Planning for a great Party event

Planning for a great Party event

Planning a hens party event can seem like a huge burden, simply because those attending will be expecting to have a great time, hence the pressure of this can detract from what should be a fun and creative event to arrange.

Now relax, with a just little planning and some foresight you can put on a function that will be memorable and great fun for all.

Before deciding where and what to do, it’s sensible to decide who to invite, then plan a reasonable budget per person and to set a date. Once you have got your attendance list, an agreed budget and a date placed in the diary, then it’s time to focus on where to go and what to do, also known as the fun part!

Here are five things to consider:

The Location

Location is very important, so one of the first things to do is to find out what the hen would like to do on their special hen night. This could be anything from partying to being pampered. Ask the other attendees in relation to this. Once you have an idea of what the setting of the party will be you can focus in on the top locations that can best cater to your requirements.

The accommodation

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but people are peculiar about where they get to rest their head at night. Some people are quite happy waking up on a strange floor or sofa, but they are mostly the exception rather than the rule. Paying extra for comfort will be greatly appreciated by all. Plan to get accommodation that’s close to what you intend to do or you’ll spend large amounts on taxis. Pick out a nice place to stay or hold the event – contact Hens Party Adelaide Team for some great ideas on self catering and venues.

The activities

Boredom will be your enemy. Make sure there’s always something to do. You don’t want your group to be kicking their heels all day while waiting for the main event to kick off. The negativity of this can roll over into the main event and you don’t want this. Book activities in advance: there is a big range of activities to consider – from paint-balling to high wire activities, from cocktail making to sunset cruises, from Body Painting & Make-up to Bollywood Style Dancing Lessons and Experiences. Make sure the event is one continuous fun and relaxing event.

The Party

The main event is everything, so make it memorable. You don’t go to a concert to see the support acts, you go to see the main act. Once you have an idea of what the hen wants to do and an idea of where you going to best do this, you can find the best location to suite. This can be anything from the high energy party to some seriously classy pampering.

The traveling

A large part of the event and fun can be the travelling to the location together. The event starts the moment you step out of the house. It’s not every day or weekend you get the chance to hang out with all your friends in such a warm atmosphere and celebration of marriage, so make the most of it! You can hire transport, or be on the same train or plane together.

The Hens Party Adelaide Team can help at all stages of the planning!


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