The Final Week

The Final Week

Almost everything is organised. The venue, entertainment, music and guest list are hopefully all finalised (but if not let us know, we’re great at last minute parties!) There is one week to go until all your hard work pays off and the perfect hens party is thrown. But as with many things, the last minute details still need to be smoothed out. The team here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide has come up with a list of things you may still need to organise in the final week leading up to the party and some suggestions on the best way to go about the final preparations.



Unfortunately food is one of those things which can’t be organised too far in advance, as really, no one wants to eat a three month old donut. If food isn’t your forte we suggest booking a Glam It Up package with us, one which includes canapés or fine dining, and let the caterers take charge. If you have decided to arrange the food and drinks yourself then some time during the pre-party week should be allocated to food shopping and preparation. Make a list of the types of snacks you want served and go out shopping at the beginning of the week for the pre-packaged items and things that wont go off quickly. Shop for the food that can’t be preserved a day or two in advance, giving you time to prepare the catering. If you are going to prepare food on the day always give yourself a minimum of one extra hour more than you think you will need – believe us, you will always end up wondering where the time went.



Your outfit. As the maid of honour you’ve had bigger things to worry about – although if you’re anything like us here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide that hasn’t stopped you from contemplating an array of outfit ideas in your head. The week before the party is when it all comes together. If you have already bought an outfit, collating the last minute accessories is a must. As Coco Chanel put it, “accessories are what make or mark a woman”. Have a think about what earrings you are going to wear to the hens party and whether a necklace will complement your neckline or be a bit too much with the rest of the outfit. Shoes are also a major component of any look and the choice between heels and flats can be a bit of a dilemma, especially if the hens party is set to continue into the early hours of the morning. We suggest having one of each on hand just in case. If you have yet to buy an outfit why not read over our article on what to wear to a hens party for a range of ideas and tips to help you choose that gorgeous ensemble?


Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup, although sometimes planned months in advance, only really come together a few hours before the start of the hens party. If you are thinking of getting a new ‘do for the party or are just overdue for a haircut why not schedule it for the day before the event? This way your hair will be looking fresh and professional and you wont have to worry too much about styling. If you have recently had a haircut or prefer to do you own hair, practicing the potential options beforehand will help you make a decision and cut down on the time it takes you on the day, as, like they always say, practice makes perfect.

Here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we LOVE makeup. It has a wondrous ability to complete a certain look, but more importantly, we have so much fun applying it. If you feel the same why not have one of our professional make up artists come and join your hens party and paint the lovely faces of you and all the other guests. If you decide to do your makeup yourself, like with the food, we suggest allocating more time than you think you’ll need to applying it as eyeliner can be ever so tricky.



Set Up

If the hens party is being hosted somewhere that you have access to before the day, putting up the decorations and setting up beforehand will help free up time for those last minute details the day of the party. Setting aside a morning a few days in advance to transport an assortment of plates, glasses, cutlery, table clothes, balloons, flowers, posters, banners and whatever else you may want or need to the event location will save you time on the day and ensure all your energy goes into having a fabulous hens night! Arranging the decorations prior to the day will really save you a lot of time and energy allowing you those few extra hours of beauty sleep.



Hopefully you already have an approximate idea of how many people are attending but sometime during the final week RSVP’s should be collected and the attendants finalised. Perhaps contact the guests and just remind them of the time and location and whether they need to bring anything along with them.


If you, the hen and all her guests are planning on hitting the town after the party, guests lists should be made for the various clubs you are thinking of going to. The best way to do this, we have found, is through facebook, however, for most clubs you can also do it through their website. If you’re unsure whether the club offers a discounted entrance if you make a list give them a call and just ask!



It is not uncommon for a hens party to end with the hen and her closest friends heading off to a hotel room or serviced apartments for the night (we suggest the Adelaide Rockford, a four star hotel which can be booked as part of a package through our Glam It Up package. A few days in advance you will want to double check all the details, including the check in and out time, the location and directions, and the rules and regulations just to ensure everything is in order. Hopefully all the guests will do this as well we recommend sending them over a quick text letting them know the details anyway. Time should be set aside on the day of the party to check into the accommodation and to transporting your luggage.




One week may not seem like a lot of time to finalise all these aspects of the party, especially with a lot of that time taken up with work, family, friends and other responsibilities, but worry not. Most of the things listed are quick and easy if you have done the majority of the planning beforehand and if not, well, who needs sleep anyway? If you have any queries or want advice feel free to contact us here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, we’re more than happy to help!


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