Cocktail Making Party

Shake up a regular hen’s night where you go out for cocktails… Literally. Learn to make your own cocktails, it’s delicious, economical and you get the added bonus of being taught by a handsome topless man. Learn to make 3 or more delicious cocktails that you can cater to your own taste. One of our charming professional bartending topless waiters will teach you and your best friends step by step how to make each cocktail. With three delicious cocktails, your best friends, a topless bartender, it’s a recipe for fun!

At some hens nights you’ll have a mix of family, friends from school and uni as well as work colleagues. Awkward? Not if you find some common ground. A cocktail making class is the perfect icebreaker for a hens night -- everyone will be giggling and mixing in no time.


Cocktails and hen’s parties go together like, well, hen’s nights and cocktails! Why should you wait until you are out and about to enjoy these delicious drinks. There is no better way of starting the night than enjoying some hen party cocktails with your besties.

If your cocktail skills are limited to a Screwdriver or a Tequila Sunflop then you definitely need one of our cocktail packages to really get that party started. Our mixologist brings all the gear (glasses, ingredients and alcohol) for the cocktail-making and then reveals the tricks of the trade -- best way to lap up  the spirit of and in cocktails. Charming, hot and respectful, he teaches you the secrets of mixology and gets everyone involved in the fun.

Yes, everyone gets their hands ‘dirty’. You get to make every drink the mixologist demonstrates and of course you get to enjoy your own creations.



1. Bronze cocktail making package -- 90 minutes / $65 pp /3 cocktails

2. Silver cocktail making package -- 90 minutes / $85 pp / 4 cocktails

3. Golden cocktail making package -- 120 minutes / $100 pp / 5 cocktails



If you’re wanting to amp up the glamour we can organise your party to be at one of our venues.

We work with the Richmond Hotel which is located in the middle of the CBD. They have delicious food and drinks, private function rooms with beautiful decor and atmosphere, accommodation and balcony with beautiful views.

Or we also have our own beautiful venue in Largs which doubles as a gallery space so it’s very aesthetically pleasing, it’s also located 5 minutes walk to the beach and has a beautiful outdoor garden area.

For us to organise your venue we charge $5 per person, for more information on these venues:



To discuss your hens party call us on  0410 767 869 or email us to book.


Want to find out more about our cocktail making packages? Then watch this video.

Cocktail Making Hens Party


Here are some more details about our three cocktail making packages:

All of our cocktail making classes are run by our charming, good looking topless mixologists who create a fun and relaxed environment. After greeting you he will demonstrate how to make the first cocktail and let the hen sample it. After that some useful theory: you will discover what goes into his favourite cocktails and how they are made. He will teach you some tricks of the trade for mixing, shaking and muddling delicious cocktails by explaining the tools and ingredients involved in cocktail making and demonstrating simple techniques.


Thereafter: it’s time to wet your hands and activate your tastebuds. He’ll go through the steps once again and help the girls in making theirs, while paying special attention to the hen.


You’ll learn how to make a cosmopolitan so you can finally live out your dream of being in Sex and the City.


Fun Facts about Cocktails

Interestingly the Midori was created in Melbourne in 1984 at the renowned Mietta’s restaurant. It was Jean-Paul Bourguignon who conceived it; he was a cocktail mixing genius. The Japanese Slipper mixes sweet and tart  flavours perfectly: it is a subtle blend of Midori (melon liquor) with Cointreau (a French orange liqueur that has been made for more than 150 years and is made of a mix of both bitter and sweet sun-dried orange peels that are macerated in alcohol, sugar and water) and lemon juice served in a martini glass.

The James Bond question: “shaken or stirred?”. The answer is both: If you shake it the concoction will be colder, albeit slightly diluted. Stirring it gently blends the ingredients. Then you can strain it into a glass and sip its entrancing combination of flavours.

1. Bronze cocktail making package -- 90 minutes/ $65 pp /3 cocktails

The bronze ‘Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’ Cocktail–Making-Package in a nutshell: 3 cocktails. The Espresso Martini, Cosmopolitan and Classic Daiquiri

2. Silver cocktail making package -- 105 minutes / $80 pp -- 4 cocktails

Our topless mixologist will launch your silver cocktail making package by sharing his favourite champagne cocktail creation with you all (a blue diamond cocktail –a royally delicious drink that was inspired by Kate Middleton’s giant sapphire engagement ring). He demonstrates how to create it and  asks the bride-to-be to assist him in making it. He pours everyone a glass of this ‘nectar of the gods’.

Whilst you sip your cocktail-making trainer’s creation  he’ll explain some tricks of the trade: you will learn about the tools and ingredients involved in cocktail making and glean some simple techniques.

Next, he’ll teach you how to mix up the Cuban nation’s favourite minty delight, the Mojito …. and you’ll all get to have one.


Then time to learn how to make the Cosmopolitan – how many time have we seen the girls sip it in Sex in the City?


To top it all off, you’ll learn how to make the Midori based Japanese slipper -- the ‘piece de resistance’ when it comes to elegance packed into a cocktail. Funnily enough it doesn’t have anything to do with Japan or with slippers. Well then why is it called Japanese Slipper? Possibly because Midori melon liquor is one ingredient in its subtle blend. In Japanese Midori is the word for the colour green. Or perhaps it’s because the cocktail looks somewhat then like. You can have a single marashino cherry floating at the bottom of the martini glass amidst the spring-green coloured liquor. In a way that looks like an abstract painting of the essence of spring. Another way to make the Japanese Slipper is to replace the cherry with an orange or lemon wedge, hinting at a fan.

The silver ‘Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’ Cocktail–Making-Package in a nutshell: you get 4 cocktails

3. Golden cocktail making package -- 120 minutes / $100pp / 5 cocktails

In our golden cocktail making package you get to enjoy all the delights of the silver cocktail making package.

Our topless mixologist will launch your goldencocktail making package by sharing his favourite champagne cocktail creation (blue diamond cocktail) with all your guests. He’ll show you how he makes it.

Whilst you sip your cocktail-making trainer’s creation he’ll explain some useful points to you: you will learn about the tools and ingredients involved in cocktail making and glean some simple techniques.

Next, our topless mixologist will teach you how to mix up an authentic Cuban Mojito.


Then time to learn how to make the Cosmopolitan – a la Sex in the City.

Next you’ll learn how to make the beloved and timeless Espresso Martini.

Next will be Classic Daquiri as a pallet cleanser. The Daquiri is a timeless cocktail beloved by both men and women.

This package has one additional special touch: The last half hour we’ll delve into the art of shooter layering, layering and shooting traffic light shots!

Shot cocktail collection: Red Tequila alcohol cocktail isolated on white background. Ingredients: 1 oz Grenadine, 1 oz Gold Tequila

What are the hen’s favourite colours?  Based on this, together with our mixologist you’ll create a unique signature layered cocktail for the hen and yourselves. Blindfolded she will try to guess what’s in it.

It’s time to take mixology into your own hands and indulge in the art of the cocktail!

The Golden ‘Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’ Cocktail–Making-Package in a nutshell: you get 5 cocktails

Why not head straight to the pub?

Because this is so old now this is why. Modern brides want something more from their hen’s night and let’s be honest, once you have seen one stripper you have seen them all. Cocktail-making classes are also ideal icebreakers if the hen’s guests  don’t know each other very well. By the time you are wobbling off into town decidedly tipsy and comparing stories of what else you would have enjoyed doing with your mixologist, you know you are all in for one helluva hen night!

Fun Facts about Cocktail Making

Here’s some interesting information about cocktail-making: traditionally a cocktail is only made from 2 liquors or 2 liqueurs. You may wonder: “What is the difference between a liquor and a liqueur?”

Liquor, or spirits is any unsweetened distilled alcoholic beverage: vodka, gin, brandy, whiskey, tequila, rum et cetera.

Liqueur, on the other hand, is used for sweetened distilled alcoholic beverages: Cointreau, Kahlúa, Chartreuse, Disaronno, Martini, triple sec, Benedictine, Grand Marnier or a cream liqueur which is a mixture of cream, liquor and flavouring, such as Bailey’s Irish Cream. Many liqueurs originated as medicinal tonics, others were created by monks in their dispensaries. Liqueur is made from a base liquor with things like herbs, peals of citrus fruit, spices or extracts from coffee beans added to them.


As a general rule, the simpler cocktails and those that are served clear are just stirred over ice, in a bar glass, but before being strained into a serving glass.
Cocktails with large quantities of fruit juices, syrups or eggs are shaken over ice in a cocktail shaker.
Cocktails containing milk, cream, ice cream or coconut milk make magnificent frothy drinks when you mix them in a blender.

Here’s a video that shows our mixologist making a cocktail:


Cocktail-Making with Hens Party Ideas Adelaide: Toblerone

Go on, admit it, can you honestly think of a more perfect way to start a hen night than by mixing cocktails, drinking them and being in the company of a drop-dead gorgeous bartender or two because we certainly can’t! Oh and sorry, the mixologist does not come in a doggy bag!


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