The Magician

The Power of Magic

lies in the magician’s ability to transform the mundane and ordinary into something that is wonderful and fantastic in the eyes of those who watch him perrform.

Magicians know that what the viewers see with their eyes is different to the story their minds create about what they see. The key to great magic is to dissolve this difference.

A great magician asks him/herself the following questions:

“What do I want my audience to feel?”

“How can I make that happen in the limited time I have available?”

“How can I engage them and draw them in?”

“How can uphold a personal connection with the people I am performing for? How can I let them know I care?”

“How can I ensure that something I do over and over again is still new and fresh for my audience?”

“How can I make my audience laugh, weep and gasp? How can I ensure that they are fully invested in my performance?”

A magician’s job is to embrace, enjoy and understand the power of his magic. A top class magician cannot afford to sacrifice his art for the sake of a cheap laugh. His job is to create those magic moments of fantasy and he cannot afford to shy away from those moments with a wink or a bad joke. That would destroy exactly that what he intends to create: namely UNCERTAINTY.

The lives of most people are filled with uncertainty. And most people dread uncertainty. However, to move forward in our lives we are often required to take a step towards uncertainty without knowing where it will lead us. Often what we believe that that which we must do to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves is impossible. It demands of us that we move from safe grounds to unstable grounds. This means that often we can’t look before we leap. This leap of faith requires from us that we detach ourselves from the known and welcoming the unknown.

The power of magic is to make that which seems impossible possible.

Our magician will convince you to let go of what you perceive as the real world and has you enter into something that reeks of the incredible. You believe in his fantasy enough to want to take part in a game where the unknown can take place and nothing is impossible.

The magician makes the impossible possible.

When he’s on stage performing tricks at a certain distance from his audience (on-stage magic) it is easier to do this; he can be a little more detached from what he is doing. However when he is involved in close-up magic he must stay grounded, for the audience must be able to relate to him. If they can’t relate, they won’t believe that the impossible he is manifesting is true and real. (2)

A good piece of drama will take you on paths with surprising twists and turns and will culminate in an unexpected yet satisfying conclusion. A good magic session will do the same. Every magician has a different personality and hence will bring different qualities to the table. The magician’s personality is the key to his performance.

The real treasure of magic lies in involving the minds of the audience, in connecting with them at a meaningful level and in convincing them to invest their own feelings and ideas. Good magicians take risks.


Our Magician Matt is one of Australia’s most popular magicians.  He is both a Magician and Mentalist. He provides a brilliant evening of entertainment for a hens night party.

He has performed for the past six years across Australia and Overseas.

Performing as a Mentalist combining these psychological skills with insane magic abilities he  creates a fun, incredible and jaw dropping show and get the hen and her friends involved too.

As seen on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 and with a huge social following Matt is one of the top upcoming international magicians.

Don’t expect rabbits, hats or capes – this is the new era of Magic.


Our hypnotist Isaac has a natural flair for entertaining and a pure love for hypnotism. Isaac enjoys inducing this wonderful trance like state in his volunteers so they can experience this great phenomenon we call hypnosis.

Isaac loves every moment of what does, he finds his job on stage always holds interesting surprises as each volunteer responds to hypnosis differently.

You will fall in love with this mystic art form and find it’s actually a natural psychological process that we can all use as a powerful tool for self development and growth and of course, in the right hands, a unique and hilarious form of entertainment!

You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that the audience will never forget!

Here’s why: the show is based on everyone’s participation. That means the hen and her friends all become the stars of the show.

If you want fun, hilarity and the adventure of the unexpected – Isaac Lomman’s Hypnotism is just for you!

Call us on on  0410 767 869 or

Email us to chat about how we can help you

You could enjoy our magician at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).
The Rockford has a brilliant hens party package that offers accommodation, cocktails and platters as well as their functions room for your party. It’s a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life too.
All three have a great functions menu, so you can enjoy delicious nibbles served during your event or have dinner there together in your own private room afterwards.


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