Hand Made Love Books

These handmade books tell your tale of love and are a rare opportunity to have your special pathway to union mapped out in a one-off keepsake.  Stepping into the sacred territory of marriage is a unique journey for everyone.  Our specially trained artisan will collaborate with you and your loved one to create something timeless and breathtaking, that will be skilfully bound and yours to keep forever.

These are gifts a group of people could share the costs of.

Hens Party Book
Capture your favourite hen’s party moments in this one off book guaranteed to make you all smile every time you open it. Gift the bride with a collection of images and comments taken from the fun night you spent celebrating together.

Cost: $380.

The Vow Book
The vows you have made and other important words from your ceremony are in this book along with your favourite photos of your Big Day and other images symbolic to your relationship. This would also be a wonderful gift for the couple.

Cost: $420.


Your Love Story
Chart your relationship and tell your love story so that you can share it with your loved ones for the rest of your life.  Creating this book involves 2 – 4 meetings with Ky the bookmaker to discuss how you want your story told.

Cost: $480

Love Aspirations
Eternalise the wishes of the friends and family of the bride and groom. Often our relationships are influenced by those close to us, it is awe inspiring to reflect on their thoughts.

Cost: $380

Recipe for a Great Partnership
What makes your relationship strong and unique? This is a fun way to illustrate the strengths and adventures of your history and future together.  It could be made of song lyrics, special things you have said to each other, potent memories, dreams,  recipes, things your partner does that drive you to distraction, and other little excerpts that make your partnership unique.

Cost: $380

These books are one-off original art works. Each page is individually planned and hand cut.  Covers are handmade and bound with high quality fabric, thread and paper.  Costs can change depending on content and specialized materials.



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