Ideas For A Sophisticated Hen’s Night in Adelaide

Ideas For A Sophisticated Hen’s Night in Adelaide

While some people may think that a sophisticated ladies hen’s night costs more than a less elegant option, this is not necessarily true. Our historic city of Adelaide offers some discerning yet affordable hen’s parties with that touch of class.

Wine and Cheese tasting Event

Adelaide Cheese and Wine Fun Event

One idea you can try if you want a sophisticated hen’s night or hen’s weekend in Adelaide, is  a local wine and cheese tasting event. If you start the day off early, you could begin by visiting a nearby vineyard for a wine tasting on site. There are many good vineyards in the Adelaide and Fleurieu areas, and you can easily get in touch with these local wineries to inquire about group packages for your hen’s weekend. Or if you want to begin your celebrations in the afternoon, you could start your party with our French Wine & Cheese Tasting package (fully catered by our team and our gorgeous Frenchman as your host).

Another fun take on this hen’s night idea is a cheese and wine identification game, where the participants try to identify (while blindfolded) what they are eating or drinking based on small sips and tasters that everyone tries at the beginning of the game.

Chef’s Table Dinner

Adelaide Chef's Dinner Table

Another idea for an elegant hen’s nights is the chef’s table dinner. While this option is one of the more expensive choices, if you choose a good restaurant, of which there is a great choice in Adelaide, it will be well worth it. The chef’s table is a special dining table set up by some restaurants in Adelaide, in the kitchen itself, or to a corner or side where the diners are both out of the way and provided with a nice insider’s view of everything going on in the kitchen. This is a very classy way to have dinner, especially as the the guests at chef’s tables are given top service.

Ladies’ Cocktail Party

Hens Cocktail Party Adelaide

Another elegant way to host a party in Adelaide is to have a cocktail party. Cocktail parties are best when someone in the party actually has some good bartending experience. We also stage cocktail making classes.  Party guests have fun learning how to make different cocktails and just as much fun trying them. Alternatively, you can have our bartender create cocktails specifically for each member of the party, with a special one being created for the party princess. For example, the cocktails could be created based on the descriptions of each person provided either by our party organiser, or by the guests themselves.

Sporting Events

Adelaide Horse Racing Events
Another idea: during the summer months you could stage a hen’s weekend and have it coincide with a sporting event, like a day at the races or a night at the greyhounds. Horse racing courses and greyhound tracks often have special deals for  hen’s parties or for group bookings so it is worth checking out what offers are out there. Or you could get sporty yourselves and try an early morning horse-riding event at the beach.

Adelaide and the surrounding areas provide many adventurous hen’s party ideas which give all ladies something fun and different to do. You could also try hot air ballooning.

There is plenty to consider for any hen’s celebration so take a look at our Hens Party Planner.


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