Life Drawing or Life Painting: a Classy Idea for a Hen’s Night or Ladies’ Party

Life Drawing or Life Painting: a Classy Idea for a Hen’s Night or Ladies’ Party

When we think of Hens Nights what usually comes to mind is: girls, alcohol, strippers and oddly shaped toys. And you don’t really need to be a psychic to predict what games will be played at hens party: making a toilet paper bridal gown, truth or dare, or embarrassing quizzes.

A different idea for a hen’s night party in Adelaide

If you are the chosen bestie who gets to plan the hens party you definitely want it to be brilliant, after all, your friendship could be at stake ;-). If you do a great job you could even get thanks and praise and declarations of never-ending love and gratitude. Anyway, you want to make sure it’s going to be a party that everyone will  talk about and remember for years. That only leaves one choice:  be innovative and try something different.  

There is something beyond the male-stripper idea that enable san even longer look at the full Monty: life drawing, life painting or painting on a nude man’s body. The first two options involve sipping champagne whilst drawing or painting a gorgeous naked hunk. Painting on the man means using his naked body as a canvas for your creative inspiration. Is that anyone else’s idea of heaven?

Why not have a gorgeous, unclothed guy as your model?


Surprisingly, you don’t have to know how to draw or paint or sketch to be able to do this. Also, girls are always amazed how much better there drawings are than they expected. Last week the first thing one woman told me when she walked into the party room was – “I can only draw stick figures”.  After the party she confessed: I was so much better than I could ever have imagined. That was so much fun and I feel really relaxed now. Come to think of it the way I feel now is like how I feel after a yoga session. Maybe life drawing has something meditative to it. I think I’ll take it up.”

The Key Idea of Life Drawing

Actually the key idea of life drawing at a hens party is to have fun and enjoy the sights! At the end of the session everyone has their own artworks to  take home with them, perhaps even hang on their wall. That’s a good way to remember it for years. One girl who came to one of Hens Party ideas Adelaide’s hen’s parties hung her 5 sketches up on her toilet wall – now that’s heaps of fun!

Hens Party Adelaide Masterpieces 1 & 2Hens Party Adelaide Masterpiece 3

Life Drawing Classes at a Hen’s Party – with a nude male model

We start the Life Drawing and the Life Painting classes off with quick sketches that allow you to capture our nude model in a  range of poses. Whilst you are drawing, you can have a topless waiter serve you champagne and gives you  shoulder massages – you wouldn’t want to suffer from artist’s cramp!

Our instructor/MC gives you easy tips on how to create your own masterpiece. For example, you can construct the body out of geometric shapes, e.g., a sphere for the cranium, a cylinder for the torso, and elongated ellipses for the arms and legs. Then you can refine those shapes to more closely resemble the human form.

Another tip is that the average person is normally seven and a half heads, with the head included. However a heroic figure e.g. when gods or superheroes (like our gorgeous models!) are drawn they are eight-and-a-half heads tall. Most of the additional length comes from a bigger chest (all those abs) and longer legs.

One thing we always hear is: “I can’t draw”. And surprisingly it’s often those women who are convinced they can’t draw that create stunning sketches. Maybe because they feel they’ve got nothing to lose and then just totally go for it.

How to Best Organise a Hen’s Party

Let’s take a look at the practical side of things for the bridesmaid (s), maiden(s) of honour: If you are a project manager by trade, organising the hen’s party will be right up your alley. If not, brace yourself  for tough times. There are so many things to consider, so many people to consult and so many logistical hurdles to overcome.

It’s helpful to look at the major challenges you’ll face when planning your hens do.

You are probably time poor – organising a hens event can become a job that fills both both your days and your nights!

You’ll want to organise something that both the little sister and good old grandma will enjoy.

You definitely need to be sure what you choose is something your hen wants to be doing. You wouldn’t want to jeopardise your friendship and have her hate you for years. Truth is, it’s her big day, so she is the way main one you need to please.

Make sure you book things way in in advance. Then you can be sure you will get what you want.

Logistics: making sure that everyone (no matter how scatterbrained or drunk) is in the right place at the right time. Extremely important if you’ve got a full day of Hens activities, starting with cocktail making classes , moving on to life drawing, after that going to a dinn he er venue, and then hitting the town. If you don’t plan it will you might start with 30 and end up with 3 (I’m exaggerating for effect here).

And last but not least, one major challenge for you if you are the hens party organiser is not being totally stressed out the whole evening. In fact actually having fun. The best way to ensure this is to plan things in great detail and long in advance and make sure everyone obeys your orders 😉


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