The Ten Worst Hen’s Night Party Mistakes You Can Make

The Ten Worst Hen’s Night Party Mistakes You Can Make

Planning a hen’s night party is a chance for the hen’s best friend to show how well she knows the hen and how well loved the hen is.  You want to be sure that everyone involved has a fun and memorable celebration with their much loved bride-to-be. Here are 10  common mistakes to avoid:

1. Designing a party full of humiliating activities

Years ago the bucks’ night party became a night of torment for the groom-to-be, his friends subjecting him to the most raucous, raunchy night of debauchery and drinking. Sometimes the groom would end up stripped naked and tied to a lamp post! Somehow the idea of humiliating the star of the night has influenced events for hen’s night parties – women can be far more creative than that!

 Humiliating Activities


2. Ensuring the hen gets so drunk she doesn’t remember a thing

The idea that the hen should get dangerously drunk on her night of celebration still looms in some women’s minds. Why bother spending a day, night or even a whole weekend with your best friends and focus on making the hen drink as much as possible? What’s the point if following the party no one, in particular the hen, remembers much about it? The point is to celebrate the end of the hen’s single life and let her know how adored she is.


3. Forcing the hen to have a lap dance in front of her granny

Having a stripper at a hen’s night is still considered compulsory by some women. However many hens’ parties include aunties, mum, mum-in-law and even grandma. Also some women prefer to be stimulated intellectually rather than visually. To inflict an in-your-face lap dance on the bride-to-be could cause huge embarrassment and discomfort.



4. Planning an outdoor event without preparing for rain

Thinking of having a picnic for a hen party? While this is a fun idea, it could be a disaster if there is no back-up plan if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse. The key to success is to allow for all possibilities so that everyone can enjoy the event.

Hens Picnic in the Rain


5. Forgetting to factor in food

Food is an essential ingredient to a hen party. It provides an opportunity for the group to break some ice, get to know the strangers who are part of the gathering and keep up the energy levels.

 Forgetting the Food


6. Forgetting to invite a person who is close to the hen

Even a chief bridesmaid or best friend may not be able to guess who the bride-to-be will want to join her at the hen night party. The simplest way to avoid accidentally missing out a treasured female friend or relative is to ask the hen.

 The Forgotten Treasured Friend


7. Not considering the hen’s particular likes or dislikes

Know the hen’s limits and find out if any of the guests attending have strong objections to any of the activities you may have in mind. This will help to avoid any upsets at the party.

 What the Hen Doesn't Like


8. Organising activities which are not inclusive

For an atmosphere full of fun and laughter it is important to make everyone feel included. To avoid being exclusive, find out some basic information about each person likely to attend, for example their age and relationship to the hen and what kind of activities they might not engage in.



9. Making it boring

While alcohol can help people to loosen up and be less inhibited, many women these days choose either not to drink or to drink in moderation. Quite often there will be a number of pregnant friends at a hen night party who will probably not drink any alcohol. To make sure the celebration is not boring, avoid making drinking alcohol the only activity for the party.



10. Being unrealistic about the schedule of events planned for the hen night party

Do not cram too many activities into the hen night as this can make the party full of stress! Allow for some relaxed moments between organised events. This way everyone can have a fun time with their beloved hen.

Plan to Avoid Party Stress

If you avoid these ten mistakes you’ll have a brilliant hen’s night party.

Hens Party Adelaide, A Brilliant Night


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