The Best of Valentine’s Day

The Best of Valentine’s Day




Valentine’s Day has been and gone and has brought with it blooming bouquets, glamorous gifts and delicious dinners. A day for celebrating love, Valentine’s Day has evolved over the years, although no one is really certain where it originated from. The most widely held belief is that it was derived from the Ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, an event which spanned from the thirteenth to the fifteenth of February and celebrated fertility.


The festival began with the sacrifice of both a goat and a dog at the cave where it was thought Romulus and Remus, the Roman founders, were brought up by a she-wolf. The hides of the two animals were stripped and then dipped in the sacrificial blood. Roman women would line up to get gently slapped by these hides as it was believed that this would make them more fertile in the year to come. According to legend, all the young eligible women would then place their names in an urn and the city’s bachelors would come and draw out a name. The couple would then be paired together for a period of time (some believe it to be a year some say just for the duration of the festival), and this match would often end in marriage.


As the Christian church gained influence in the Roman Empire they sought to destroy old pagan rituals and traditions. Due to this at the end of the fifth century Pope Gelaius I appropriated Lupercalia and named it St. Valentines Day, altering the festival to a celebration of purification. Despite this, the actual events of the festival hardly changed, aside from the Roman’s becoming slightly more inconspicuous about the manner in which they celebrated, putting on a few more clothes. Even changed but the Pope, it was still not a day dedicated to love and romance, as recognisable today, and didn’t become so until the end of the Middle Ages. Poets and playwrights, such as Shakespeare, romanticised it in their work which gave it widespread popularity across Britain and then the rest of Europe, particularly with the upper class. This lead to the tradition, one that we still practice today, of giving out handmade paper cards to your partner in order to express our love and gratitude.


The reliability of the tales surrounding Saint Valentine, whom the day is named after, are also hard to distinguish. One story is that Valentine was a priest in Ancient Rome. The Caesar passed a law prohibiting soldiers to marry and have families, as he believed this would make them more dedicated to the army and to the nation. Saint Valentine defied his ruling and continued to marry young soldiers in love. Eventually the Casear discovered the priest’s treachery and ordered his execution, but from his death a martyr was born.


Valentines Day has continued to evolve and change along with our society and has become a celebration of all kinds of love, not only romantic relationships but also a day to express your love and appreciation towards friends and family. People give cards and presents to their loved ones to show their gratitude and affection, something which is easy to neglect or take for granted.


Despite this, Valentines Day is still overwhelmingly a day for romance. Couples spend the day together and often celebrate with a delightful dinner date. Cards are exchanged and the lines at the florists stretch out the door and down the street. Unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get engaged (second after Christmas) and so a lot of women, six million to be exact in the United States, are now walking around with the added weight of a diamond ring and the pressure of planning a wedding. Luckily the team here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide are here to help with the organisation of the hens party!


We adore Valentine’s Day. The sweet smell of fresh bouquets and the delicious taste of chocolates are of course a big reason. But the main reason is that we love leaving our house and walking down the street passing women who are aglow with love and happiness. Our fellow ladies dressing up in their favourite outfit and spending time with their favourite person, trading love and affection with their partner and/or loved ones just gives them an extra special radiance. Now since we love Valentine’s Day so much we thought, why should certain things be reserved specifically for Valentine’s Day? We made a list of things which are Valentine’s Day classics which we think can be incorporated into your hens party.



Roses are such a beautiful and enticing flower. Seen as the staple ‘Valentine’s Day’ gift to give to your loved one, the Hens Party Ideas Adelaide team think they are also a great decorative flower. They come in a range of colours, each one capable of setting a certain mood or atmosphere for your hens party. Classic and classy they are perfect for a more sophisticated party. If you’re invited to a more elegant party (one where roses would blend seamlessly into the decor) and are at a loss of what to wear to it, have a read over our article on chic fashion ideas for a classy hens party.


Valentine’s Day Cocktails



Valentine’s Day is one of those days where twenty dollar cocktails are bought with disregard and without guilt. Cocktails are a special and so why not treat yourself, the hen and her guests to them during the hens party? Even better, why not host a hens party centred around making cocktails! Where a gorgeous topless mixologist will show you the tips and tricks to making a delicious cocktail. To find out more have a look here. 





Giving your loved ones a card to express your adoration and appreciation is something often reserved just for Valentine’s Day. But why is this? Being gifted a card is a wonderful present and if it comes on a unexpected day it has the added effect of being a surprise too. We think that giving handmade thank you cards to all the guests at the hens party is a lovely way of showing your appreciation that they came to celebrate the bride-to-be’s engagement. It is also a great way of continuing an artistic theme in keeping with the party if you’re planning a life drawing, or paint on the model party.




So technically chocolates are not a treat kept only for Valentine’s Day (thank God), but they are a classic Valentine’s Day staple. It is one of the busiest time of the year for chocolatiers, with truffles and heart shaped chocolate flying off the shelves. As chocolate is so delicious we think it would be a great addition to your hens party catering. In addition to the many types and flavours of chocolate now available, a delightful snack everyone seems to adore is chocolate dipped strawberries. Not only are these easy to make they’re undeniably tasty.



We hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you spent it with your partner, your family, your friends, your pets or your TV. With your heart freshly filled with love and affection, now is the perfect time to start planning the bride-to-be’s hens party, as happiness breeds creativity. Call us on 0410 767 869 or contact us here and we’ll let you know how we can help you plan the perfect hens party that both the Ancient Romans and St. Valentine would be proud of.


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