Nude Female Life Drawing for Buck’s Parties

Nude Female Life Drawing for Buck’s Parties

Did you think life drawing was only for women? WRONG. Why should they have all the fun? And anyway, ahem, men have more experience at looking at naked women…in one place or another. If you’re looking for something a little different than ye ole traditional stripper and nausea inducing amounts of alcohol getting the guys together to draw a nude female model is a great idea.

What We Provide for Your Buck’s Party

We will provide you with a professional art teacher /MC who can help you become, if not the Leonardo Da Vinci, then at least better than your fourth grade drawings of cars. After all, you’ve got a naked woman right there in front of you, what could be more inspiring. If you think you could only door stick figures… ha! we will prove you wrong. After just one half hours you will be drawing Picasso-esque girls. The class is fast paced; you get to do a number of quick sketches, you don’t spend the entire time slaving overone masterpiece. This event is fun, not something where you have to prop your eyes open with match sticks. (15)

We also supply everything you need like graphite pencils, paper, drawing boards and easels. A bottle of beer or 2 or 3 will do wonders for your sketching skills. (35)

You’ll end up with an array of masterpieces. Some men claim to have hung them in their bedroom, and maybe several men ended up sleeping on the couch afterwards, I couldn’t say. But we don’t recommend this as it doesn’t go down well with the woman who shares your bed.

And yes, finally, we will provide you with a gorgeous charming model. You’ll get to see which one of your mates has the best eye when it comes to proportions.

mini-BucksParty-Mark (4)

Female Life Drawing Buck’s Party Prices

 At your house

GOLD package – Photographer, Topless Waiter, Instructor and Model : $75 pp

SILVER package – Topless Waiter, Instructor and Model : $65 pp

BRONZE package – Instructor and Model : $55 pp


At one of the CBD pubs we work with

GOLD package – Photographer, Topless Waiter, Instructor, Model & Sparkling : $82pp

SILVER package – Topless Waiter, Instructor, Model & Sparkling : $72 pp

BRONZE package – Instructor, Model & Sparkling :  $62 pp

email us or

call us on on  0410 767 869 to book.

8 Reasons to Stage a Life Drawing Bucks Party

# Your fiancé won’t dump you on your wedding night.

# The life drawing buck’s party won’t end with you being handcuffed to a bed after a litre of tequila.

# It something totally different and you get to laugh a lot, not least of all at the masterpieces you all produce. (30)


# You get to pretend you’re civilised in contrast to the buck’s parties that require sleeping in the gutter. The’re also a little more elegant than  a hard-core day of paint-balling or a debauched night at a strip club. (9)

# Life drawing is great for all ages, even for the great-grandfather of the groom

# You get to study a gorgeous naked female intensely for one and half hours (27)

# You can challenge your buck by having him model as well – a dual pose with the nude female model that everyone else gets a sketch (33)

Watch out for all the rude comments your mates will make when they draw the two of you. (32) (31)

# It’s a highly educational event that will definitely upgrade your CV. Well OK this is a stretch, we admit, but at least it gives you boasting rights.


Where to Stage Your Nude Female Life Drawing Buck’s Party?

You can arrange the party to take place at one of the Adelaide CBD hotels we work with: the Adelaide Rockford Hotel, the Cumberland Arms hotel on Waymouth Street or the Prince Albert hotel on Wright Street.

mini-BucksParty-Mark (1)

A buck’s life drawing party at the Cumberland Arms Hotel

Alternatively you can organise the event at your place. (2)

Mark’s buck’s party was on their outdoor terrace

The Logistics of a Life Drawing Buck’s Party

Minimum and Maximum Numbers

You can be as few guys as you want but we charge for a minimum number of 12. The largest group with worked with was 24 guys. See if you can beat that!

How long does the Nude Female Life Drawing Parties Last?

Our nude female life drawing classes run for 90 minutes.

How to Book?

Email us : teamAT


Why Are We Offering This Bucks Party on a Hens Party Website?

We’ve added life drawing for bucks to this website as we’ve had bucks in search of life drawing contact us here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide. (1) henspartyideasadelaide, (3) mini-BucksParty-Mark (7)


  • Package:      Nude Female Life Drawing for Buck's Parties Package
  • Cost:           $45+

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