Learn the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with a twist. It just got naughty thanks to our Rudigami package. Our Rudigami instructor will help you transform paper into willies that are works of art. This is more fun than the run-of-the-mill hen’s night straws or willy earrings. (1)

You’ll learn step by step how to make willies of all sizes, balls are optional but highly recommended.

Will teach you how to make all different kinds of dicks:

you can make a ‘super penis’

or a ‘stripper’

or maybe you fancy a ‘dick in a bikini’

Once you’ve got a handle on all those dicks, it’s time for a game. You write a message on the dick of your choice. Each girl’s message goes into a hat and the hen then pulls them off/out, one at a time guessing which of her friends has written the message. We say the naughtier the message, the better. (4)

This is a great way to start off a hen’s night party. It’s a great icebreaker as at most hen’s nights there will be women who don’t know each other. Making penises together is good form of female bonding. The penis designs we will teach you are invented purely to amuse you. Would you choose to dress your penis up as an angel, or a flasher, or a Superman. A sunbathing penis is also an option. This package is perfect for girls with a naughty side. It gives you training in being skilled with your hands.

Do I get to keep my willy?

Absolutely! It’s a souvenir of the night. If you take good care of your little fella he will last a lot longer than tatty sashes. He may also be more useful.

What size will the willies be?

There will be teeny ones and mighty shlongs that may make your eyes water.

Can my grandma learn the art of Rudigami too?

Sure, grandmas love willies too. If she is an older prudish grandma, just give her a whisky and stick a dick in her hand and she will be fine.

How big should my balls be?

Make sure your balls are big enough to write a message on.

What will happen with my willies when we hit the town?

Then they will be more out than they are in.

Can I turn my penis into a Valentines gift?

Why not, perhaps the one you love might enjoy receiving an original Rudigami Valentines gift. It would certainly show your intentions.


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You could enjoy our Rudigami hen’s party at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Rockford Hotel, Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. Their hotel is perfectly located as well; a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life on Hindley Street.


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