Bollywood Dancing

Shake,  laugh and groove along to the latest Bollywood hits. You’ll have such a blast you won’t even notice the splendid workout you’re getting at the same time. This is the opportunity to be the stars in your very own Bollywood movie.   Priya, Jessy or  Yati,  all qualified dance teachers, will give you their full attention for an hour and a half of lively dancing in a style which combines Hip Hop, Salsa, Indian and Bhangra styles: aka Bollywood.

Best of all: You learn an impressive yet simple routine you can repeat at the wedding! Many of our ladies have chosen to create a party piece which they have then recreated at the wedding to give it a bit of the wow factor. Imagine the groom’s face when his bride, and her best friends, take to the floor and get those hips going. If you too would like to show off your skills at the wedding take a video of it on your phone. Then you have plenty of opportunity to refer to it before the big day and perfect that dance even more. In case you forget a step, all you need to do is check out the video to refresh your memory.

This package, ideal for a hens’ night party… in fact any kind of party  will get your hips shaking, your arms moving and your lungs laughing.

22-3-14, BW, Mudra

Bollywood Dance Prices

Our Bollywood package costs $25 per person and includes

+ Colourful Indian scarves that jingle jangle when you dance to wear during the party.
+ A Bollywood dance instructor – all our Bollywood teachers come from India – they have Bollywood in their blood.
+ 90 minutes of total fun




You can stage your party at one of the hotels we work with or organise you own place.

Our Adelaide city venues are the Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. Their hotel is perfectly located as well; a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life on Hindley Street.


What to expect from our Bollywood Dance Hens Package

We provide the music, the Bollywood attire and the teacher. The instructor is friendly, patient and will never single you out if you are less agile that your companions. If you look at a Bollywood film you will get an idea of what’s in store, and the kind of moves and dances. You won’t be expected to pick up one of the wildly elaborate routines in just a couple of hours, instead our instructor will teach you a dance that is easy, quick to learn and one you can perfect before the big day to create a performance that will have everyone whipping out their phones to capture it.

How to book

Call us on on  0410 767 869 or

Email us to chat about how we can help you

Why choose Bollywood Dancing

  1. Bollywood dances are created for groups

    And what better group to learn one of the routines than a bride and her hens. The hen takes centre stage while her hens become a team of gyrating lovelies who let her shine while still looking amazing.

  2. Bollywood hens parties are a brilliant icebreaker.

    Our groups of girls especially love the social nature of  Bollywood dancing for a hen’s do: It’s a great ice-breaker and allows you to forge bonds with the other girls – some of whom you may meet for the very first time. It gets rid of the awkwardness which invariably exists when you bring together several groups of women from different areas of life who have never met before and whose only link is their friendship with the hen. Our Bollywood dancing parties also create group pride once everyone successfully recreates the routine.

  3. Bollywood Dancing is the best work-out

    Our teachers choreograph routines that get your heart beat pumping all the while being extremely entertaining and fun. Think of yourself as famous Bollywood actress and get that booty shaking. We at Hens Party Ideas London love dancing. It has a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Dancing is a great way to keep fit and get your heart rate up. It can help get rid of those love handles and build lean muscle. When giving it your all, you can lose up to 500 calories per hour dancing.  Yes, you heard right. As many calories as you would lose when going for a high intensity run. But unlike running, time \flies during our Bollywood Dancing package and you don’t suffer from the awesome work out you are getting.

  4. A word of warning

    You may be so proud of those moves you have learnt there is every likelihood they will reappear throughout the night’s proceedings and the nightclub floor will be buzzing with you and your Bollywood babes.

  5. The downside

    The only downside is that it will end too soon as the time simply flies past.


Some videos of our Bollywood Hen’s Party Package

Watch this video of Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Bollywood Dance Party: you’ll see and hear for yourself how much the girls enjoyed learning with Jessy.

www henspartyideasadelaide com au bollywood dance party

Another fun video with our teacher Mudra

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, Katie's Bollywood Party

Mudra created a dance flash mob with over 300 high school students as a part of Oz Asia 2013 in Adelaide on the South Australian Museum lawns.

Take a look at this amazing feat:

2012 OzAsia Festival Flash Mob

Contact us to find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen,  let us know and we’ll help you make it a reality.


The History of Bollywood Dance

It was the Bollywood film industry that made Bollywood Dancing so popular. youcry

All those millions of people across the world who cried their hearts out watching Bollywood movies wanted to dance it too. Bollywood’s origins lie in Bhangra, a Punjabi folk dance and some classical Indian Dance styles such as Odissi, Kathak and is Bharatnatyam. Our dance teacher Priya teaches girls this classical style.

Have you ever seen Western pop and pure classical dance numbers side by side in a Bollywood film. Some Bollywood dance teachers include elements of street style, hip-hop and jazz in their teaching; our teacher Jessie does this.

Who knows that the word Bollywood combines two words: ‘Bombay’, one of India’s largest cities that is now called Mumbai, and ‘Hollywood’? Mumbai’s Bollywood industry provides not only India, but the entire world with its largest, not only with regard to the number of films produced, but also the number of sold each year. Indians love Bollywood too, and in 2014 the population of India is araound 1.27billion people.

Bollywood dancing’s world wide appeal has been in the making for a number of decades. At first you could only find it in places where Indian films were shown. But Australia, it seems, has now embraced Bollywood wholeheartedly. The Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was such a success.


What will you learn at a Bollywood Dance hen’s party?

In our Adelaide Bollywood hens party classes you learn classical hand gestures

and the poses to go with them,

20 Bollywood Indian Dancer Poses add-slm

and traditional Bhangra she dance steps as modern and classical from the Bollywood movies. After just one and a half hours with either of our teachers you will be budding Bollywood stars.

Does this sound too good to be true? Are you self-proclaimed 2 left feeter, like I thought I was before I took a Bollywood Dancing class? It’s surprisingly easy… the first step is giving it a go and trying Bollywood at a hen party is SO much fun. You’ll be patting dogs and screwing light bulbs to a popular Indian song from a Bollywood movie ! Before long you’ll be caught up in its vibrant colours and energy. And the good thing is, if you really love it, our teachers also run regular Bollywood classes. They allow you to be seduced by the mire of Bollywood once a week.

Last week we organised a Bollywood Dance hen’s party for which the chief  bridesmaid had requested that the girls learn to dance to Jai Ho , one of the most popular songs in slum dog millionaire. One girl told us: “Ever since I saw ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ with that joyful Bollywood group dance at the end, I’ve wanted to ‘join in’ the dance!”

Some people argue that Bollywood popularity is due to the ever expanding Indian diaspora, but we believe that we Australian non-Indians are fascinated and captivated by the exotic, larger than life qualities inherent in it. Bollywood films have such lavish sets, and extravagant costumes. Think about it, Madonna, Shakira & Britney Spears have also included Bollywood style dance or music into their songs and videos.

So here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we believe that if you’re looking to have a party that is fun and out of the ordinary, Bollywood is sure to be a winner. henspartyideasaeadelaide-contact-us-phone

Call us on 0410 767 869 or email us to chat about how we can help you.


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