Life Drawing

Life Drawing Hen’s Night Party

Life drawing is a cheeky and stylish hen’s party idea. We’re Adelaide locals, so we know the best venues and the  hottest hunks.

You’ll  have 90 minutes to draw one of our gorgeous, naked male models.

You don’t even need to be able to draw; you just need to be game and up for fun. Your drawing teacher’s/MC’s techniques will make life drawing too easy. Our models have training in yoga and performance, so their poses are artistic, fun and dynamic. The men we choose are beautiful on the inside and the outside. That’s a prerequisite for working with Hens Party Ideas Adelaide.


Life Drawing Party Prices

Our Adelaide life drawing party prices are based on minimum numbers of 12. However, we often have smaller groups. Smaller groups are fun too because they are more intimate. Package prices start at $35 per person.

You can have your ‘Life Drawing’ party at  your place  or at one of our our Adelaide CBD venues:

Life Drawing Party Prices (mobile) – if you organise the place

If you stage  your Life Drawing session at your place. Some girls rent an apartment, others organise it at one of the ladies’ homes.

BRONZE package (your place) – Model & Drawing Materials:  $35 pp
SILVER (your place) – Instructor, Model & Drawing Materials: $40 pp
GOLD (your place) – Topless Waiter, Instructor, Model & Drawing Materials: $55 pp

Life Drawing Party Prices: at one of our  Adelaide city venues

BRONZE package (our venue) – Model & Drawing Materials:  $40 pp
SILVER package (our venue) – Instructor, Model, Drawing Materials: $45 pp

GOLD  package (our venue) – Topless Waiter, Instructor,  Model, Drawing Materials: $60 pp

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Our Adelaide city venues are the Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. Their hotel is perfectly located as well; a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life on Hindley Street.


glass of sparkling has been scientifically proven to improve sketching skills 😉  it frees you up.

We work with  The Prince Albert Hotel on Wright Street and the  The Cumberland Hotel on Waymouth Steet in the Adelaide CBD. They both have delicious functions menus; so great to have nibbles served during your event or eat there together before or after your life drawing party.


Topless Waiter

Our topless waiter can be at your beck and call before, during and after the life drawing.

He’ll serve you drinks and food,  and give you shoulder and neck massages during the life drawing – best solution for artist’s cramp 😉 His sole purpose is in actual fact, to spoil you.

Some Life Drawing FAQ’s

FAQ 1. How hard is life drawing really?

Some girls choose to have a stripper perform for them because they think life drawing would be far too hard. Most of us haven’t drawn since school and for many of us drawing at school was a complete disaster. Urrggh!

Feedback we regularly get from our life drawing parties is how easy the life drawing was. Many girls tell us they had never imagined their drawings would turn out that well. Maybe it’s the glass of sparkling that ignites the creative juices 😉 Perhaps that’s what was missing from art classes back at school.

No, actually one major factor is that in our life drawing classes the focus is on fun.  When you’re having fun, you let go of inner blocks and the human desire we all have to look good. That combined with our instructor/MC’s guidance who eases  the girls into the art of drawing with tips and tricks and fun drawing escapades. Those two things make the life drawing experience totally easy.


FAQ 2. What goes on in a life drawing model’s head?

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a life drawing model’s head whilst he stands there stake naked in front of a group of up to 45 girls …here’s your chance to find out. Have a listen to this interview  we did with one of our Adelaide life drawing models. Click the arrow below:



FAQ 3. Can we create our own theme for our life drawing hen’s night party?

Sometimes ladies have a specific theme in mind for their life drawing party. That’s a great idea- it make things even more special. Our life drawing parties can be tailor-made to your hen’s tastes. What’s your bride like and what does she like? 

If you don’t have a theme in mind, you could always choose one of ours. But we like it best when you come up with your own and let us know what it is. In fact…we challenge you to come up with something different: we love trying out new things.
The latest two new theme ideas have been

-having our model dress up as a chef

-having him wear Adelaide Crows shorts and socks…they’ll come off at the end 😉

Choose a theme that would thrill your hen. Here are some of Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’s theme ideas.


a. COWBOY Theme Idea for your Life Drawing Hens Night

Perhaps the bride-to-be is keen on cowboys? We recently organised a hen’s party for a cowgirl. Literally! She lives out on a farm in the middle of nowhere. All the girls she’s invited to her wedding will be wearing cowboy boots on the day. Here’s a photo from her cowboy-themed hen’s night.


mini-henspartyideasadelaide-life-drawing-lauren (4)

Here’s some feedback from bridesmaid Leah who also organised a cowboy life drawing hens afternoon for her bestie:

“We organised a cowboy-themed life drawing class for our bride as surprise entertainment. The look on her face when our cowboy walked in was priceless! It was also rather fascinating to see the boisterous, outgoing bride temporarily speechless! An art teacher accompanied our cowboy to provide drawing guidance and direct the flow of the event. We completed several drawing exercises and had great fun comparing our “masterpieces”, and getting to know our model.

Interestingly our mature guests had just as much fun (if not more fun) as the younger guests, as the drawing adds a certain cultural novelty to what would otherwise just be blatant male nudity!

Rather than a traditional stripper who provides limited thrills, this 90 minute package is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to create a memorable and unique hen night experience.”

b. DOCTOR Theme Idea for your Life Drawing Hens Do

Another theme alternative: a dreamy doctor as model for your hen’s life drawing party?



c. BIKIE Theme Idea for your  Life Drawing Hens Night

You could ask her what makes her mouth water; is it a bulky bikie? Let’s admit it, some women just like the idea of the bad boy. A guy who is aloof, arrogant and hard to get. Our bikie may seem hard on the outside, but he’ll be soft on the inside. bulky-bikie



d. SAILOR Theme Idea for your Life Drawing Hens  Party

Would a seductive sailor be the kind of man to turn her on?

Conjure up the sailor setting: an afternoon breeze, delicious cocktails and a handsome sailor ready to save your life when you fall overboard. You could combine a life drawing party with our cocktail making party, and get the best of both worlds. Organise some sailor music and in addition to the visuals you’ll have an auditory accompaniment.

Here’s a photo from one of our sailor themed parties. (1)


This hen dressed up as a  sailor girl and her friends created fun nautical decorations (check out the hanging anchors above): (3)


e. MUSICIAN Theme Idea for your Life Drawing Hens Night Event

Does she love music, would she fall for a mellow musician?


f. 50 Shades of DOMINATOR Theme Idea for your Life Drawing Hens Night Event

You could also go for a dominator… clad in leather.



FAQ 4. How is life drawing different to seeing a stripper perform at a hen’s party?

Sometime people wonder why one would choose to draw a nude male model at a hen’s party? Their thinking is: if you want to see a guy in the nude, why not just hire a stripper? For many a stripper is the the standard thing to do for a hen’s party. Some girls choose to go to a strip club; at least then they get to see several guys in the nude.

In life, what you choose to do depends on the kind of experience you are looking for and what you want to get out of it. Watching a stripper and drawing a naked model are two very different kinds of experiences. And you get totally different things out of them.

Life drawing at a hen’s party is very different to having a stripper perform for you. Why ?
The biggest differences are how long you actually get to see the guy in the nude, the range of feelings you go through during the experience, the level of intimacy, and whereas one experience is passive, the other is active. (26)



Difference 1: Amount of time in the full monty

It’s a blatant basic but often overlooked:

* the amount of time you actually get to see the guy in the full Monty.


mini-life-drawing-nomanville (9)


With a stripper it’s about 10 seconds, and given that the lighting is normally pretty dim, it means you don’t get too good a look. During a strip show a major part of the time is spent removing clothes. To spend lots of time taking your clothes off, you have to start with a lot of them on. They come off gradually, the girls cheer the guy along, and the grand finale is when that very last bit of rag is removed. About 5 to 7 seconds before the end of the act.

With a life drawing model you get to see the male model in the nude between 15 minutes and one and a half hours. It’s often the hen’s preferences that determines how long he’s actually in his birthday suit for. Some hens want it right away, other hens prefer to wait a while.

* You get to choose how far he goes- totally naked or partially covered. (12)


* You get to ask your model questions: (23)


Difference 2:  The range of experiences

I think the best way to describe the difference with regard to the experiences you may go through is to share what one girl who had been to both a strip show hen’s party and a nude life drawing hen’s night told me. Here’s what she wrote to us:

“I remember I initially felt somewhat intimidated by the idea of going to a strip show. I knew it would probably also involve lap dances and that wasn’t necessarily something I thought would turn me on. I knew I could always refuse the lap dance, but then again I didn’t want to be labelled as a prude. I felt excited when we entered the club, it felt somewhat risqué, and I know this is silly, but I felt somewhat proud and liberated because I was doing what guys do to girls –objectify them.

The whole experience actually ended up involving a lot of sitting around doing nothing. We sat on a big table close to the dance floor (thank heavens) and I don’t want to sound mean, but the 2 girls I sat between and got stuck between for the entire evening were rather boring. So I got into the booze, what else I could do?

When the first show finally came I felt relieved, at last a brilliant distraction. It was over really quickly, there was a bit of a build-up and that was titillating, but in the end I was left feeling disappointed because the guy’s moves weren’t too interesting and the whole thing seemed a little clumsy. Three more shows followed, some were better than others, but when it was over I felt a little grumpy and let down: it hadn’t been the thrill I’d expected.

With regard to the life drawing party, In the beginning I was excited: well, the idea of being able to look at a nude man for so long was really exciting. I’d been to the strip show and hadn’t got to see all that much for all that long, so I was looking forward to a good long look. I hoped no one would notice and judge me for it. I’d never got a good long look before and  I knew I wanted one.

I guess some girls get their fair share of male nudity if they have brothers. I only had sisters. And in lovemaking my experience had been that you only get to see a full complete nude body view of the guy for a couple of seconds, no one I’ve known had ever felt comfortable with me looking for any longer than 20 seconds. Maybe guys are just insecure too.

Another feeling I initially had was fear. Throughout school I was bad at art; I’d never I never managed much more than stick figures when it came to drawing the human body. I was afraid of making a fool of myself. I knew that some of the other girls going to hen’s party were great drawers; they’d taken art as one of their year 12 subjects and that made me rather insecure.

When the model appeared, he was wearing a sarong. I remember wondering how soon it would come off and hoping it would be extremely soon. As minutes passed I got impatient and felt rather embarrassed about that. I felt even more impatient when I realised that under his sarong he was wearing jocks. When they came off I felt shy. It was in a bit of a predicament, I want to look but somehow I was afraid to. I remember feeling annoyed with myself. Here I was with this one in a lifetime opportunity, yet I was letting my worry about what others would think of me stop me. I ordered myself to look.

What I saw was actually overwhelming: it was so big, bigger than I’d ever seen. I remember I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Then I just relaxed. Actually it was the drawing that helped me relax, quite the opposite to what I’d expected. The drawing gave me something to do whilst I looked, like an alibi. The more I drew the easier it became. I think I went into something like a trance, or maybe it was the feeling you have when you get hypnotised. In fact how  I felt  was similar to how I feel after a meditation, or a really good yoga class. I felt so relaxed.”



Difference 3: The level of intimacy

A stripper is a performer. He knows he’ll be on stage for 10 minutes and that he needs to impress with his best during that time. He knows he’ll be judged for how he appears and that who he is and what he values is of no importance. He knows he’ll be objectified, that some girls will see him as just a piece of meat. To stay sane, he needs to create a persona outside of himself that he morphs into during the act. He won’t share who he really is, he won’t be a subject he’ll just be an object and present himself as such. Intimacy is created when someone shares a part of themselves with someone else. There is no room for that in a strip show because it’s an act. When all the clothes are off the stripper’s done his job and is keen to go ASAP.

The nude male life drawing model knows he will be spending 90 minutes with the girls. 90 minutes is a long time. Enough time to get a feel for the women, to chat with them, to laugh with them, to interact with them. The life drawing model knows the girls will be curious about him. They will want to know what he does outside of nude modelling, whether he has a girlfriend ;-), how he managed to get such a smooth tan, whether he waxes, what motivated him to take on this job. He will engage with the girls. They will get to experience him as the person he is, not as an object. That creates intimacy. (11)


Difference 4: Passive versus active, consumption versus creation

Perhaps you could say that the difference between watching a stripper and drawing a nude guy is similar to the difference between watching someone swim and swimming yourself. When you watch someone swim you are passive. The only sense you engage in is vision. In contrast, when you swim yourself you are active. You use your body, you feel what it’s like to move your limbs through the water. You exercise a skill and to exert yourself.

When you watch a stripper, all you do is look. It’s passive. When you draw what your eyes perceive you are involved in an act of creation. Even if what you draw doesn’t look that hot, nevertheless what your eyes take in is translated into hand movements over paper.

Life drawing is a creative process. Even if you are dissatisfied with what you draw you have still created something. It’s fascinating to watch how rapidly people progress with a few simple instructions and structures.

Life drawing is something all artists do. It’s the way they learn how to draw bodies, to sense the body structure the bones determine and how the muscles shape that structure. Most artists continue life drawing throughout their career it’s not just something they do once. Many artists I know, even if the kind of art they do is abstract art, partake in weekly life drawing gatherings, spending 3 hours drawing a model in an array of different poses.


FAQ 5. What are the benefits of practicing life drawing?

Benefit 1: It sharpens your visual and analytical skills

We are so familiar with the shape of the body and the features of the human face. We see our own body and face every time we check our looks in the mirror (I wouldn’t want to think about how many times I check myself in a mirror on a daily basis). We critically analyse other women a multitude of times per day 😉 So you could think that drawing them could be quite easy. But actually the very fact that we are so intimately familiar with the human face and body makes it a challenge to draw.

Also if your lines are just a little off when you draw a human being it will be very noticeable. It’s easy to get away with drawing a tree when the lines aren’t quite right but that’s not the case when you draw a fellow human. In our hens party life drawing package we circumnavigate this problem by working with squiggles and drawing in an abstract manner. The teacher encourages the hen and her guests to capture the gesture of the model, not his exact shape.

With life drawing another challenge is that you want to make the model look real and alive.  A living being has a special organic energy which makes them so different to inanimate objects.

When faced with the task of drawing a model you need to look at him in a different way to when you are just admiring his splendid, physical, naked form. You see lines and curves you didn’t know existed. You become aware of undulations and how they seemingly lighter and darker bits on the body’s surface. You see little details you never knew existed on the male body. It’s a real discovery.

One thing is guaranteed: after drawing a nude male model for 90 minutes your visual and analytical skills will be sharpened, and from then on you will observe clothed men in a totally different manner.

Benefit 2: it’s like a peaceful and relaxing meditation that is simultaneously fun and titillating



Some Life Drawing Videos

Check out  these short videos taken at our ‘Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’ Life Drawing Hens Night Parties.


The girls start drawing our model:

Drawing Nude Male Models | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305


Take a look at two girls’ sketching:

Draw the Naked Man | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305


Creating awesome sketches is much easier than you might imagine:

Life Drawing, Sensual & Stylish | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305

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