Life Drawing for Hens and its History

Life Drawing for Hens and its History

From Greek artists to your hen’s party: Life drawing, for fun and titillation. Here’s an article about the history of nudes and naughty bits through the ages.

But first, something about hens and life drawing: A life drawing party is a stylish alternative to the run-of-the-mill stripper solution. Having a naked man pose for you whilst you draw him- that’s definitely more elegant, and relaxed. When there’s a stripper the bride-to-be is often humiliated by her guests bullying into getting a lap dance. To find out more follow this link. (26)


The idea of life drawing is nothing new. People have always been attracted to drawing or carving people: already in the Stone Age.

These carvings from the Addaura Cave in Sicily, Italy and were done 12,000 years ago.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (2)


Moving on a few thousand years: The Greeks viewed the human body as the fountain of all delight – a great attitude I think.  2000 years ago Greek artists not only scrupulously studied the naked human form, they were versed in its underlying anatomy as well.

Later down the track in Rome during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci dissected 30 corpses due to his passionate desire to understand the finest details of the workings of the human body.  Life drawing then was a synthesis of proportion, perspective and anatomy and was in fact an obsessive quest to create the ideal male form.

Nudity was celebrated in Greece in a manner never ever experienced since then. The Greeks were totally fascinated by male beauty and yes they had their sexual preferences. The Greeks considered being embarrassed about ‘disrobing’ for sports to be a sign of barbarism.

Many a curious person ponders why the ancient Greeks and Romans depict males with such small genetalia.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (3)


Their admiration of the albeit small penis verged on the cult like and sculptural depictions of erect penises were commonplace. There is a vast array of what today would be considered xxx-rated artwork that indicates that the Greeks considered long thick penises to be grotesque. Such penises were allocated to ugly old men, satyrs and barbarians. Their ideal penis was small and thin and bedecked with a foreskin. As Aristophanes explains an ideal male had “”a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks, and a little prick.” How times have changed LOL, they were masters of the teeny weeny.

Things changed with regard to size in the Middle Ages.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (1)

Women riding super-penises show up in the margins of medieval manuscripts.

Trees laden with immense dangling penises can also be found.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (9)


In a nutshell – d*ckpics have been around way longer than Snapchat!

One thing our research has revealed is that drawing and sculpting penises has been the domain of male artists and sculptors. Think only of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (8)


Recently we’ve sought to discover if we can find a woman who specialises in the art of  the d*ck. And we have: Kirsten Fredericks – an artist from Sydney. She likes the idea of being able to cuddle up to a soft 10-inch one. She’s taken to honouring the phallus by arming herself with her crotchet hook and ball of wool. She’s turned what was once considered a pastime for housewives on its head.

henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (3)

We girls from Hens Party Ideas Adelaide love Kirsten’s playful homages to the male organ.


henspartyideasadelaide-history-of-life-drawing (1)

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