Secrets for the Chief Bridesmaid

Secrets for the Chief Bridesmaid

If you have been appointed the Chief Bridesmaid, or otherwise know as Matron of Honour, or the Chief Bridal Liaison, you now have several important duties to perform.

First on the list is to join the bride-to-be for any and all appointments or fittings; help keep her calm when her future mother- in- law has just handed her a long list of things-to-do and keep a light heart when the bride wants to choose bridesmaids dresses you believe would look better on an alien!

By far, the most important duty will be organizing the hen’s night. This is your chance to give your best friend that special night of her life. Your gift to her is to help her to relax, celebrate with loved ones and forget any fears or worries about her upcoming wedding.

So where do you begin?

The first port of call is the bride. Find out exactly what she would like or more importantly what she doesn’t want! Some women find naked men prancing around quite embarrassing. Others hate nightclubs. So speak with the bride and find out exactly what type of party would suit her.

Celebrating the lead up to a wedding with a Hens Party event has become the norm for most modern Australian brides. More brides-to-be are now seeking unique and special ideas when considering their last days as a single woman.

By a well established tradition, a hen’s party is held about 2 weeks before the wedding day. In this situation, the head bridesmaid is in charge of planning for and inviting the bride’s closest friends to a special evening or an entire weekend. Activities on the list for these special ladies parties has expanded to include; life drawing, day spa pampering, cheese tasting and wine, massage and often a weekend get away.

Compare Options – be Different

Do some research on other hen’s nights but try to make it personal and perhaps a little bit different? Consider keeping some things a secret to add excitement and an element of surprise for the hen.

Choose a Dress up Theme

Hens Night Dress Theme
Deciding on a theme or colour choice for the group’s outfits can be great fun. Nowadays you can look online or go to dollar stores to find all sorts of hen’s night props and clothing. Dressing-up & fancy dress can be a useful ice breaker for any Hen night as these transformations can help shy members of your party to feel part of the group more quickly.

Choose some Games and Activities

This is what makes the hen night fun and interesting. Choose a few games for everyone and some challenges for the bride to complete. Vary the activities so that different members of the group can choose to participate or not without feeling bad.

Responsible Care

It is OK to have a few drinks to loosen up, but do not go too far. This is a the awesome night you spent hours planning to be remembered. Make sure you have transport planned such that everyone gets home safely. Be careful not to do anything that will be of detriment to the bride’s character or relationship.

A Quiet Hen Night

Consider taking everyone to a spa, or hold the night at home and hire a masseur and beautician to visit. You can make the night more fun by having a experienced tarot card reader to tell people’s fortunes, even a belly dancer to come and give you lessons in sensual dance moves. Another tip for a larger party is to ask our charming Frenchman to come along for a French Wine & Cheese Tasting night.

Create a Photo Album / Movie

Have someone document the event and put together an album for the bride. There will be some funny and special memories to record.

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide:

To coordinate and plan these classy hen party ideas, head brides maids and maids of honour will, in some cases, spend many hours preparing the invitations, booking the venues, collecting money, preparing food, attending bridal expos and others tasks involved for the creation of the special event. Many venues will benefit from these hens party bookings if they are able to create exciting packages and help reduce the stress involved for planning these parties.

Hens Party Adelaide has a skilled support team that can comfortably mentor with you as your party & event coordinators in Adelaide, South Australia.


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