The Truth About Getting Engaged

Your wedding day is a day countless woman dream of before they could even understand what the concept and reality of marriage really means. Cut to present day, when you think about a wedding objectively it’s a massive commitment that involves an enormous amount of dedication and trust. Sometimes marriages can end differently to how you would have pictured. But even if this is the case, for a while their marriage is everything you pictured it to be and more, in both good and not so good ways.

Putting all this aside marriages begin from the purest and most consuming of emotions, love. When you get engaged for days after you’re in a bubble of love, thrill, excitement and other emotions. We reached out to some of the many women we know who are married (most of whom we threw their hens parties) and most of them said that the moment they got engaged was unlike anything they’ve ever felt before, commonly described as – surreal. Many said their thoughts went something like this: “HOLY COW! I’m engaged!” Followed by the realisation that marriage is a commitment for your whole life!


Based off the answers we got from women and our own personal experience we put together an amusing and all to real flow of consciousness of  23 thoughts then go through your head when you get engaged.

Lalala just the usual – lunch with my partner! Hmm I kind of wish we decided on Mexican instead of Italian. Oh well, too late now… But we do need to spice things up. Just the usual concerns I have in my predictable life.

Oh no, why are you profusely sweating and dressed in a suit? Is it good news?! Bad?! Did he get a raise and that’s why he now has to wear suits to work?? Anyway it’s just a raise dude, relax..

Wait.. why is this restaurant empty. Oh no. I knew we should’ve gone to the Mexican place around the corner. Thisd can’t be a good sign. Okay it’s fine… at least it’s food.

Hmm what should I order?? I’m pretty hangry, don’t make the usual mistake of overordering when you’re in an emotional state.You said this place had 4 stars… WHY IS NO ONE HERE. IS IT SO HARD TO PICK A GOOD RESTAURANT?

Oh no… why does he look so nervous. Holy shit, maybe he’s breaking up with me and he chose a secluded place to minimise the damage.

Why is he reaching into his pocket… Is he pulling out a list of reasons he doesn’t want to be with me. Oh my god. That’s not paper… That’s a box!! It can’t be!! Am I being proposed to?! Oh my god. What will my mum say… also why am I still thinking about Mexican at this momentous moment…

*Overwhelming emotional weeping.*

*Blacks out.*What will I tell our kids when they asked how Dad proposed.

Sorry, could you repeat that? Why does he still look so worried.. Oh wait! I haven’t given him an answer yet. Shit… Respond. Open your damn mouth. Yes.*more emotional wheeping* Put ring on finger. Hug. Cry. Kiss. Cry. Oh my god.. this is a real ring.. with real diamonds. Breathe.

Wow I can’t wait to tell everyone.I repeat EVERYONE… Should we hire a blimp?! My parents! Your parents! My sister! Your brother! My BFF from college! Everyone will know our love!

Okay I need to chill tf out… I’m starting to annoy myself. Thank god no one else is here. Oh wait.. This is why no one else is hear. He hired the place is out, how sweet. Oh my god I love him so much. Am I going to be one of those annoying people who doesn’t stop retelling their engagement story.

OK, I should stop calling people and screaming the new… I’m going to run out of credit.I should just change my facebook status… “changes status* Oh god… so. many. notifications. This was a mistake… Oh I’m really feeling the love though.

So… Now that I’ve told everyone I’ve ever met and cried and hugged him. Let’s get a second look at this ring. Wow. He definitely did not skimp on the diamonds. I wonder how much this cost… I feel like a queen. Wait… did he spend all his savings on this?! Oh no. what if we want to buy a house. Oh well everythings fine, extravagant jewellery is all I need in this world… oh and him!Oh god.. what if I get mugged!! Maybe I should buy pepper spray.

I want everyone to envy my ring and my life… How do people take pictures of a ring without looking like gollum?! Should I put my hand in the air? Fingers straight or bent?! A nice background? Fingers separate or together.

Wow my nails look atrocious… Should I get a manicure? No. Just be authentic. Plus people will only notice the giant rock on my finger… I hope.Of course my left ring finger is the one that looks all chipped and shitty.

Do I look psychotic in this selfie? Yes… goddamnit, I look like I’m a psychopath who just murdered someone and stole their ring not a freshly engaged beauty. Okay remain cool, calm and collected.

Should I make an announcement to my coworks? Or is that douchy? Maybe I’ll just let Stacey the office gossip girl tell everyone… Oh wait, but do I want to invite them?

So, uh, when should we get married?I suppose we actually have to figure that out now. Would you rather cram it all into five months during which we’ll be out of our minds with stress and wasting company time by spending entire days booking florists, or drag this thing out for a year and a half until we forget that we haven’t actually had the wedding yet? Yeah, me too. God, I love you.

Wait, let’s give it a day to enjoy being engaged.I guess I don’t have to buy everything in the wedding ads all over my Facebook right this second.

But we should really start looking into venues. Jessica’s older sister told me the good ones book out a year in advance and Jessica’s older sister has been married thrice so she should know.

I will stop staring at my hand. No, I won’t.

Oh my god! I get to have a hens party!! I’m so excited, it’s going to be so much fun. I heard Hens Party ideas Adelaide has some great hens parties activities, I’ll tell  my brides made to contact them 😉

The truth is that getting engaged/married is a big deal. The fact that you’re deciding to get married to your partner means that they’re the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. The words spoken during wedding ceremonies embody what it means to be married and the commitment you’re making. You’re making the commitment to “openly share your lives with one another and speak the truth in love” to “honour and tenderly care for one another, cherish and encourage each other”. These beautiful words are words often spoken in wedding ceremonies.

While yes, receiving is exciting because, well any piece of jewellery is exciting. The rings also represent something special, they’re a symbol of your union. When you look at the rings they remind of you of the moment you chose to spend the rest of your lives with one another, you’re reminded of the moment you made your vows to each other and the strength of your commitment..

Plus, they’re probably the most beautiful piece of jewellery you’ll ever have, which is an added bonus!


Ideally, marriage is the sharing of responsibilities, hopes and dreams. You’re going to grow, survive difficult times and be unselfish because of your love for one another.

So, as you can see, being engaged comes with a bag of mixed emotions, you may start out on cloud nine, but the immensity of planning a wedding and being married can be hard to deal with at times. The good thing is that each emotion is valid and totally normal, so sit back, pop the celebratory bubbly and enjoy the ride. And when it comes to your hens party you don’t need to worry about a thing, because we’ve got you sorted! We’ll make sure it’s just as exciting as when you first got engaged 😉

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