Looking to get away from your everyday life for a hens party weekend, but don’t want to fork out thousands for it? Get your girlfriends together for a Hens Party experience that places you in the heart of the city at the Adelaide Rockford Hotel for accommodation where you can indulge in fine food, cocktails and fun hen’s party activities.

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide have combined with Adelaide Rockford’s 4 star hotel on Hindley Street to bring you a range of specially designed Glam It Up packages which can include accommodation or just food and drinks, designed to suit everyone’s budget.

This fabulous venue, showcasing a rooftop pool with views across the city skyline, is the perfect location for you to host your party and then stay on afterwards; creating an evening your friends will be talking about for years to come!

Perhaps some of your guests are coming from outside of Adelaide, interstate or overseas. And some ladies who live in Adelaide decide that they just want to enjoy the luxury of a night away from home (no screaming bubs etc) and delight in a short walk ‘home’ after having explored the rich offering of bars and restaurants in Adelaide’s West End which by the way is also the University precinct.

Glam It Up Accommodation Prices

The great thing about our Glam It Up Accommodation packages is that there are no minimum numbers required to host a party! Whether you have a smaller, more intimate group or a larger group ready to paint the town red, we have an accommodation package to suit your needs.

       OPAL: Accommodation Only (based on 4 per room)                               $45pp

: Accommodation, Cocktail                                                                 $55pp

       SAPPHIRE A: Accommodation, Cocktail, Appetiser                                $60pp

       EMERALD A&D: Accommodation, Canapés package, Drink                 $75pp

Accommodation, Canapés package, Cocktail            $80pp

Accommodation, Fine Dining package, Drink           $85pp

Accommodation, Fine Dining package, Cocktail       $90pp


Our Glam-it-up OPAL package means you can get your girls together and soak up the experience of stylish décor, swimming pools and saunas, air conditioning and more…


Glam-It-Up without Accommodation Prices

RUBY: Cocktail                                                                $15pp

SAPPHIRE: Cocktail, Appetiser                               $20pp

EMERALD D: Canapés package, Drink                 $30pp

EMERALD C: Canapés package, Cocktail             $35pp

DIAMOND D: Fine Dining package, Drink         $40pp

DIAMOND C: Fine Dining package, Cocktail     $45pp

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail, here are some of the cocktails on offer:

  • Marguerita – A tequila based cocktails sure to get your party started
  • Cosmopolitan – A perfect drink to be shared with your besties, sex in the city style
  • Espresso Martini – the perfect after 5 replacement for coffee (or any time before)
  • Uchuchu Melony – a creamy cocktail prefect for those with a sweet tooth
  • Mojito –  A long-time favourite white rum based cocktail with fresh mint


Examples of the meal packages are:

1 – Main course, salad and one drink per person

Menu choices (can vary on the day)

  • Spicy marinated BBQ chicken breast fillet with skordalia and jus
  • Twice cooked pork belly with adobo sauce, sautéed cabbage & rice
  • Market fresh fish- pan seared, served with saffron braised root vegetables & a coconut tamarind sauce
  • Wok tossed seasonal vegetables with fried tofu, sambal & ginger soy caramel
  • A bowl of fresh garden salad to share with on the table

Drinks options include:

  • Jansz Sparkling Cuvee
  • Pertaringa ‘Scare Crow’ Sauvignon Blanc
  • Longhop Shiraz
  • Any tab beer (cider)
  • Soft drinks or juice

Some of their delicious canape options include:

  • Fresh sushi served with a wasabi and soy
  • A selection of dips with char-grilled bread, croutons, olives and marinated vegetables
  • Mini bruschetta
  • Grilled chorizo, sweet balsamic and selection of meats
  • Smoked salmon on cucumber with sesame
  • Vegetarian spring rolls and samosas with sweet kecapmanis
  • Tempura prawns with sweet chilli
  • Spiced meatballs with minted yogurt
  • Selection of gourmet pies
  • Roasted field mushroom, caramelised onion and bocconcini
  • Spiced chicken skewers

The rockford changes their restaurant menu seasonally in order to use the freshest product, so contact us if you’d like us to send you their current menu choices.

Past dinner options have included:

  • Spicy marinated BBQ chicken breast fillet with skordalia and jus
  • Twice cooked pork belly with adobo sauce, sautéed cabbage & rice
  • Market fresh fish- pan seared, served with saffron braised root vegetables & a coconut tamarind sauce
  • Wok tossed seasonal vegetables with fried tofu, sambal & ginger soy caramel
  • A bowl of fresh garden salad to share with on the table
  • Pan seared salmon with spice marinated sweet potato and garlic parsley dressing


The Adelaide Rockford Hotel’s Location

One thing we love about the Adelaide Rockford is its location: it’s located in Adelaide’s West End arts precinct.


It’s also a hop, skip and a jump away from Adelaide’s hottest night life! Adelaide Rockford’s location  means that you don’t  have far to walk to continue your night. Wanting a big night out? Well on Hindley street you will be spoilt for choice with its many bars and clubs.  If you would prefer something a little less wild, some of Adelaides most acclaimed small bars are within 5 minutes walk.

Prefer to take your night outdoors? They also have a great terrace which is ideally positioned to do some people watching.  If you plan your hens night on a Friday you can take advantage of their selection of happy hour priced drinks which kick off from 5pm.


Glam It Up +

But of course, there’s always room for improvement! With any one of our fabulous accommodation packages, you can enhance your Hen’s unique experience with one our Hens Party Ideas Adelaide additional packages such as a Topless Waiter, to serve you in style!

With the purchase of one of our packages along with your glam it up package there’s no minimum spend, what a bonus! Without one of our hens parties packages there is a minimum spend of $500.

Our gorgeous topless waiters are all professional male models, and have been handpicked by us to spoil you and give you a playful, fun experience, and are definitely great icebreakers for any party! You can add a topless waiter to your package from just $220 for 2 hours.

At Rockford Adelaide we are able to stage Hen’s parties in one of their function rooms. We regularly hold Nude Male Life Drawing parties: a fun & stylish way to take a 90 minute, close look at a gorgeous hunk (if desired: in the full monty). Great for all ages and, with a few tips, easier than typing!

You might even decide to have your topless waiter to give you a few shoulder massages and attend to your every need while your girls are enjoying their life drawing! Why not double the eye candy!


These are just a few of the great activities that you can include with any of your Glam It Up accommodation packages to ensure that your Hen’s Party is a night to remember! For details on all our packages, including Bollywood Dancing, Burlesque, Paint on the Model, Tarot Card reading and more, take a look at the other packages we offer at:

Bollywood dancing: jump and dance for joy to the vibrant tones of Bollywood -it’s so engrossing you won’t even realise you’ve burnt all those calories.


Rudigami: everyone can fold a paper plane but can you fold a paper penis?  Have a gorgeous, topless gentleman teach you how 😉

Art of Burlesque: dip your toes into the seductive waters of Burlesque. Burlesque celebrates all types of female beauty – our differences are what make us all individually beautiful in our own way


or invite our clairvoyant: explore how a tarot card reading can help you see your world in a new way and open the floodgates for more fun, frivolity and adventure in your life. (2)


Want to book?


Call us on  0410 767 869

or email us  – [email protected]

Topless Male Waiters

Topless waiters are the perfect addition to every hen’s party. Sit back, relax and let one of our handsome sweet topless waiters serve you food and drinks, give you massages. We hand chose our topless waiters so that they’re charming, respectful and charismatic. Topless waiters range in age from 20 to 40 – you can choose the age that works best for your party. You can also choose if you’d like them in slacks and bow-tie or if you’d prefer them g-stringed.


They also give great shoulder massages.

They are doubtlessly eye candy, but in addition they have an important mission to fulfill. Their mission is to serve as icebreakers, to spoil you and to make your event flow smoothly. Their job is to follow your rules -- females rule.

To quote one of our waiters: “Sure, looks are important to us but it’s our personality that seals the deal. What we offer is total pleasure and make sure we stick to women’s rules. For us the job is an ego booster as we are usually male at the party and when women drink they often become flirtatious. That’s what makes this job a little bit addictive; we do it for the fun it brings us. Look at it from our point of view, we get to serve food and drinks to happy women we get to play really funny party with all the girls and basically we just laugh the night away. Sometimes if girls get smashed it can be rather challenging, but that’s just part of the job.”

We cater for parties of all sizes, ranging from small private parties with 6 people to large corporate events with 100 people. Clients often add waiters to our nude male life drawing package. Some of our waiters are also artists and can give some advice on drawing.

Topless Male Waiter Pricing

One topless waiter for 2 hours $220

One topless waiter for 3 hours $280

One topless waiter for 4 hours $340

Two topless waiters for 2 hours $390

Two topless waiters for 3 hours $510

Two topless waiters for 4 hours $640


Different Types of Topless Male Waiters

Fireman/Musician Topless Male Waiter

One of our topless waiter topless waiters is a fire man and regularly stars in the SA fireman’s calendar. He also plays the guitar (both rock and romantic) at hens parties. We think he’s the ideal combination of tough and gorgeous.

Builder Topless Male Waiter

Looking for a waiter with cute buns (aka cheeks, gluteus maximus, derriere). We have one:

And whilst he’s at it, why not have him repair your roof  😉

Characteristics of an Ideal Topless Male Waiter

Here at Hens Party Idea Adelaide we’ve come up with 6 characteristics we think an ideal topless male waiter should embody:
  1. An adorable smile: there’s nothing better than a great smile -- it’s contagious.
  2. A great body -- girls at a hens party are up for some eye candy
  3. The right attitude: he’s here to serve…right…
  4. A quirky sense of humour -- we’re here to be entertained right.
  5. Playful : we like him to know lots of great games to play at a hen’s night.
  6. He should be a male feminist: a guy who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes (and various gender identities).

An Interview with a Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Topless Waiter

Listen to one of our topless waiters talk about his job

A Game Our Topless Waiters Play

What’s in the sack?

Supplies: 1 large dark plastic sack, numerous items to hide in the sack, some nice, some naughty.

Our waiters prepare this game ahead of time. The object is to see who can correctly identify the most objects hidden in the sack. The players can use only their hands to identify the objects. Our topless waiters gather fun and naughty items to hide in the sack. When the guests arrive they have them take turns at guessing what items are hidden in the sack. They accomplish this by squeezing the outside of the sack. Our waiters write down their answers on a sheet of paper. Thelady with the most correct answers wins. Some examples of objects they put in the sack are:

A peeled cucumber (placed in to a bag first)

A carrot

A frozen banana

Any type of adult toy, sometimes turned on

A tube of lipstick

A stick of gum

Tennis balls

Pearl necklace


call us: on  0410 767 869

or email us:  teamAT

to book.

You could enjoy our topless waiter at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Adelaide Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).
We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Rockford that offer accommodation, cocktails, appetisers, canapes and fine dining  as well as their functions room for your party. It’s a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life too.


Burlesque Dancing

A hens day is about celebrating the bride, and all the fun times she’s had in her life prior to become a Mrs. The day should honour her single life and all the memorable times she’s had with her best friends in it. What better way to do that, than learning to master the art of seduction. Which, may or not prove to be useful in her upcoming marriage.

Spend 90 minutes with our professional burlesque instructors, learning the highly celebrated dance genre of burlesque. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling sexy, empowered and like you can take on the world, once seduction at a time.


Burlesque parties

are for ladies of any age, shape or fitness level


How often do you get the chance to be the sexiest most confident version of yourself? I know I and many other women I know are always itching to wear lingerie and feel sexy but somehow never feel like going to the effort or find the right time for it. So, our burlesque parties are the perfect opportunity!

What’s most important though, is not how you look, but how you feel! Burlesque is an inclusive art that promotes body positivity and female empowerment. Our teachers are professionals who know how to get you feeling sexy and glamorous. They teach you the signature moves of some of the sexiest women in the world, like Dita Von Tesse. After they’ve taught you some of the techniques that are a must-have in burlesque they’ll teach you a full choreographed routine that you’ll master with their help. The good thing is, you don’t need to have any experience, just a willingness to let loose and give it a go!

Package includes:

  • 90 minutes of private session
  • A professionally trained Burlesque choreographer and teacher to teach you
  • Feeling classy sensuality
  • Learning specific moves such as the ‘tassel twirl’ upon request
  • A bottle of sparkling for the ‘sassiest’ girl
  • A feather boa scarf

Optional bring along items to get into the mood:

  • A skirt that allows lots of movement
  • Comfortable high-heeled shoes or trainers
  • Long gloves
  • Hold up stockings or fishnets
  • Anything else your creative imagination may conjures up


Your venue -- $40 per person 

Our venue -- $45 per person

Prices are based on a minimum of 12 people.


You could enjoy your burlesque party at one of the Adelaide CBD venues we work with are: the Richmond Hotel, Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We also have our own venue in Largs North, it’s a beautiful gallery space, close to the beach and with an outdoor garden area.

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer accommodation, cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and fine dining as well as free use of their functions room for your party. Their hotel is perfectly located as well; a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life on Hindley Street.

For further information on the venues we work with get in contact with us, we’d love to help!

 To book:

call us: on  0410 767 869

email us: [email protected]



You’ll learn 

  • how to walk with confidence and elegance
  • how to tease. This is perfect for a naughty girly hen night. We teach you sexy techniques that will have guys on their knees. Ideal for some cheeky hen’s night fun in Adelaide. And best of all, the bride to be leaves with  some great techniques for her wedding night!
  • how to sensually drape and play with feather boa -- an essential part of burlesque tool kit.
  • How to  peel off a glove, perhaps even with your mouth

You can learn the art of removing your gloves with your teeth

Watch this video we took at  Burlesque hens party

[youtube] burlesque hens party-what is sexy


  • The especially daring could request learning how to tassle twirl.

What is the tassle twirl you may ask. A nipple tassle is a small piece of material worn by burlesque artists with sequins on one side and backing material on the other. It’s also known as a nipple pasty. The sequin side has fine strands of small beads or jewels sown to it, there can be coloured or crystal. The burlesque dancer applies body glue to the backing of the tassles and then sticks them to her nipples. Dita Van Teese has an immense array of nipple pasties. She even has one set which is made of strands of tiny pure white beads and from the distance that looks like she is jetting milk.


The History of Burlesque -- it’s fascinating

The word Burlesque actually comes from the Italian word ‘buria’ which is a joke or mockery. You can find this aspect of mockery in Burlesque literature (some of good old Shakespeare’s dramas) or in music (Richard Strauss’s Burleske for piano and orchestra) . It was only from the 1860’s onward that Burlesque began to refer to bawdy comedy , theatre or female striptease in cabarets and clubs. In around 1940 interest in this art form died out but in the 1990s , thank heavens, it was reawakened.

In Victorian times, Burlesque was also known as ‘Extravaganza’

and you could watch it in London theatres. It was a musical play that was risqué in style and it mocked theatrical and musical conventions. Gorgeous girls would dress up as men, wearing tights to show off their legs. They did saucy sketches that aimed at highlighting the divisive class system in the United Kingdom; they used Burlesque to poke fun at those that were not part of their class.

In those times there was no striptease, you might get to see a cheeky flash of an ankle or you could see the essential form of the leg through the tights or stark trousers, but that was it.

Clothes only started to come off at the beginning of the 20th century when Burlesque became popular in the United States. It was there that the artist striptease was born. The transition from Victorian Burlesque to striptease was gradual. At first girls with Sopranos voices, called soubrettes, showed off their figures while singing and dancing. They often flaunted elaborate stage costumes.

A Soubrette Stage Costume

Slowly but surely strippers began to supplant the singing and dancing Sopranos. Gypsy Rose Lee was one of the most celebrated star strippers. She was well known for her witty banter, her songs, and her casual striptease style. By the late 1930s Burlesque show would have up to 6 strippers were supported by comedians and a master of ceremonies.

The free flow of alcohol in Burlesque establishments contributed greatly to the uninhibited atmosphere in Burlesque theatres. Because when prohibition was enforced in the United States, the years during which alcohol consumption was illegal, the art of Burlesque saw its death.

In recent decades we’ve seen a revival of Burlesque; sometimes this new form of Burlesque is called Neo Burlesque. Dita Von Teese is a well-known Neo Burlesque performer.  She also  incorporates political satire and performance art into her Burlesque show. She has giant props, extravagant sets and of glamorous and opulent  costumes.

Another lady called Tempest Storm had a career in Burlesque that lasted over 60 years. She was famous for her stunning curves.

A poster announcing Tempest Storm

And of course there was a tabloid favourite, Lili St Cyr, whose life was tumultuous, both on stage and off stage. She had many a feud with other performers and the paparazzi is of the times reported faithfully about the ups and downs of her private life. She shocked her contemporaries with her gilded see-through bath tub. She fulfilled the American dream in that she started her career as a chorus girl and worked her way up to become one of Burlesque’s biggest stars.

Lili St Cyr

So throughout history, Burlesque has been many things. It has evolved from witty parody via saucy striptease to what we know it to be today, with its focus on the dazzling visual aspect and the sensuality of its dance and gestures.

Here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we view Burlesque as an art form that is constantly evolving thanks to the creativity of those who enjoy and practice it.

Our teacher Aurora performing

Nowadays, burlesque performers are exciting women who have a real sense of practising a form of dance and a way of being that is connected to an entertainment tradition stretching back hundreds of years. They see it as: ““a theatrical art that pulls together eroticism and sensuality, sometimes striptease, parody, comedy, dance, theatrical spectacle – costuming and presentation are a large part of burlesque – and then unique specialist skills because it can bring together circus and fire-eating and storytelling and point work in ballet and singing.” (Tempest Rose).

Even if they have cellulite and spots, they know their power to perform and bewitch.

Our Burlesque parties are for girls of any age, shape or fitness level.


Bedazzled Burlesque


Just in case you’re wondering, here’s some fun history on Burlesque Pasties

I was recently in London and these nipple pasties, as a decorative body accessory are quite the thing. They’ve also been seen on Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus-nipple-tassle

Miley Cyrus wearing nipple tassles

and on Rhianna.


Rhianna wearing a pastie

There was an article in the Sydney morning Herald recently titled: “Are nipple pasties the new earrings?” The article was inspired by designer Tom Ford’s Spring summer 2015 collection which

featured the nipple tassle is a key element. Here is a photo of one; he’s added a 70s rock inspired metallic mini dress to it. But nipple tassles are nothing new, they’ve been around for a long time and have a history intertwined with art, moral outrage, censorship and fascinating paradigms shifts.

It’s hard to say exactly when the pasty became stand a standard part of the burlesque costume. In the nightly in the late 19th century you can find photographs of burlesque dancers wearing exotic clothing and something that resembles today’s smaller pasty.


Victorian pasties

At that time people were fascinated by the study of Orientalism. Orientalism was how they viewed the history, the mysteries, and the secrets of the funds still of the still then unknown Eastern world to be. Today we realised that their views were fairly racist, sexist and colonialist: there were titillating tails of the harem girls, the concubines and the courtesans that gripped the imagination of a society that was characterised by sexual constraint.

As you may have read before on our introduction about burlesque, Burlesque wasn’t always about the art of striptease. Its roots lie in satire, literature, comedy, theatre, music and song. During the Victorian era Burlesque was often performed by attractive young women wearing costumes that were then considered revealing (in our times we would think they were tame). They would tell saucy jokes and speak of things that were somewhat sexual in nature. This gave the shows an exciting edge during the otherwise repressed Victorian era. Some enterprising men caught on to the fact that sex sells and exploited the Victorian fascination for the exotic with a series of exhibitions at world affairs. Exotic looking women danced at these fairs, and their show of eroticism was presented as an educational exhibit. The most famous dancer at that time was Marta Hari.


Marta Hari

She was also known as a courtesan and a spy. She wore risqué costumes and removed bits of clothing but was never fully nude. She preserved her modesty by wearing bodysuits, elaborate the jawed bikinis and metal discs that covered her breasts. Burlesque transitioned to focusing on the striptease element much later; it is said it all began with one performer who ‘absentmindedly’ began to change out of her costume in full view of the audience after she had finished her gig. In America, Burlesque clubs were often raided and dancers would be arrested if they showed too much skin. The pasty then became a weapon in the fight against censoring. It allowed dancers to perform nearly nude; they

also wore a G string. The different states in America had different laws, and burlesque performers were quite talented at getting around them. They would attach a piece of string to the pasties in halter neck style, and that allowed them to be classified as bikinis.

But getting back to the tassle twirl, the performer Carrie Finnell is said to have invented the nipple tassle. She had big boobs and she shook them so as to spin her tassles up and down and round and round.


Carrie Finell – inventor of the nipple tassl

Today burlesque dancers wear tassles not just to circumvent licensing legislation, but because there are a symbol of the rich history and tradition of burlesque.

But back to the burlesque hens party : of course you will learn a Burlesque dance routine, especially choreographed by our teacher. Our teacher transports you into an alluring world of glamour, sensuality and humour which your alter egos will not be able to resist.

Our Burlesque hens parties last one and a half hours. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, because you’ll be moving a lot. If you have something Burlesque to wear, this is very welcome to. Also bring along comfortable high heels because by the end of your class you will be slinking like the Burlesque femme fatale.

As you learn the art of seduction via poses, sexy movements and walks, your inhibitions will slip away and your cheeky side will dominate. The sexy tongue-in cheek-dance routine brings many laughs. Of course the hen will have the starring role.


Have you seen the film


with Christina Aguilera and Cher ?


Christina Aguilera - Express (Burlesque)

That’s what most friends think of when they hear me talk of Burlesque. But if you asked a group of Burlesque performers or fans what Burlesque is for them they would tell you something totally different.



Face&Body Painting, Make-up

Ladies, the most of us already know and appreciate the wonders of makeup and for those of you that don’t yet dabble in the art of makeup, why not learn from the best – our makeup artists.

We’re all beautiful both with and without makeup but we all have insecurities and makeup can be the perfect way to forget about those insecurities and give you that extra bit of confidence. Most of us do the same makeup everyday: a bit of coverage, mascara, maybe filling out your eyebrows and maybe when you go out for a nice dinner or party you take in that extra step further and add some eye shadow or lipstick. We all know though that using makeup your unfamiliar with can be difficult to navigate. Instead of enviously wishing you could do the extravagant wonderful makeup some women have on Instagram, let our makeup artists bring your dreams to reality.


And if a hens party is the perfect day to feel like the best most exciting version of yourself then I don’t know what is.

Take a look at the difference makeup can make.


Your transformed face will be a great topic of discussion for parties where friends of the hen come from interstate or even overseas and may not know each other. We’ve noticed this is often the case and being transformed into a glamorous queen is the perfect way to get everyone feeling confident and get comfortable with each other by discussing something which most of us know and love – makeup.


We love it when you come up with a vision of what you would like your makeup, so here are some examples you could use for inspiration, get creative.


Having an artist create a ‘new identity’ for everyone brings playfulness and relaxes the nerves. And it’s such a treat to let someone create a new, different you!

You could try something arty:


You could try even more and have your  face and body painted.

One of our bodypainting artists, Kim tells us: “ I find  joy in creating beautiful art in the field of face and body painting. My favourite medium is professional stage make-up painted onto skin. I like its spontaneous fleeting quality and limitless possibilities to try out new concepts. The artistic process itself is fun; we discuss style, colours preferred, subject, lighting, props and so on…and customise the design to suit the individual.”

If the hen or any of the guests are pregnant why not celebrate their beautiful baby bump and what they’ve created through accentuating it using body painting.


Maybe you want to create a theme through makeup, for example a masquerade theme. Masks have a fascinating psychological power over us humans. They hide your true identity and give you the opportunity to completely recreate it. People dare to explore under the new persona of a mask. Because the face acts as a primary identification label, disguising it brings freedom.


Our makeup artists also love adding fake eyelashes to finish off your new look. Exaggerating your natural eyelashes by adding false ones accentuates your eyes, doing wonders for the final look as you can see below.


One of my favourite films always has and will be Burlesque. Embrace the  Christina Aguilera in you and fit the part of a burlesque dancer by having out makeup artist do your makeup burlesque style before you and your girlfriends learn the art of seduction from one of our burlesque instructors.


Our team enjoy coming up with their own ideas and tailoring your look to what they think would best suit you, but we also love when you come to us with an idea or inspiration. If you have an idea of the kind of style you would like contact us and we’ll help make your vision become a reality. This hens party requested a fantasy/ glitter theme.


Prices for Makeup/Body Painting

Prices vary depending on how extravagant your vision is, hence this is an estimation of the prices.


Simple eyes and lips – $25

+ false lashes – $10

+ glitter – $10

+ facial jewels – $10

Body painting prices vary depending on how detailed the design is, if contact us with an idea of what you would like we will quote you on it.

We can bring make-up &body painting & artist’ party can come to your place  or a city venue. We charge travel costs for venues that further than 10 km from the Adelaide CBD.

To find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen, let us know and we’ll help you make it reality.

To book a makeup/body painting artist for your hens party or contact us call us on 0410 767 869.


A Short History on Makeup

From the copper and lead ore that the ancient Egyptians used to create the world’s first cosmetics to the scientifically advanced products of today that can do everything from hide pores, smooth complexions, and turn the pale green of your eyes a vivid shade of emerald, makeup has been an integral part of humankind for thousands of years. Over the centuries, women used burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to stain their lips and young boys’ urine to fade their freckles. They even swallowed ox blood in some misguided attempt to improve their complexions.

Women throughout history put their health at risk with many of their homemade cosmetics. In some cultures, for example, women used arsenic, lead, mercury, and even leeches to give themselves the pale appearance deemed beautiful in the old days. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from the days of using toxic and deadly mixtures to enhance our looks.


15 Fun Facts About Makeup

Roman women used belladonna drops to make their pupils look larger and sexier. Of course, belladonna is a poison so this practice didn’t last too long.

The Aztecs used beetles to make red lipstick.

Depending on when and where you were at the time, use of makeup either designated your wealth or your poor morals – it’s changed many, many times over the course of history.

Cleopatra was said to have soaked her ship sails in perfume so everyone could smell her arrival. Talk about having a signature scent.

Apparently, women spend about $15,000 in their lifetime on cosmetics.

Feminists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton wore lipstick as a symbol of freedom from oppression when they marched for the right to vote.

Women in the Elizabethan era resorted to crazy methods to appear beautiful, from shaving their foreheads to using arsenic and lead to keep their skin looking super-pale. They also believed lipstick had magical powers, and Queen Elizabeth was wearing lipstick when she died.

Elizabethan-era women also used coal tar as mascara and liner; many of them went blind.

Another way to keep your skin looking super-pale? LEECHES. Women were “bled” with leeches to keep their skin pale.

geisha facial” includes a special ingredient to fight wrinkles – nightingale poop.

While the Greeks get credit for the origins of the word “cosmetics,” the ancient Egyptians were the first to use makeup.

The Egyptians also get credit for creating perfume, which they used cosmetically and also medically.

Women of the past have used all sorts of crazy ingredients to “cure” things like freckles, from fresh urine to crocodile fat.

The beauty industry generates around $170 billion worldwide.

Estee Lauder was said to have “accidentally” dropped a bottle of her perfume on the floor of a department store so women would smell it and demand to know what it was, therefore creating a customer base for her products.

Bollywood Dancing

Have you ever watched Bollywood films? If not we highly recommend you do, similarly to this package they’re sure to get you laughing and itching to join in. This is the opportunity to be the star in your very own Bollywood movie.  One of our professional Bollywood teachers will spend 90 minutes helping you learn the art of Bollywood dance. You will learn a specially choreographed dance which combines traditional Bollywood dance with Hip Hop, Salsa and Bhungra into one dynamic, lively dance which you’ll be able to show off at your next office party. You’ll have such a blast you won’t even notice the splendid workout you’re getting at the same time.

We’ve had girls get back to us months later to tell us that they enjoyed learning the routine so much that they decided to perform it at their wedding. Imagine the groom’s face when his bride, and her best friends, take to the floor to whip out an impressive Bollywood dance routine. If you like the idea of showing off your superior dance skills at the wedding bring along your phone to take a video at your party so that you can refer back to it in the weeks upcoming to the wedding.

This package, ideal for a hens’ party… in fact any kind of party  will get your hips shaking, your arms moving and your lungs laughing. And as you can see it’s perfect for all ages, even babies.

All our Bollywood dance instructors have Indian heritage and are extremely in touch with their culture and all the subcultures that have stemmed from traditional Bollywood dance. They’ll bring along a mixture of traditional and modern Indian music to bust out your Bollywood dance moves to. We’ve made sure to find instructors who are friendly, patient and will never single you out if you are less agile than your companions. They will also bring along a colourful Indian scarf for each guest so that all your dance moves are exaggerated by the jingle your waist scarf makes.

Bollywood Dance Prices

At your venue our Bollywood package costs $40 per person and includes:

+ A colourful Indian scarf to tie around your waste
+ A Bollywood dance instructor -- all our Bollywood teachers come from India -- they have Bollywood in their blood.
+ 90 minutes of total fun

We also work with a number of wonderful venues in the CBD, if you’d like us to organise your venue we’d love to work with you to find you the perfect venue. Our prices for Bollywood when we organise your venue is $45.



You can stage your party at one of the central hotels we work with or organise your own venue.

Our Adelaide city venues are the Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. The Adelaide Rockford is not only glamorous in itself but is also close to anything you could want, food, Adelaide nightlife and much more.

We also have our own venue which is perfect for the Bollywood dance parties. As you can see below its filled with amazing art and filled with natural light.

Bollywood films are typically bursting at the seams with energy, great dance moves, dynamic music and heightened emotions.  We recommend watching one to get you excited for your party and give you an idea of the kind of dance moves you’ll learn. You won’t be expected to pick up one of the wildly elaborate routines in just a couple of hours, instead our instructor will teach you a dance that is easy, quick to learn and one you can perfect before the big day to create a performance that will have everyone whipping out their phones to capture it.

How to book your Bollywood party

Call us on on  0410 767 869 to discuss how we can create your penis filled party or

Email us [email protected] if you already have your own vision in mind.


Why Choose Bollywood Dancing

  1. Bollywood dances are created for groups

And what better group to learn one of the routines than a bride and her friends. The hen takes centre stage while her friends become a team of gyrating lovelies who let her shine while still looking amazing.

  1. Bollywood hens parties are a brilliant icebreaker

Our groups of girls especially love the social nature of  Bollywood dancing for a hen’s do: It’s a great ice-breaker and allows you to forge bonds with the other girls – some of whom you may meet for the very first time. It gets rid of the awkwardness which invariably exists when you bring together several groups of women from different areas of the brides life who have never met before and whose only link is their friendship with the hen. Our Bollywood dancing parties create a sense of pride which resonates through the group once everyone successfully recreates the routine.

  1. Bollywood Dancing is the best work-out

Our teachers choreograph routines that get your heart beat pumping all the while being extremely entertaining and fun. Think of yourself as famous Bollywood actress and get that booty shaking. We at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide love dancing. It has a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Dancing is a great way to keep fit and get your heart rate up. It can help get rid of those love handles and build lean muscle. When giving it your all, you can lose up to 500 calories per hour dancing.  Yes, you heard right. As many calories as you would lose when going for a high intensity run. But unlike running, time \flies during our Bollywood Dancing package and you don’t suffer from the awesome work out you are getting.

  1. A word of warning

You may be so proud of those moves you have learnt there is every likelihood they will reappear throughout the night’s proceedings and the nightclub floor will be buzzing with you and your Bollywood babes.

  1. The downside

The only downside is that it will end too soon and you’ll be left wanting more.

Some videos of our Bollywood Hen’s Party Package

Watch this video of Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Bollywood Dance Party: you’ll see and hear for yourself how much the girls enjoyed learning with Jessy.

www henspartyideasadelaide com au bollywood dance party

Another fun video with our teacher Mudra

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, Katie's Bollywood Party

Mudra created a dance flash mob with over 300 high school students as a part of Oz Asia 2013 in Adelaide on the South Australian Museum lawns.

Take a look at this amazing feat:

2012 OzAsia Festival Flash Mob

Contact us to find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen,  let us know and we’ll help you make it a reality.



The History of Bollywood Dance

It was the Bollywood film industry that made Bollywood Dancing so popular.

All those millions of people across the world who cried their hearts out watching Bollywood movies wanted to dance it too. Bollywood’s origins lie in Bhangra, a Punjabi folk dance and some classical Indian Dance styles such as Odissi, Kathak and is Bharatnatyam. Our dance teacher Priya teaches girls this classical style.

Have you ever seen Western pop and pure classical dance numbers side by side in a Bollywood film. Some Bollywood dance teachers include elements of street style, hip-hop and jazz in their teaching; our teacher Jessie does this.

With the increase of globalisation in the seventies came the growth of the Bollywood dance style. Cabaret was the first alternate dance style to have an large influence on Bollywood dancing, and was closely followed by the effect of disco fever which was encapsulating the world. The Bollywood industry gained immense popularity and this lead to a saturation of immensely talented dancers, which in turn, lead to a ‘free era’ of Bollywood dancing due to the development of each famed dancer’s own personal style. The eighties brought MTV, and with it, larger exposure of western pop culture and dancing styles. The nineties came with the world wide web and information on the dancing styles unique to different cultures. Both decades impacted ‘Bollywood’ style dancing and the Bollywood that we have come to love is now a fusion of a number of dancing styles including classic and folk Indian dance, jazz, hip-hop, belly dancing, salsa and the director, choreographer and individual dancers own signature style.

Who knows that the word Bollywood combines two words: ‘Bombay’, one of India’s largest cities that is now called Mumbai, and ‘Hollywood’? Mumbai’s Bollywood industry provides not only India, but the entire world with its largest, not only with regard to the number of films produced, but also the number of sold each year. Indians love Bollywood too, and in 2014 the population of India is around 1.27 billion people.

Bollywood dancing’s world wide appeal has been in the making for a number of decades. At first you could only find it in places where Indian films were shown. But Australia, it seems, has now embraced Bollywood wholeheartedly. The Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was such a success.


What will you learn at a Bollywood Dance hen’s party?

In our Adelaide Bollywood hens party classes you learn classical hand gestures

and the poses to go with them,

and traditional Bhangra she dance steps as modern and classical from the Bollywood movies. After just one and a half hours with either of our teachers you will be budding Bollywood stars.

Does this sound too good to be true? Are you self-proclaimed 2 left feeter, like I thought I was before I took a Bollywood Dancing class? It’s surprisingly easy… the first step is giving it a go and trying Bollywood at a hen party is SO much fun. You’ll be patting dogs and screwing light bulbs to a popular Indian song from a Bollywood movie ! Before long you’ll be caught up in its vibrant colours and energy. And the good thing is, if you really love it, our teachers also run regular Bollywood classes. They allow you to be seduced by the mire of Bollywood once a week.


Last week we organised a Bollywood Dance hen’s party for which the chief  bridesmaid had requested that the girls learn to dance to Jai Ho , one of the most popular songs in slum dog millionaire. One girl told us: “Ever since I saw ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ with that joyful Bollywood group dance at the end, I’ve wanted to ‘join in’ the dance!”

Some people argue that Bollywood popularity is due to the ever expanding Indian diaspora, but we believe that we Australian non-Indians are fascinated and captivated by the exotic, larger than life qualities inherent in it. Bollywood films have such lavish sets, and extravagant costumes. Think about it, Madonna, Shakira & Britney Spears have also included Bollywood style dance or music into their songs and videos.

So here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we believe that if you’re looking to have a party that is fun and out of the ordinary, Bollywood is sure to be a winner.

Call us on 0410 767 869 or email us to discuss your party plans or make your booking.

Foretelling Bright Futures

Find out how to make your future fun and fulfilling. Our experienced tarot card reader will give you confidence in your capacity to think creatively. This wonderfully mysterious package with private individual sessions, ideal for a hens’ night party or a ladies’ party, will leave you feeling positive and dynamic.

Your party will have 90 minutes of private, individual fortune telling as well as:

  • glass of sparkling wine for each participant, perfect for sitting back and contemplating the future (both near and far) -if you stage it at one of our venues.

You can also opt for:

  • dutiful topless waiter to assist, serve and care for your party, complete with shoulder massages

Tarot Cards for Hens – What You Can Find Out

Is that gorgeous guy your perfect match? Who knows – perhaps it’s written in the stars!

Many of us love to read our daily horoscopes for a bit of fun, and we’ve nearly all delved into a little astrological matchmaking trying to find out if that perfect guy is a perfect match with our star sign.

But did you know that your chemistry may be determined by more than the stars?  For many centuries Tarot scholars have been making the correlation between Tarot cards and the signs of the Zodiac. Astrology embodies the expression of the energy of the cards, and the cards create an expression of the zodiacs as a symbolic form.

Tarot uses the seven sacred planets of the ancients, and the combination of astrology and tarot can provide profound insights into your readings.

The major influences of the planets are:

Sun:                   Self Consciousness and self will

Moon:                 Instinct, imagination and emotional self

Mercury:             Intellect and reason, individual mind

Venus:                Pleasure, love, desire nature, relatedness, material prosperity

Jupiter:               Good fortune and expansive growth energy

Saturn:               Self knowing, limitation and restriction

Mars:                  Ambition, sexuality, vital energy

A Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Tarot card reading is a unique and creative way for your guests to explore the mystic world, and perhaps discover something about themselves that they never knew. You can get creative decorating your place and then our Tarot card reader can inspire your girls with the fun fortunes that the planets hold in store for them. Some of the surprising things that your friends may discover about their Zodiac signs are:

Aries ( March 20 – April 19)

Rams are impulsive and are known to like sexual challenges. They are assertive and aggressive in their pursuit of sexual gratification and don’t like emotional gameplay.  They enjoy passionate, steamy sex and like to take control.  Aries have powerful magnetic personalities and love to be wooed with a compliment. They enjoy spontaneity and unpredictability, and bring new energy to a relationship.

Card:  The Emperor:  Representing loyalty they like to use authority and analytical powers to achieve personal goals and help others.  This card may indicate a desire for sex with an older partner or someone of status and may involve dominance or strict rules. Think of using sex to gain a promotion, or a little role play such as dressing up in uniform.

Best Match Sexual Partners: Aquarius, Aries, Gemini,  Libra, Sagittarius, Leo

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is one of the most sensual of the zodiac signs. Their laid back nature is alluring and they tend to wait for sex to come to them. Although they have insatiable appetite for physical touch they are happy to wait. They like their sex like they like their food, taking their time to enjoy it.  Sex is most gratifying when sensually stimulated with food, art, music and touch.  As the most masculine sign in the Zodiac they have endless passion, but crave stability and security in their relationships. So sit back relax and enjoy the slow ride.

Card:  The Hierophant. This card represents learning from higher souls so that they are encouraged to explore and be led to discover important life lessons. They value sex within marriage and teaching inexperienced partners. This card indicates a preference for more conventional sex although it may involve a little wife swapping.

Best Match Sexual Partners: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

The fun, flirty sign in the Zodiac, Gemini’s are easy going and energetic. They have great imaginations, and like to have sex in different, unusual places.  They are definitely not shy in the bedroom, and have no problem talking dirty when things get hot and steamy. Geminis don’t like to be bored, and needs constant stimulation. They like partners who are intelligent and witty who challenge them both in and out of the bedroom.

Card:  The Lovers:  Geminis are often faced with a dual nature that involves having to make moral choices surrounding personal integrity. This card indicates exploring between lovers, and represents writing letters, emails and texts above love.

Best match sexual partners: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Aries, Libra, Aquarius

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Cancerians are highly intuitive and are able to sense their partner’s sexual needs. Their lovemaking is creative, passionate and lustful and their sensitive side likes to be wooed. Lovers of emotional comfort, you can help get a Crab in the right mood with gifts of flowers or a special meal. They form deep emotional bonds and enjoy being taken care of, but don’t cross as they will become revengeful.

Card:  The Chariot.  Standing strong and proud, this card represents steering a course to rise above life’s conflicts. They are driven to win the race, and enjoy control, maybe some dogging. May indicate a sexual obsession with a parent.

Best match sexual partners:  Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

Charismatic, charming and passionate lovers, the Lion has a powerful sex drive and is both creative and generous in the bedroom.  Their fragile ego however expects you to recognise their prowess, so expect to shower them with compliments about their most alluring attributes, but you will be rewarded by a slow, patient lover. Leo’s simply love to be the centre of attention and are sexually confident.

Card:  Strength:  Represents physical as well as emotional and spiritual strength.  Like a Lion, they overcome problems with courage.  Drawn to passionate love affairs, orgies, risk taking and bestiality.

Best match sexual partners:  Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

We all tend to see the Virgin as sweet and demure, but in fact they are both highly sexual and sensual. They love to please, and take pride in craft, including their earthy lovemaking style. Although they have a tendency toward a little obsessiveness and perfectionism, they love gentle seduction to get them in the mood, and you will be sensually rewarded.

Card:  The Hermit.  To find real purpose in life, a hermit will slow down and go within. This card represents a secret lover, or a secret passion for someone, perhaps an affair with a work colleague.

Best match sexual partners:  Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Craving balance in all aspects of their life, Librans love beauty. With refined tastes, they are sensuous and sociable, but dislike crudeness.  Loving mental stimulation they love flirting and fun experiments.  Woo them with romantic restaurants, and surround them with music, flowers and candles, they will show you a good time with style, slow touching and plenty of verbal enhancement.

Card:  Justice. The scales ask them to weigh their desires against their needs. Feelings and emotions need to be put aside to achieve the light at the end of the tunnel of indecision.  Indicates making decisions within a relationship or inability to deal with issues in a relationship. Seeking an aesthetically pleasing playmate, perhaps sex with a lawyer, solicitor, judge, this represents the legal aspects of sexuality, marriage and divorce or finding a lover at a wedding or legal establishment.

Best match sexual partners:  Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

If you nab yourself a Scorpion, you are in for a hot blooded, intense and highly erotic affair. They are into kinky and have no limits. Scorpions do however like to make deeper connections; they are looking for soulmates, not bedmates.  They are possessive and that need to control can create conflict within a relationship. Wild lovemakers, they are full of desire and passion.

Card:  Death.  Seeking transformation, shedding their skin only to be reborn. They detach from others and like to change their identity, and have a sense of mystery others are drawn to.  This card represents death of a relationship, sex for money or in discovering saucy secrets!

Best match sexual partners:   Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21)

The good time sign, Sagittarians are flirty, affectionate and interesting.  They will use their charms for playful, adventurous sex and are open to new ideas as they enjoy variety. Often seen as childlike and young at heart, they are not good at longer term, but love a good fling with a little experimenting. They can be seen as being a little manipulative, especially when it comes to sex.

Card:  Temperance:  A gifted mediator they balance judgements with understanding and awareness and work through things slowly and methodically. This card sees sex as a higher or spiritual calling. Represents holiday romances or a foreign partner, complicated relationships with several people, filming or photographing pornography.

Best match sexual partners:  Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Libra

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Don’t let this old Goat fool you; they may be conservative, but highly sexual and very sensual. Although not into public displays of affection, behind closed doors their great sexual appetite will see an unbridled passion.  They will be patient with you, trying to impress you as they enjoy the art of courting and seduction.  With great sexual stamina they enjoy both pleasing and being pleased.

Card:  The Devil:  Required to gather all knowledge for spiritual transformation. Encourages you to reflect on negativity that has created doubt and transform it into confidence to become the greatest version of you. Can be intense or suffocating in relationships, with perhaps bondage or a corporate love affair. There may be an obsession with a boss or a superior, and can indicate a desire for domination or subjugation. Being tied up/sex industry/brothels feature here.

Best match sexual partners:   Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

These enthusiastic and imaginative individuals may appear a little casual and uninterested, but they actually love to explore and love original and innovative ideas when it comes to the bedroom.  They are excited by a wild physical passion, like to play hard to get, and you will be pleasantly rewarded once you capture their interest.

Card:  The Star:  Represents optimism and reaching for the stars.  They will manage to convince others they can too, leading them home spiritually.   This card can mean aspirational sex, perhaps cybersex, orgies, homosexuality or fetishes.

Best match sexual partners:  Libra, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar  20)

With their sensuous, bewitching nature Pisces have no trouble attracting partners.  They are great romantic always on the lookout for a life partner.   They appreciate music, poetry, fragrance, flowers and once wooed will become very sexually imaginative.  But don’t hurt these sensitive souls or you will find your relationship is deeply affected. Their enchantment will keep you coming back, and they will respond with a physical relationship full of pleasure and satisfaction.  Keepers of spiritual waters, Pisceans are happy to wait for the special moments, and they will make it worth your while.

Card:  The Moon:   The creator of ever changing moods and attuned to natures cycles. This card represents fantasies, phobias, infidelity or ambiguous sexuality.

Best match sexual partners:  Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer

So come along and be bewitched, mesmerised, tantalised and teased into the mystical world that beholds your futures both in and out of the bedroom with our Hens Party Adelaide Tarot Card party. You never know what sexual delights may await you!


Call us on on  0410 767 869 or

Email us to chat about how we can help you.

You could enjoy our Burlesque hen’s party at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Rockford HotelThe Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. Their hotel is perfectly located as well; a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life on Hindley Street.

Contact us to find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen,  let us know and we’ll help you make it reality

Life Drawing

Life Drawing Hen’s Night Party

What better activity for a hen’s party than to marvel at a handsome man?

Spend a whopping 90 minutes admiring and sketching one of our handsome male models in the nude.

Rather than going for a traditional passé stripper hens’ night, go outside of the box and do something you and your girlfriends will be able to tell your work colleagues about without feeling embarrassed. Our business is about experience rather than service, which is why we’ve hand-chosen all our models to be charming, engaging, respectful and a load of fun.

We’re local to Adelaide and have had this business for over five years now, so we know all the best local venues and handsome men.

Our models will come to your venue or ours and spend 90 minutes posing in fun, cheeky poses for you to draw him. As well as this, he’ll interact with the ladies, help to break the ice and get everyone laughing.

Some people with high artistic expectations of themselves may be nervous about the drawing part but our hens day activities are just about having fun. We’ll coach you through different game and challenges that keep things fun and easy. If you choose to have a drawing instructor they can give you tips and techniques that will help you improve your final masterpiece.

The whole experience is about having a fun, classy afternoon while still being a little bit cheeky because after all… it is a hens day!

Life Drawing Hens Activity Prices

Pricing at Your Venue

BRONZE (your venue) includes:  Model & Drawing Materials:  $45 pp

SILVER (your venue) includes: Instructor, Model & Drawing Materials, Photography: $55 pp


If you don’t have a venue in mind, we’d be happy to help find the perfect one for you. We work with venues in the Adelaide CBD: the Richmond Hotel, Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert HotelThe Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby) and others. Or we have a beautiful venue in Largs North, it’s 5 minutes’ walk to the beautiful waters of Largs beach. The space is also used as an art gallery, so it’s extremely dynamic and aesthetic with lots of natural light and a gorgeous garden courtyard, which you can use to play games and sip champagne in. If you want to head to the city for a wild night after your activity you can do so easily, with a 3 minute walk to the train stop. Or you can keep things more relaxed and get overnight accommodation and the scenic Largs Hotel.

Pricing for one of Our Venues

BRONZE  (our venue) Includes: Model & Drawing Materials:  $50 pp

SILVER  (our venue) Includes Instructor, Model, Drawing Materials, Photography: $60 pp

This price covers the admin work that we undertake to organise the venue not the cost of the venue, these differ from venue to venue.

To cover costs our Adelaide life drawing party prices are based on minimum numbers of 12. However, we often have groups who decide they’d like to split the extra costs between them to keep the party intimate which is always nice.

Call us on on  0410 767 869 to discuss how we can make your hens party special or

Email us [email protected] to make your booking.


 FAQ’s and Ideas for your Hens

Get your creative juices flowing with a glass of champagne 😉

All of the venues we work with have delicious functions menus; keep your energy up for the life drawing with nibbles and drinks. If you want to treat yourself to dinner or lunch meal before or after your activity our venues will organise your meal in the same VIP area where the life drawing takes place.


Topless Waiter

Want to maximise your life drawing experience by not wasting time getting up and down to get your drinks and nibbles? Have one of our topless waiter serve you food and drinks, they can even feed you 😉 Maybe the excitement of the whole thing is a bit much for you and you need something to relax you, our topless waiters have that covered as well, they give great relaxing massages. They’ll be at your beck and call ladies.

Life Drawing FAQ’s

 1. How hard is life drawing really?

Some ladies choose to have a stripper perform for them because they think life drawing would be far too hard. Most of us haven’t drawn since high school and for many of us drawing at school was a complete disaster. Urrggh!

We regularly get feedback from our life drawing parties about how easy the life drawing was. Many girls tell us they had never imagined their drawings would turn out that well. Perhaps it really was the glass of champagne or lack there of that hindered our drawing abilities in high school art class.

Our main focus during the party is to have fun. When you’re having fun, subconsciously you let go of inner blocks and the human desire we all have to look good. Our instructors/MC’s guidance will ease you into the art of drawing with tips and tricks and fun drawing escapades. These two factors make the life drawing experience seemless.


FAQ 2. What goes on in a life drawing model’s head?

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a life drawing model’s head whilst he stands there stake naked in front of a group of up to 45 girls …here’s your chance to find out. Have a listen to this interview  we did with one of our Adelaide life drawing models. Click the arrow below:

FAQ 3. Can we create our own theme for our life drawing hen’s night party?

We love making your hens party that one bit more special by personalising it to the hen. Show the hen just how well you know her and how much you love her by tailoring her party to suit her.

What’s your bride to be like and what does she like? 

If you don’t have a specific theme in mind you can talk to us, we’d be happy to help you figure one out that will be perfect for her or you could always choose one of ours.

Here are some of themes we’ve had at our parties so far:

Sporty themes

Is she a Port Power or Adelaide Crows fan, or is cricket more her speed. We’ve had parties with themes of all three.


Does she love the classics, like Micheal Jackson, if so we’ve got you covered. Another idea: have everyone dress up their favourite outfit of her favourite artist and create a playlist with their best songs.


We have had a French themed party where everyone wore berets, ate baguettes and cheese and drank wine. We can have our model come dressed as the notoriously sexy frenchmen.  All of our models love having fun by getting into a character, by the end you’ll be convinced they’re actually from france. Our Bollywood dancing party is perfect if she likes Indian culture and is perfect to combine with Indian cuisine.


Is your hen particularly attracted to men of a certain profession, like maybe a chef, firefighter or maybe she likes the bad boy bikies. We’ve got an authentic fire fighters uniform, all the girls will be swooning and if things get too hot, no need to worry our model can put out the  fire 😉


Perhaps the bride-to-be is keen on cowboys? We recently organised a hen’s party for a cowgirl. Literally! She lives out on a farm in the middle of nowhere. All the girls she’s invited to her wedding will be wearing cowboy boots on the day. Here’s a photo from her cowboy-themed hen’s night.

mini-henspartyideasadelaide-life-drawing-lauren (4)

Here’s some feedback from bridesmaid Leah who also organised a cowboy life drawing hens afternoon for her bestie:

“We organised a cowboy-themed life drawing class for our bride as surprise entertainment. The look on her face when our cowboy walked in was priceless! It was also rather fascinating to see the boisterous, outgoing bride temporarily speechless! An art teacher accompanied our cowboy to provide drawing guidance and direct the flow of the event. We completed several drawing exercises and had great fun comparing our “masterpieces”, and getting to know our model.

Interestingly our mature guests had just as much fun (if not more fun) as the younger guests, as the drawing adds a certain cultural novelty to what would otherwise just be blatant male nudity!

Rather than a traditional stripper who provides limited thrills, this 90 minute package is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to create a memorable and unique hen night experience.”


Another theme alternative: a dreamy doctor as model for your hen’s life drawing party?


You could ask her what makes her mouth water; is it a bulky bikie? Let’s admit it, some women just like the idea of the bad boy. A guy who is aloof, arrogant and hard to get. Our bikie may seem hard on the outside, but he’ll be soft on the inside. bulky-bikie


Would a seductive sailor be the kind of man to turn her on?

Conjure up the sailor setting: an afternoon breeze, delicious cocktails and a handsome sailor ready to save your life when you fall overboard. You could combine a life drawing party with our cocktail making party, and get the best of both worlds. Organise some sailor music and in addition to the visuals you’ll have an auditory accompaniment.

This hen dressed up as a  sailor girl and her friends created fun nautical decorations (check out the hanging anchors above): (3)


Does she love music, would she fall for a mellow musician?

FAQ 4. How is life drawing different to seeing a stripper perform at a hen’s party?

Sometime people wonder why one would choose to draw a nude male model at a hen’s party? Their thinking is: if you want to see a guy in the nude, why not just hire a stripper? For many a stripper is the the standard thing to do for a hen’s party. Some girls choose to go to a strip club; at least then they get to see several guys in the nude.

In life, what you choose to do depends on the kind of experience you are looking for and what you want to get out of it. Watching a stripper and drawing a naked model are two very different kinds of experiences. And you get totally different things out of them.

Life drawing at a hen’s party is very different to having a stripper perform for you. Why ?
The biggest differences are how long you actually get to see the guy in the nude, the range of feelings you go through during the experience, the level of intimacy, and whereas one experience is passive, the other is active. (26)

Difference 1: Amount of time in the full monty

It’s a blatant basic but often overlooked:

* the amount of time you actually get to see the guy in the full Monty.

With a stripper it’s about 10 seconds, and given that the lighting is normally pretty dim, it means you don’t get too good a look. During a strip show a major part of the time is spent removing clothes. To spend lots of time taking your clothes off, you have to start with a lot of them on. They come off gradually, the girls cheer the guy along, and the grand finale is when that very last bit of rag is removed. About 5 to 7 seconds before the end of the act.

With a life drawing model you get to see the male model in the nude between 15 minutes and one and a half hours. It’s often the hen’s preferences that determines how long he’s actually in his birthday suit for. Some hens want it right away, other hens prefer to wait a while.

* You get to choose how far he goes- totally naked or partially covered.

* You get to ask your model questions: (23)

Difference 2:  The range of experiences

I think the best way to describe the difference with regard to the experiences you may go through is to share what one girl who had been to both a strip show hen’s party and a nude life drawing hen’s night told me. Here’s what she wrote to us:

“I remember I initially felt somewhat intimidated by the idea of going to a strip show. I knew it would probably also involve lap dances and that wasn’t necessarily something I thought would turn me on. I knew I could always refuse the lap dance, but then again I didn’t want to be labelled as a prude. I felt excited when we entered the club, it felt somewhat risqué, and I know this is silly, but I felt somewhat proud and liberated because I was doing what guys do to girls –objectify them.

The whole experience actually ended up involving a lot of sitting around doing nothing. We sat on a big table close to the dance floor (thank heavens) and I don’t want to sound mean, but the 2 girls I sat between and got stuck between for the entire evening were rather boring. So I got into the booze, what else I could do?

When the first show finally came I felt relieved, at last a brilliant distraction. It was over really quickly, there was a bit of a build-up and that was titillating, but in the end I was left feeling disappointed because the guy’s moves weren’t too interesting and the whole thing seemed a little clumsy. Three more shows followed, some were better than others, but when it was over I felt a little grumpy and let down: it hadn’t been the thrill I’d expected.

With regard to the life drawing party, In the beginning I was excited: well, the idea of being able to look at a nude man for so long was really exciting. I’d been to the strip show and hadn’t got to see all that much for all that long, so I was looking forward to a good long look. I hoped no one would notice and judge me for it. I’d never got a good long look before and  I knew I wanted one.

I guess some girls get their fair share of male nudity if they have brothers. I only had sisters. And in lovemaking my experience had been that you only get to see a full complete nude body view of the guy for a couple of seconds, no one I’ve known had ever felt comfortable with me looking for any longer than 20 seconds. Maybe guys are just insecure too.

Another feeling I initially had was fear. Throughout school I was bad at art; I’d never I never managed much more than stick figures when it came to drawing the human body. I was afraid of making a fool of myself. I knew that some of the other girls going to hen’s party were great drawers; they’d taken art as one of their year 12 subjects and that made me rather insecure.

When the model appeared, he was wearing a sarong. I remember wondering how soon it would come off and hoping it would be extremely soon. As minutes passed I got impatient and felt rather embarrassed about that. I felt even more impatient when I realised that under his sarong he was wearing jocks. When they came off I felt shy. It was in a bit of a predicament, I want to look but somehow I was afraid to. I remember feeling annoyed with myself. Here I was with this one in a lifetime opportunity, yet I was letting my worry about what others would think of me stop me. I ordered myself to look.

What I saw was actually overwhelming: it was so big, bigger than I’d ever seen. I remember I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Then I just relaxed. Actually it was the drawing that helped me relax, quite the opposite to what I’d expected. The drawing gave me something to do whilst I looked, like an alibi. The more I drew the easier it became. I think I went into something like a trance, or maybe it was the feeling you have when you get hypnotised. In fact how  I felt  was similar to how I feel after a meditation, or a really good yoga class. I felt so relaxed.”

Difference 3: The level of intimacy

A stripper is a performer. He knows he’ll be on stage for 10 minutes and that he needs to impress with his best during that time. He knows he’ll be judged for how he appears and that who he is and what he values is of no importance. He knows he’ll be objectified, that some girls will see him as just a piece of meat. To stay sane, he needs to create a persona outside of himself that he morphs into during the act. He won’t share who he really is, he won’t be a subject he’ll just be an object and present himself as such. Intimacy is created when someone shares a part of themselves with someone else. There is no room for that in a strip show because it’s an act. When all the clothes are off the stripper’s done his job and is keen to go ASAP.

The nude male life drawing model knows he will be spending 90 minutes with the girls. 90 minutes is a long time. Enough time to get a feel for the women, to chat with them, to laugh with them, to interact with them. The life drawing model knows the girls will be curious about him. They will want to know what he does outside of nude modelling, whether he has a girlfriend ;-), how he managed to get such a smooth tan, whether he waxes, what motivated him to take on this job. He will engage with the girls. They will get to experience him as the person he is, not as an object. That creates intimacy. (11)


Difference 4: Passive versus active, consumption versus creation

Perhaps you could say that the difference between watching a stripper and drawing a nude guy is similar to the difference between watching someone swim and swimming yourself. When you watch someone swim you are passive. The only sense you engage in is vision. In contrast, when you swim yourself you are active. You use your body, you feel what it’s like to move your limbs through the water. You exercise a skill and to exert yourself.

When you watch a stripper, all you do is look. It’s passive. When you draw what your eyes perceive you are involved in an act of creation. Even if what you draw doesn’t look that hot, nevertheless what your eyes take in is translated into hand movements over paper.

Life drawing is a creative process. Even if you are dissatisfied with what you draw you have still created something. It’s fascinating to watch how rapidly people progress with a few simple instructions and structures.

Life drawing is something all artists do. It’s the way they learn how to draw bodies, to sense the body structure the bones determine and how the muscles shape that structure. Most artists continue life drawing throughout their career it’s not just something they do once. Many artists I know, even if the kind of art they do is abstract art, partake in weekly life drawing gatherings, spending 3 hours drawing a model in an array of different poses.

FAQ 5. What are the benefits of practicing life drawing?

Benefit 1: It sharpens your visual and analytical skills

We are so familiar with the shape of the body and the features of the human face. We see our own body and face every time we check our looks in the mirror (I wouldn’t want to think about how many times I check myself in a mirror on a daily basis). We critically analyse other women a multitude of times per day 😉 So you could think that drawing them could be quite easy. But actually the very fact that we are so intimately familiar with the human face and body makes it a challenge to draw.

Also if your lines are just a little off when you draw a human being it will be very noticeable. It’s easy to get away with drawing a tree when the lines aren’t quite right but that’s not the case when you draw a fellow human. In our hens party life drawing package we circumnavigate this problem by working with squiggles and drawing in an abstract manner. The teacher encourages the hen and her guests to capture the gesture of the model, not his exact shape.

With life drawing another challenge is that you want to make the model look real and alive.  A living being has a special organic energy which makes them so different to inanimate objects.

When faced with the task of drawing a model you need to look at him in a different way to when you are just admiring his splendid, physical, naked form. You see lines and curves you didn’t know existed. You become aware of undulations and how they seemingly lighter and darker bits on the body’s surface. You see little details you never knew existed on the male body. It’s a real discovery.

One thing is guaranteed: after drawing a nude male model for 90 minutes your visual and analytical skills will be sharpened, and from then on you will observe clothed men in a totally different manner.

Benefit 2: it’s like a peaceful and relaxing meditation that is simultaneously fun and titillating

Some Life Drawing Videos

Check out  these short videos taken at our ‘Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’ Life Drawing Hens Night Parties.

The girls start drawing our model:

Drawing Nude Male Models | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305

Take a look at two girls’ sketching:

Draw the Naked Man | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305

Creating awesome sketches is much easier than you might imagine:

Life Drawing, Sensual & Stylish | Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305


Call us on on  0410 767 869 or

Email us to talk about how we can make your hens party special.


Are you and your friends looking to get into the nitty gritty of it all but don’t want to risk your partner’s wrath when he finds out you’ve seen another man’s penis? We have a solution which is both practical and tons of fun. We’ll help you practice the traditional art of Origami with a twist, a rude one at that. Hence the name Rudigami. I’ve personally always been intrigued by the art of origami with such delicate and beautiful artworks created out of just one square of paper. So when we found out about Rudigami, we jumped at the opportunity to offer it to our lovely clients. Spend 90 minutes learning to make four or more naughty Origami creations, depending on how good you are at handling a penis.

A Short History On Origami

The word Origami is derived from the Japanese word ori meaning “folding”, and kami  which overtime has changed to gami meaning “paper”. Hens Origami is the art of paper folding. In modern usage, the word “Origami” is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin. The goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques.

Japanese Origami began sometime after Buddhist monks carried paper to Japan during the 6th century. When Origami was first practiced, however, it was a craft only for the elite. Japanese monks folded Origami figures for religious purposes. Origami was also used in various formal ceremonies, such as the practice of folding paper butterflies to adorn Sake bottles at a Japanese couple’s wedding reception. Tsutsumi, folded paper gift wrappers, were used in some ceremonies to symbolize sincerity and purity. It’s come a long way from then 😉

There is a traditional story in Japan that says if a person folds 1,000 paper cranes, they will be granted one special wish. I wonder if that would apply to folding 1,000 paper penises as well? Anyone up for the challenge?

Learn the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with a twist. It just got naughty thanks to our Rudigami package. Our Rudigami instructor will help you transform paper into penises that are works of art. This is more fun than the run-of-the-mill hen’s night penis straws or earrings. (1)

Our instructor will help you master the art of Rudigami. You can bring your personal preferences out of the bedroom and into the workshop; you get to choose the size, width and even colour of your penis, depending on your preferences… even the testicles are optional.

I know us ladies like to get creative when it come to both sex and art, so we won’t just stick with a plain penis.

Our Rudigami instructor will show you how to make an array of different  and exciting penises:

Including a Superman Penis, because when haven’t you wished a penis would just magically fly into your life and save you.

A Flasher Penis flashing his own penis, because we all know that penises have a mind of their own.

Or maybe you fancy a ‘dick in a bikini’, because maybe at times you’ve seen penises that you wish were wearing a bikini to cover them up a bit.

Or maybe you love penises so much you’d like to express it, by bringing it ever so close to your heart.

We’ll leave the choice up to you.

Once you’ve got a handle on all those dicks, it’s time for a hens party game. You write your naughtiest memory of the hen on the penis of your choice. Then the bride to be pulls the penises out of a hat one by one, retelling the funny memory and attempting to guess which of her friends would have dared to write it down. (4)

Practicing the art of Rudigami is a great way to start off a hen’s night party. It’s a great icebreaker as at most hen’s nights there will be women who don’t know each other. Making penises together is a brilliant form of female bonding. The penis designs we will teach you are invented purely to amuse you. Would you choose to dress your penis up as an angel, or a flasher, or a Superman. A sunbathing penis is also an option. This package is perfect for girls with a naughty side, looking for a cheeky hens party. It certainly gives you training in being skilled with your hands.

You might be wondering, will I get to keep my artwork? The answer is of course! Some girls tell us their plans to give it as a gift to their partners, which they’re sure to love, as long as it’s not bigger than their own, if you know what I mean, some men can sensitive when it comes to size. Or some hens insist that they would like to keep the penises with a memory on them as a souvenir of their hen’s night. Or some choose to display them on their night stand for when they get lonely.


Our shooting heart penis is the perfect valentines gift for your partner, it will certainly make your intentions for the day clear.

Another question that may be lingering as you scroll through this package 😉 is: will this be appropriate for my mum or grandma? We all know your mum and grandma love penises too, otherwise how would you be here? They are sure to love this creative activity just as much as you do. Rudigami is the perfect activity for everyone,  regardless of their age and sexual preferences 😉


Call us on on  0410 767 869 to discuss how we can create your penis filled party or

Email us [email protected] if you already have your own vision in mind.

You could enjoy our Rudigami hen’s party at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Richmond Hotel, the Rockford HotelThe Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).

We’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that offer  cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. The Adelaide Rockford is not only glamorous in itself but is also close to anything you could want, food, Adelaide nightlife and much more.

The Magician

The Power of Magic

lies in the magician’s ability to transform the mundane and ordinary into something that is wonderful and fantastic in the eyes of those who watch him perrform.

Magicians know that what the viewers see with their eyes is different to the story their minds create about what they see. The key to great magic is to dissolve this difference.

A great magician asks him/herself the following questions:

“What do I want my audience to feel?”

“How can I make that happen in the limited time I have available?”

“How can I engage them and draw them in?”

“How can uphold a personal connection with the people I am performing for? How can I let them know I care?”

“How can I ensure that something I do over and over again is still new and fresh for my audience?”

“How can I make my audience laugh, weep and gasp? How can I ensure that they are fully invested in my performance?”

A magician’s job is to embrace, enjoy and understand the power of his magic. A top class magician cannot afford to sacrifice his art for the sake of a cheap laugh. His job is to create those magic moments of fantasy and he cannot afford to shy away from those moments with a wink or a bad joke. That would destroy exactly that what he intends to create: namely UNCERTAINTY.

The lives of most people are filled with uncertainty. And most people dread uncertainty. However, to move forward in our lives we are often required to take a step towards uncertainty without knowing where it will lead us. Often what we believe that that which we must do to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves is impossible. It demands of us that we move from safe grounds to unstable grounds. This means that often we can’t look before we leap. This leap of faith requires from us that we detach ourselves from the known and welcoming the unknown.

The power of magic is to make that which seems impossible possible.

Our magician will convince you to let go of what you perceive as the real world and has you enter into something that reeks of the incredible. You believe in his fantasy enough to want to take part in a game where the unknown can take place and nothing is impossible.

The magician makes the impossible possible.

When he’s on stage performing tricks at a certain distance from his audience (on-stage magic) it is easier to do this; he can be a little more detached from what he is doing. However when he is involved in close-up magic he must stay grounded, for the audience must be able to relate to him. If they can’t relate, they won’t believe that the impossible he is manifesting is true and real. (2)

A good piece of drama will take you on paths with surprising twists and turns and will culminate in an unexpected yet satisfying conclusion. A good magic session will do the same. Every magician has a different personality and hence will bring different qualities to the table. The magician’s personality is the key to his performance.

The real treasure of magic lies in involving the minds of the audience, in connecting with them at a meaningful level and in convincing them to invest their own feelings and ideas. Good magicians take risks.


Our Magician Matt is one of Australia’s most popular magicians.  He is both a Magician and Mentalist. He provides a brilliant evening of entertainment for a hens night party.

He has performed for the past six years across Australia and Overseas.

Performing as a Mentalist combining these psychological skills with insane magic abilities he  creates a fun, incredible and jaw dropping show and get the hen and her friends involved too.

As seen on Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 and with a huge social following Matt is one of the top upcoming international magicians.

Don’t expect rabbits, hats or capes – this is the new era of Magic.


Our hypnotist Isaac has a natural flair for entertaining and a pure love for hypnotism. Isaac enjoys inducing this wonderful trance like state in his volunteers so they can experience this great phenomenon we call hypnosis.

Isaac loves every moment of what does, he finds his job on stage always holds interesting surprises as each volunteer responds to hypnosis differently.

You will fall in love with this mystic art form and find it’s actually a natural psychological process that we can all use as a powerful tool for self development and growth and of course, in the right hands, a unique and hilarious form of entertainment!

You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that the audience will never forget!

Here’s why: the show is based on everyone’s participation. That means the hen and her friends all become the stars of the show.

If you want fun, hilarity and the adventure of the unexpected – Isaac Lomman’s Hypnotism is just for you!

Call us on on  0410 767 869 or

Email us to chat about how we can help you

You could enjoy our magician at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).
The Rockford has a brilliant hens party package that offers accommodation, cocktails and platters as well as their functions room for your party. It’s a high-heel feasible walk (2minutes) away from Adelaide’s hot night life too.
All three have a great functions menu, so you can enjoy delicious nibbles served during your event or have dinner there together in your own private room afterwards.

Paint on the Model


Are you and your friends more hands on kind of girls who like to see the action up close and personal? Then Paint On the Man is the perfect package for your Hens Party. How often do you get the opportunity to paint dynamic, fun designs on a handsome, muscular man? My guess is once and luckily for you, we’re here to provide that opportunity. Spend 90 minutes admiring, enjoying and painting our lovely models. Your imagination’s the limit, paint your favourite movie character, your favourite flower, your favourite sayings, your name or just any design you can come up with, as you can see, the group below did all of these.



At your venue: $60 per person
At our venue: $65 per person

Included in both these prices is the drawing materials for the initial life drawing time, the paint you will use to bring your ideas to life, an instructor/MC to make sure your party runs smoothly, create a fun atmosphere and to give you artistic advice where wanted, photography of your event so that you can always look back and remember the fun time you had and of course last but definitely not least our gorgeous model.

The Paint on the Man experience

Our Paint on the Man package is a perfect activity for a playful, cheeky bunch, with a creative streak who know a man’s body well or would like to get to know it better. As you can see from the photos, this package is ideal for all ages because no matter what age we are, we women always appreciate a beautiful piece of art and a handsome man.

We’ll give you a play by play of how the party runs below.

The party begins with life drawing. This gives you the opportunity to admire your canvas and all of his aspects, which will help you decide on your designs. We start by sketching four smaller drawings which helps us get loose and give us an idea of proportions and the shapes which make up the human body.


Once you’ve captured your model in black-and-white, we introduce colour to give you inspiration for what colours you would like to use when painting. (5)


Then you let your creative side run wild while exploring possible designs to paint on your nude male model. As you can see below in this section we get a good idea of what the ladies fantasies are, like maybe a cop or an adventurous man who’s always ready for the disco.


Then you get to the even better stuff: painting your designs on our naked model. Nothing is off limits, except tickling the most sensitive part with the paintbrush. You can even play a game of naughts and crosses on him as these ladies decided to do.


Paint the perfect hens activity for people of all artistic capabilities, everyone gets involved. Another reason its the perfect package: your grandma and mum will love it, as you can see below! You’ll see a whole new side to them… (16)


You can create lots of small designs or decide on your favourite design and work together to make it come to life. Here is some interesting professional body paintings to give you inspiration for your designs.

Your final creation may look something like this, or completely different. This hen’s husband works for Reece plumbing, so she decided to pay a tribute to him.


Included in this package:

  • all the body painting materials you need
  • a gorgeous model
  • an instructor/MC
  • photography of your event


You could enjoy our Paint on the Model  hen’s party at one of the Adelaide city venues we work with: the Adelaide Rockford Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel and The Cumberland Hotel (The Cumby).  Or if you’d like the more relaxed atmosphere of your own home we can come to your location.

If you feel like treating you and your friends we’ve negotiated some special hen’s party packages with the Adelaide Rockford Hotel that can include cocktails, appetisers, canapes, and  fine dining with or without accommodation as well as free use of their functions room for your party. With more to offer than their food and drinks, the Adelaide Rockford Hotel is perfectly located as well; ideal for a night out in heels, only a two minute walk to all of Adelaides best nightlife.

Or as seen in the photos above you could have your party in your backyard or another venue of your choosing like this intimate hotel room.


Give us a call on 0410 767 869 to discuss how we can make your hens party a fun and special day

or if you already know exactly what you want to do email us to book in. The sooner you make your booking secure the better, to make sure you get the time and date that suits you best.



Book a Topless Waiter

Why not add a topless waiter to the mix? Your topless waiter can attend to your every need, including shoulder massages in case you need to relax after the excitement of Paint on the Man.

You can have him stay on after the your Paint on the Man activity and orchestrate games with you and your girlfriends. Our waiters have a brilliant repertoire of games. A waiter is the perfect way to keep those who aren’t currently occupied by painting the attention they’d like and serve those who are some champagne to get the creative juices flowing.

Topless Male Waiter Pricing

One topless waiter
for 2 hours $220
for 3 hours $280
for 4 hours $340

Two topless waiters
for 2 hours $390
for 3 hours $510
for 4 hours $640

 Contact us to find out more or if you have a wish or an idea and are not sure how to make it happen,  Let us know and we’ll help you make it reality.

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