Life Drawing Hen’s Night Party in Adelaide – The Prank

Life Drawing Hen’s Night Party in Adelaide – The Prank

A Life Drawing Hen’s Night Party in Adelaide – The Prank

Women Do Things Differently to Men!
On a Bucks night the buck’s mates often do their blatant utmost to embarrass/shame the buck . Girls are more subtle, perhaps a little smarter and also a little more devious. This hen’s bridesmaids developed a surreptitious plan; a prank spiced with intrigue and secrecy.

This is how it all started – Nic emailed us: “I am one of the bridesmaids in Adelaide helping organise the upcoming  life drawing hen’s night. Would it be ok if we played a little prank on our hen with your help? She has a really good male friend and we thought it would be funny to introduce him as the model for the life drawing. He is up for it. Would this be Ok with you? Would you be able to help make it work for us?”

Hens Party ideas Adelaide replied: “We think your prank is a brilliant idea and would love to help you make it work. What is her male friend’s name? What does he look like? Is he well-built? The reason I ask is that if he is ‘model material’ we could pretend that he actually is one of our life drawing models and that we scheduled him for the event not knowing that he was one of her good friends. We could also have him come in wearing a mask, so that she doesn’t immediately recognise who he is. Let us know what you think, and any other ideas you have … we love playing pranks.”

Nic’s answer: “Glad you’re ok with the prank, we’ll also get her mum with this one, which will be great.

His name is Josh. He is the tall typical footy player type bloke. I’m not sure if he’ll be game to take his clothes off, even down to boxers. But he would love the idea of the mask. He suggested that he come into the room in a robe and then dramatically threw it down revealing that he was actually wearing some clothes-perhaps we could get him in a wife beater/shorts ensemble so he looks quite naked under the robe. I’m not sure if he has his own robe?”

Hens Party ideas Adelaide’s reply: “Brilliant, love the idea of tricking her mom too. She’ll be thinking: “OMG I didn’t know one of my daughter’s best friends was a stripper … AAAAAHHH- what don’t I know about the guy she’s marrying? (26)

Yes, great if Josh could wear the wifebeater shorts gear under the robe. What we could then do is that Jacqueline (I will be your instructor/MC for the day ) tells Josh it’s time to get undressed and when he refuses, she makes a big scene, fire him and sends him away. Then we face a dilemma, how are we going to do the nude life drawing. We can hide our real model in a cupboard beforehand and tell your hen that I’ve put a bouquet of flowers in the cupboard as I’m going to a birthday party after yours, and that the girls  will just have to draw them. Then she goes to look for the flowers and gets a 2nd surprise when a gorgeous model pops out… Something along those lines.”

Nic: “Wa ha ha ha ha, I love it when a plan comes together…..”

We asked for some information about her hen so we could find  her the right life drawing model. Nic told us: “Our hen is an earthy girl, spiritual (but not in a crazy way), generous, can be quiet/shy, not the centre of attention kind of person, but is also up for a laugh with a great sense of humour. She loves food and she is a personal trainer.”

That was brilliant information. The life drawing model we chose for Nic’s hen was kindhearted, a little shy, and always up for a laugh. He’d been training daily the past few months for an upcoming national bodybuilding competition. (1)
Check out this life drawing model’s abs 🙂

They rented an apartment for the night at one of Adelaide’s spectacular beaches (20)

The view from the apartment where we staged the life drawing hens party 

and we all (the 2 life drawing models – the real one and the false one, the life drawing instructor and Nic) met in the hotel lobby half an hour before the party was to start. The boys were nervous and Nic and I were exhilarated. Josh, the false life drawing model, was worried that he might not be able to keep a straight face and would just burst out laughing.

Amazingly, the prank went to plan. I, the MC/life drawing instructor, told the girls in guise of introduction that many of our models were professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and photographers. (The hen’s friend, the fake life drawing model, was a photographer.) Often their circle of friends were in the dark about their life modelling activities. This is why they would not be allowed to take any photos, because these men did not want photos revealing the secret part of their life all over the Internet.

Then I asked the bridesmaid Nic to fetch the life drawing model, the false one, from the room in which we had been hiding both models. Josh strutted out proudly wearing a sensual silk gown we had bought especially for him. Gee, was he a good actor. The hen and her mother shrieked with horror and shock when they saw him; he however kept a straight face and pretended to cringe when he saw the hen, whispering to me (somewhat loudly, we wanted everyone to hear) “Shit, I know her, she’s my good friend, I went to primary school with her.”

The whole room was in uproar; the hen’s friends knew Josh too. Nic had kept ‘the Prank’ a secret, everybody thought that Josh was the real life model and  were shocked to discover his ‘sordid’ secret life. Animated discussions ensued, the hen claiming that she doubted she could deal with seeing her good friend Josh totally nude.

The general conclusion was: Josh is a professional, and in the Adelaide where everyone seems to know a friend of a friend such things can happen, so we’d just have 2 get on with the show. I instructed Josh do some short poses, still clad in his dressing gown, and the girls did a great job of drawing him. (13)

This is a photo from later on in the party, the drawings are of the real life drawing model. It was all so exciting, that I didn’t get any photos of Josh posing.

Things had started to settle down when out of the blue (well so it seemed to everyone except Nic, myself and Josh) Josh wailed: “I can’t do it, I’m leaving.”

Josh and I pretended to have a fight. I announced an ultimatum: “You have to be the model and  strip down nude. They’ve paid. You’re a professional. You’ve been doing this for 3 years. If you leave you’re fired.”

“Well right now I couldn’t give a shit” bellowed Josh and walked out. utterly furious, I didn’t even let him get his clothes.

The hen’s mum was totally frantic: “You can’t do this. The poor boy, you can’t send him out of the hotel to just in a dressing gown. What’s he going to do? He doesn’t even have his car keys.”

I ignored her and just calmly continued with our plan… hurrah, this prank was going to plan. I told them all we’d just have to make do with drawing flowers, as we’d lost our life drawing model. I asked the hen to get the flowers I’d left in the cupboard. We heard a jubilant scream.

What was their reaction when they discovered it was all just a prank: utter disbelief, total relief and they laughed and laughed and laughed. (11)

We let Josh come back in and he joined the life drawing. (5)


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