to you rudigami”. We adore the art of origami in all it’s all its subtlety’s. So when we found out about rudigami, we couldn’t resist the juxtaposition between something as delicate as paper which is usually folded into graceful creatures such as swans being transformed into penises. It’s so much fun mastering the craft with your best girlfriends, and it’s a verified hit at parties!


And if your hen’s party is more about just getting you and your best girlfriends together rather than anything to do with singledom or penises as such, we have an activity you and your ladies are sure to love. Maybe you’re just looking to get together with the girls and have a few drinks, which is why we’ve put together a package for just that, with a twist. Get one of our handsome cocktail bartenders to teach you step by step how to make three delicious cocktails that everyone is sure to enjoy. It’s a valuable skill to have in the future as well!

Or if your bride to be is more of an active lady who loves to let loose and have a dance, we’ve got you sorted. Learn the art of Bollywood or Burlesque with our professional dance instructors. Each and every one of our instructors have mastered their craft and really knows who to make sure you do too. Even if you’re worried that you’re a lousy dancer by the end of the night, you’ll be busting out the grooves with no care in the world. Our classes could be the perfect warm up to get your moves for the club sorted or the main event with cocktails before and after to get you going.

We all have that one friend who is the complete opposite of shy and loves to get down to the nitty gritty of it all, for her, we have the perfect package. Paint The Man, where she can get down and dirty with the paint and create designs which she and the other guests can paint on the model himself.

And for all these fun and classy options you, of course, want to look the part, so have one of our professional makeup artists come and glam you up to get you in the mood for a day of experiences.


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