Packing for a Hen Party Weekend

Packing for a Hen Party Weekend

The way you pack will naturally be influenced by the activities you will be doing over the weekend. You may have planned a variety of indoor and outdoor choices. Just take into account the climate and the venues and include casual and dressy outfits. The party planner might also suggest a dress theme for all or part of the weekend so you might need to be creative, but it could be a good reason to go shopping and buy something special!

If you’re the bride-to-be, it might be a bit trickier to work out what to pack as the organiser is likely to try to keep some of the weekend activities a secret from you. Therefore in order to be prepared for anything you will need to pack for a variety of occasions. This is great excuse to pack all your shoes – flats, sneakers, boots, high heels…! If you don’t already have a suitcase with wheels, now may be the ideal time to buy one, especially if you’re going to your hen location by car or plane.

Although you might have visions of wearing your favourite outfit, be prepared for the fact that your friends might have other ideas and may have selected an outfit and matching accessories for you to wear!


Here’s a quick checklist of some essentials to pack:

  • Earplugs – you may be sharing a room with someone who snores.
  • Mobile phone and charger – keep in touch.
  • Optional: Laptop for contacts and emails.
  • Travel First Aid Kit – for those sore feet.
  • Camera, spare SD Card and batteries – capture the best bits of the weekend.
  • Sun cream – it might be a sunny weekend.
  • Raincoats – it could rain.
  • Small gift for the bride-to-be – be creative and daring!

Don’t plan something where the bride will be embarrassed or compromised

It is an unspoken fact that during a bridal shower, the future bride and her friends are often wild and crazy. Since this is the hen’s last night of freedom, she will want to  enjoy it – and in safety. It is common for a future bride to visit numerous bars and be encouraged to flirt with other men. However, be careful that you do not cross boundaries. To be safe, ask your friend if a crazy, totally excessive night is really what she would want to have.

Settle costs ahead of time

You have to keep in mind that most hens nights do get pretty wild. This is why you need to make sure that everything is paid for ahead of time. If you do you will be able to end the night without any problems settling bills. The last thing you, as planner, need towards the end of the celebration is having to argue with or hassle friends because they owe money. You are entitled to have as much fun as possible too!

Be prepared for the morning after

Since these events usually involve lots of drinking, you have to make sure that you prepare for it. With this in mind, stock up on headache medication, lots of wet towels, water and somewhere to have a good breakfast.

If your guest of honor does not want a wild hen’s night, respect her request. Instead, you can look at other options that are available on how you can celebrate this female bonding time with your friend the way she likes it. The bride-to-be remains the core focus of all such activities, and events should be according to her liking such that she will remember the day as one of the best days of her single life!



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