Same Sex Marriage Hens/Bucks Parties

Same Sex Marriage Hens/Bucks Parties

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide was built upon the vision of creating alternative and personal hens and bucks parties for people from all walks of life. We strove to make our parties as affordable as possible and to tailor them exactly to the needs of our beloved customers. Five years on and the foundations remain the same. We welcome every and anyone regardless of cultural background, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or beliefs and do not differentiate between people on the basis of anyone of these. That is why we were so delighted when we heard that gay marriage has finally been legalised! We could not be more thrilled to expand our business services to incorporate homosexual clients and create a personalised hen or bucks party for all our queer brothers and sisters.

Marriage has been a fundamental part of human existence for millennia and has taken on a variety of forms in countless cultures. Since beginning in Mesopotamia, around four thousand years ago, the concept of marriage has been drastically altered. The modern idea of marriage: a union between two equals in a romantic and loving relationship, has only recently been created, alongside the various equality movements. Originally marriages were arranged between the husband and wife’s families in the hope of gaining wealth, land, status or improving political relations. No consent was required of the betrothed, especially in the case of women, and often the couple did not even meet until the ceremony.

Marriage has been distinctly different in each culture and time period as has the societal view of the union. In Ancient Rome marriage was governed by imperial law, not the church, however after the Empire’s fall, the church’s influence over marriage grew considerably and by the sixteenth century they demanded weddings be performed in public and required the presence of a priest and witnesses.

In aristocratic twelfth century Europe, love was taken into consideration… When choosing your mistress. Marriage was seen as a job of sorts, something you need but not something you necessarily want. It was considered too mundane an environment for love to thrive and they believed that only in adultery, where societal expectations and the realities of life were forgotten, love was a possibility.

Love was ultimately not included in any marriage equations until around the seventeenth century, and was not implemented properly until after the Industrial Revolution. With the growth of the middle class, men could fund a wedding and support their family without parental approval or funding. Even with the addition of love in a marriage, it was still far from what we recognise as marriage today. Women were treated as subordinates and homosexuality was illegal. But decade after decade we progressed, slowly but resolutely, distancing ourselves from the muddy waters marriage first emerged from. Today marriage is a synonym for love and respect. It is now a choice not a requirement, and thus, takes on a deeper meaning.

Hens Party Options for Lesbians

Our packages may seem that we mainly cater for straight hens, as was predominately the case until now, but rest assured we do, and have always, had female models. Our exquisite female models can be your muse in life drawing, teach you how to make a heavenly cocktail, be your topless waiter for the night or just your canvas. One of Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’s new services include a conjoined hens party which incorporates both ladies in the relationship along with their friends and relatives for an unforgettable night.

Life Drawing

Does you hen have a slightly creative side? Does she appreciate the female form and enjoy learning new skills? Life drawing encompasses all of these in a light and relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced art teachers will guide your hen and her guests through a series of poses struck by our stunning models. They will talk you through varying artistic techniques and styles touching on perspective, shading and observation and even give you a little background on the long history of life drawing. You will come away with a newfound recognition of female beauty and bucket loads of artistic creativity. My beloved Vincent Van Gogh didn’t start paining properly until his early thirties, and Monet didn’t start until his forties so who knows, this may uncover some hidden talents!

Cocktail Making

One of those skills which everyone needs to learn but (for some reason) isn’t taught at school, cocktail making is diverse, dynamic and entertaining. Our topless female mixologists are charismatic and adept at providing an exceptional experience for the hen and all her friends. All of the intricacies and most well kept secrets of cocktail creation will be revealed to you. A unique adaption on the typical ‘drinks before hitting the town’ Cocktail Making with us gives you a skill that makes you indispensable at all future parties. Never again will you need to pay twenty dollars a cocktail.

Paint on the Model

For a modification in artistic mediums, Paint on the Model gives your hen and all her friends the opportunity to take their creative skills and transfer them onto the naked body of one of our gorgeous female models. The session incorporates life drawing to start the creative juices flowing and once ideas have been formed they are transferred onto our model. An amusing and incredibly unique experience that will be hard to forget!

Topless Waiters

We offer topless models for all of our parties for an additional pampering. They will wait on you hand and foot and provide a cheeky banter throughout the party. They can also provide various games with the hen and her guests including ‘what is in the bag’, in which everyone has to guess what is placed in a sack through feel alone. Some objects include a peeled cucumber, an adult toy, pearls, lipstick or condoms. They are always very engaging and will ensure you party is a great success!

Bucks Parties for Gays

So far in the life of our business the majority of our customers have been straight ladies. Since this is the case most of our parties are already tailored to the individual who appreciates the man. We have a wide array of male models, who are not only physically immaculate but all have natural charm, endearing personalities and individual personas. These charismatic men can teach you how to make a mean cocktail, wait on you for the evening, model naked for you to sketch on paper, or be your human paper for you to paint on. If both bucks have similar friends or would like an excuse for their various friendship grounds to get together Hens Party Ideas Adelaide now offer a conjoined bucks party where two bucks and all their friends and relatives can come together to celebrate.


If you buck is a little crafty why not try rudigami? Through this ancient Japanese art all the guests can fold the dick of their dreams into life or even better, a penis flashing his own penis. It is a fun activity that will certainly get all the guests laughing and a perfect ice breaker. Remember those topless waiters I mentioned above? They are available to cater to your buck and the guests’ every need and are a perfect addition to a rudigami get together.

Same-sex ‘marriage’ is not a wholly new idea. In medieval Europe ceremonies took place almost indistinguishable from weddings, aside from the gender of the two in the union, and was even completed with a kiss. This was believed, however, to be purely for business and political relations. It wasn’t until the turn of the recent millennium that The Netherlands became the first country to declare same sex marriage as just under the law. And now Australia has joined their ranks, along with 24 other countries. It is a momentous occasion worthy of endless celebrations and a symbol to the world that equality is an inevitability.

We would absolutely love to help you organise your special day that you can now share with the one you love!

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