Top 10 Reasons to have your Hens Party at home

Top 10 Reasons to have your Hens Party at home

“The organiser was hopeless and it ended up a drunken disaster and a bit of a catfight” is what my friend I recently met up with for coffee told me.  We were catching up on all the latest gossip and got chatting about a Hen’s Party she’d just ‘endured’.

She has been asked to organise a Hen’s party soon and definitely wanted to make sure that her hen didn’t have the same woeful experience.  I asked her if she had considered holding the party at home.  She admitted that it had honestly never crossed her mind.  So we brainstormed, and here’s our top 10 Reasons for having your Hen’s Party at home.



1. Guaranteed to have a Wild Night In!

You are in control baby – you get to hold EXACTLY the kind of wild night to suit your hen. Perhaps a jungle theme,  where you can have a bit of fun preparing  the house beforehand and your ladies get to dress up as tigresses, so when things really start to hot up, you’re gonna hear them ROAR!



Your ladies can have some extra fun doing a little (4)

Rudigami, learning a new skill based on the ancient art of origami, but with a fun little twist creating some fabulous fun willies, big and little, all shapes, colours and sizes.  Who knows what images the Lion’s den might conjure up!

2. Fantasies! Fantasies! Fantasies!

Does your Hen harbour a secret fantasy to be the lovely Maid Marian, waiting to be rescued by the dashing Robin Hood?

Imagine your home as an olde world castle, and your hen draped in her satin and velvet finery, surrounded by her beautiful ladies in waiting. All ably attended to by Robin’s band of Merry Men, some stunning and charming topless waiters, ready to spoil and titillate you. Robin himself may like to make a grand entrance with a fantastic stripper routine, especially designed to fulfil Marian’s wildest fantasies. Those arrows may end up in interesting places!



Perhaps a Johnny Depp look alike would be more to your hen’s taste, swaggering in to a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, with your hot topless young pirates serving up the wonderful cocktails your wenches have created with our Cocktail Making Party. Nothing like a bit of Sex on the Beach or a Screwdriver to get your party started! The perfect opportunity for your hen to push out the puppies with a tight little corset and her knee high boots. Aaargh.



Whether it’s a long held childhood fantasy, or a desire to be pounded by Thor with the more recent arrival of the oh so sexy Chris Hemsworth,


Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Topless Waiters and

Cocktail Making Packages will make your stay at home fantasy come alive!

3. Let it all out baby!

Got some ladies who are up for a fun time but perhaps are a little shy? (16)

With a little encouragement, knowing that they can let themselves go without any prying eyes to make them feel self-conscious about their two left feet your ladies can let it all out in a fabulous session of Bollywood dancing! A great way to let your Hen shine and take centre stage while you all shake your booties!



4. Loud and Proud!

Be as loud as you want – and as gorgeous as you are! (12)

You want sexy, you want glamorous, you want fun?   Then turn the music up, put your sexy on, and delve into the world of Burlesque! Fabulous fun, no matter your shape or size, and all in the privacy of your own four walls.  Here your ladies can let go of their inhibitions, learn to move like Dita Von Teese, and let themselves go crazy. Have a Burlesque teacher come and teach you some sexy moves. It will keep your party intimate and titillating.



5. Keeping it Low Key

Actually, not everyone wants the big night out, and we all have that friend who doesn’t seem to know how when it’s time to stop!   So if you want to keep a bit of a lid on things and possibly alcohol free, then having your Hen’s party at home is a great way to keep things under control. Why not invite a


topless waiter over to play games with you and be at your beck and call. If you want a list of fun hen’s party games to play email us.

6. Saving you Money!

We all love to save money, and a Hen’s night in is sure to deliver!  No costly over the bar drinks or overpriced meal packages. You can work to the budget that you have, supplying the drinks a lot more cheaply than if you were at a venue, or you may even decide on a BYO option to keep costs down for everyone. And saving you money on the little things might give you an opportunity to provide something really special for your Hen, something that you can only get at a party at home. Our Paint on the Model package is a special, intimate experience for all your girlfriends, where we start with some nude life drawing, and then your Hen and some guests get the chance to really get hands on, up close and personal.



7. No Transportation Worries

No transport? No worries?  These days with the risks of drink driving high on everyone’s mind, transport costs can quickly add up for all your guests, and it’s not always easy to coordinate times and locations for everyone to meet.  So by having your Hen’s party at home, all those problems disappear.  Just make sure you remember to tell everyone to bring their PJ’s.

8. Keeping it Close!

Avoid the crowds, and the drunks, and enjoy the quiet! The crazy, mixed up atmosphere of party buses and nightclubs simply doesn’t always suit a mixed crowd. You may have to invite the nannas and the aunties, and that isn’t quite their scene. One of the benefits of having your party at home is that you get to choose exactly who’s there, helping you celebrate, without the annoying hangers on who just want to get in on the fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun while you’re at it! Our Nude Life Drawing packages (14)

are just the thing for girlfriends, aunts and nannas to have a fun cocktail or two and explore their creative side. And who knows, one of your ladies may discover that she has a Michelangelo like talent buried deep inside. Besides , life drawing can ignite a fire within!



9. Catering

Got some dietary issues amongst your guests?  Having a party at home means that you can cater specifically for vegans, gluten free or non-seafood tastes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it. You’re limited only by your imagination for what fabulous deserts you can cum up with!



10. Relax! Relax! Relax!

Relax right back and enjoy the moment. Be entertained. Let yourself be mesmerised by the Power of Magic! Our wonderful magician will allow you to sit back, embrace and enjoy the wonderful show that he has created for you. His real treasure lies in being able to involve your minds, connecting your thoughts and feelings while he makes the impossible – possible!






You never know what special surprises me may manage to pull from his – ahem – hat.



Want to delve a little deeper? A little more participation? Our Hypnotist will make you fall in love with his special talents as he creates a unique and hilarious show with your volunteer participants. You can expect an experience that your audience will never forget, full of fun and laughter!

Keeping with the world of mystical entrancement your ladies will be spellbound by our tarot card reader telling you the wonderful futures that you all have to look forward to.  It will add fun and mystery to your party as you all have a giggle over your individual readings. To add an extra bit of fun, you can arrange for your tarot card reader to give your Hen some very “special news” such as a big lottery win, a surprise getaway to an exotic location, or the arrival of triplets! Make sure you remember to let your Hen in on the joke later on…. but let her sweat it out a bit first!





How did we do? We think that we have come up with some really great reasons for having your Hens Party at home, and as you can see, Hens Party Ideas Adelaide can find something that’s just perfect for your Hen’s special occasion. Want to talk some more? Email us or give us a call on 0410 767 869 today.





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