Paint on the Model


Are you and your friends more hands on kind of girls who like to see the action up close and personal? Then Paint On the Man is the perfect package for your Hens Party. How often do you get the opportunity to paint dynamic, fun designs on a handsome, muscular man? My guess is once and luckily for you, we’re here to provide that opportunity. Spend 90 minutes admiring, enjoying and painting our lovely models. Your imagination’s the limit, paint your favourite movie character, your favourite flower, your favourite sayings, your name or just any design you can come up with, as you can see, the group below did all of these.



At your venue: $60 per person
At our venue: $65 per person

Included in both these prices is the drawing materials for the initial life drawing time, the paint you will use to bring your ideas to life, an instructor/MC to make sure your party runs smoothly, create a fun atmosphere and to give you artistic advice where wanted, photography of your event so that you can always look back and remember the fun time you had and of course last but definitely not least our gorgeous model.

The Paint on the Man experience

Our Paint on the Man package is a perfect activity for a playful, cheeky bunch, with a creative streak who know a man’s body well or would like to get to know it better. As you can see from the photos, this package is ideal for all ages because no matter what age we are, we women always appreciate a beautiful piece of art and a handsome man.

We’ll give you a play by play of how the party runs below.

The party begins with life drawing. This gives you the opportunity to admire your canvas and all of his aspects, which will help you decide on your designs. We start by sketching four smaller drawings which helps us get loose and give us an idea of proportions and the shapes which make up the human body.


Once you’ve captured your model in black-and-white, we introduce colour to give you inspiration for what colours you would like to use when painting. (5)


Then you let your creative side run wild while exploring possible designs to paint on your nude male model. As you can see below in this section we get a good idea of what the ladies fantasies are, like maybe a cop or an adventurous man who’s always ready for the disco.


Then you get to the even better stuff: painting your designs on our naked model. Nothing is off limits, except tickling the most sensitive part with the paintbrush. You can even play a game of naughts and crosses on him as these ladies decided to do.


Paint the perfect hens activity for people of all artistic capabilities, everyone gets involved. Another reason its the perfect package: your grandma and mum will love it, as you can see below! You’ll see a whole new side to them… (16)


You can create lots of small designs or decide on your favourite design and work together to make it come to life. Here is some interesting professional body paintings to give you inspiration for your designs.

Your final creation may look something like this, or completely different. This hen’s husband works for Reece plumbing, so she decided to pay a tribute to him.


Included in this package:

  • all the body painting materials you need
  • a gorgeous model
  • an instructor/MC
  • photography of your event


You could enjoy our Paint on the Model  hen’s party at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Adelaide Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).  Or if you’d like the more relaxed atmosphere of your own home we can come to your location.

If you feel like treating you and your friends we’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that can include cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. With more to offer than their food and drinks, the Adelaide Rockford Hotel is perfectly located as well; ideal for a night out in heels, only a two minute walk to all of Adelaides best nightlife.

Or as seen in the photos above you could have your party in your backyard or another venue of your choosing like this intimate hotel room.


Give us a call on 0410 767 869 to discuss how we can make your hens party a fun and special day

or if you already know exactly what you want to do email us to book in. The sooner you make your booking secure the better, to make sure you get the time and date that suits you best.



Book a Topless Waiter

Why not add a topless waiter to the mix? Your topless waiter can attend to your every need, including shoulder massages in case you need to relax after the excitement of Paint on the Man.

You can have him stay on after the your Paint on the Man activity and orchestrate games with you and your girlfriends. Our waiters have a brilliant repertoire of games. A waiter is the perfect way to keep those who aren’t currently occupied by painting the attention they’d like and serve those who are some champagne to get the creative juices flowing.

Topless Male Waiter Pricing

One topless waiter
for 2 hours $220
for 3 hours $280
for 4 hours $340

Two topless waiters
for 2 hours $390
for 3 hours $510
for 4 hours $640

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