Face&Body Painting, Make-up

Face&Body Painting, Make-up


Ever wondered how you’d look with sensual lips and extravagant eyes? A good make-up job makes a stunning difference.

Face-painting and make up is definitely a fun way to prepare for a hens night party. Launch the night out by having yourself transformed 😉




At most hen’s parties girls don’t know each other. Some of the hen’s friends come from interstate, even from overseas. How often have girls arriving at a hen’s party told us: “I’m so nervous, I don’t know anyone here except the hen and she’s too busy talking to everyone else to be able to bother with me.”

So why not relax and get your eyes and lips done with the others- it’s an icebreaker. And it will make you look and feel amazing on top of it.


Having an artist create a ‘new identity’ for everyone brings playfulness and relaxes the nerves. And it’s such a treat to let someone create a new, different you!

You could try something arty:


You could try even more and have your  face and body painted.

One of our bodypainting artists, Kim tells us: “ I find  joy in creating beautiful art in the field of face and body painting. My favourite medium is professional stage make-up painted onto skin. I like its spontaneous fleeting quality and limitless possibilities to try out new concepts. The artistic process itself is fun; we discuss style, colours preferred, subject, lighting, props and so on…and customise the design to suit the individual.”


Glow in the dark body and face paint is heaps of fun too. We can do it for you:

henspartyadelaide.com.au-glow-in -the-dark-bodypainting1


Or we can teach you to paint on yourselves and each other as well:

henspartyadelaide.com.au-glow-in -the-dark-bodypainting2

BTW, masks have a fascinating psychological power over us humans. They can effectively create a new identity.

At a physical level, face and body paint are a soft mask that add layers of colour on to their subject. We use non-toxic face and body paint, powder, lipstick, eye liner, rouge, glitter, diamantes and feathers. You can also request false eyelashes.  Such soft masks, in contrast to a bought hard mask made of plastic or wood mould to the face perfectly.

We also like to play with hard masks:




People dare to explore under the new persona of a mask. Because the face acts as a primary identification label, disguising it brings freedom.

Our Hens Party Ideas Adelaide staff is emerged in the Adelaide Arts scene. Hence we constantly work with fellow artists, agents and performers and create teams of talented people.

Here are some more examples of their work:

The natural beauty of the bride is enhanced.


Hens Party Adelaide, Aleisha Gannon, Bridesmaids' Make Up










These bridesmaids look totally gorgeous.


Hens Party Adelaide, Aleisha Gannon, Hair and Make Up














Hairstyling added to make-up  creates natural glamour.

We work together with mobile hairdressers who can come to your venue and do your hair before your hens party.


Hens Party Adelaide, Aleisha Gannon, Whimsical Make-Up












You could go for a whimsical and playful look.


Hens Party Adelaide, Aleisha Gannon, Body Painting





















Showing off the beauty of a pregnant woman, truly a treasure.


Hens Party Adelaide, Aleisha Gannon, Special Effects Artistry


















A superb example of Artistry.

Contact us if you would like to request our artist’s make-up and/or  body painting skills at your hen’s party.

We can bring make-up &body painting & artist’ party can come to your place  or a city venue. We charge travel costs for venues that further than 10 km from the Adelaide CBD.

Contact us to find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen,  let us know and we’ll help you make it reality.

$25 for eyes and lips, false eyelashes +$10

  • Package:      Face&Body Painting, Make-up
  • Cost:           $25+ minimum of 7

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