How to Make Your Best Friend’s Hens Party Suit Her

How to Make Your Best Friend’s Hens Party Suit Her

You want to show your bestie that you know her, that you two share a special bond of love and understanding and even though she will soon be one gold ring heavier your support is endless and unwavering. The perfect way to demonstrate this to her is to plan the ultimate hens party which is altered specifically to her. This hen’s party should not only be fun, but be an expression of her and all the reasons you love her. Your personalised hens party should include the perfect guest list made up of all of her best girlfriends, delicious food and drinks and most importantly fun entertainment, which is where we come in. It may seem a bit overwhelming but luckily our team here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide is here to help.


Are you thinking you would like to personalise your best friends party but you’re not sure how? We’ve got you covered with a list of the different aspects of a hens party which can be tailored to a range of themes. You can alter all of these aspects to focus on one overarching theme or change each one to reflect alternate sides of the hen’s personality and passions.



Attire is a great way to get everyone involved from the get go as, as we women know, most of us love fashion. Ever-popular, dress-up parties are enthralling and fun for the hen and all her guests. Everyone can get involved, no matter their age, and it is a great conversation starter for guests who are not closely acquainted. Themes can range from dressing in a particular colour to characters from the bride to be’s favourite movie. A dress code means that even before the party has begun the guests’ are engaged and using their ingenuity.



Our models LOVE getting into character to create a more engaging and fun atmosphere, one of our models is even an actor. So don’t hold back if you would like your life drawing model or waiter to incorporate some role play into the hens party. They can transform into anyone, for example, a movie character, a famous actor or musician, or can just come in a certain persona like a cowboy, explorer, or Frenchman.




Music is a vital addition to a hens party and helps to create the desired atmosphere. If you don’t have a specific idea in mind for the playlist we have created a special playlist of songs perfect for a fun hens party which sets a lively atmosphere. However as we all know music taste can be quite broad and people often have quite refined preferences, so creating a playlist which incorporates all the hens favourite songs is a fabulous idea.



We have an extensive repertoire of games that our drawing instructors, models and topless waiters can play with you at hens parties which can be altered to suit your theme. Who would your hen rather kiss, Draco Malfoy or Harry Potter? Play and find out.



Adding themed decorations to the party location is a great way to brighten up the space and make it more festive.


Food and Drinks

Go that extra mile and think about the hens favorite cuisine, cocktail or type of food which can integrated into the party, because we know a full hen is a happy hen. And better yet, have this delicious food served by one of our gorgeous topless waiters, the bride is sure to love you for it.


We have previously come up with five hens party ideas along with twenty one ideas which incorporate other local Adelaide businesses which suggests specialised themes. However we wanted to go one step further and let you know how you can choose a theme which is especially suited to the hen herself. We have come up with a list to help you with just that, something to stimulate your creative juices and ignite your innovative Hens Party Ideas, which is of course our specialty.



A pretty classic theme, and one that has proven to withstand the tests of time, would be to draw an idea from the hen’s favourite movie. Does she like action movies or comedies, Disney films or Marvel superheroes? Movie themed parties can include the guests getting dressed up, the model getting into character and the movie soundtrack playing in the background. Our last movie themed hens party the ladies dressed up as Natalie Portman’s character from ‘Closer’, as you can see below. A Sons of Anarchy party took a motorcycle themed turn with our model dressing as a bikie. Brainstorm the hens favourite tv shows and movies and see if any of them can be incorporated into the party.



Similar to movies, including the hens most beloved books into the party is an intriguing theme idea. Is she a Austen fan? Does she love Tolkien or Fifty Shade of Grey? Characters, games and decorations could all be altered to centre around her favourite novel, poem or even comic.



Is your hen from outside of Adelaide? Did she study in America or have a wonderful holiday to Italy. Does she love Japanese animation or is intrigued by outer space? Have a think about her favourite places and whether she would like these incorporated into the theme. We have had a French themed party where everyone wore berets, ate baguettes and cheese and drank wine. For an English theme the decorations could all be coloured red, white and blue, tea and biscuits could be served and the model could come as an English celebrity, accent and all. Our Bollywood dancing party is perfect if she likes Indian culture and is perfect to combine with Indian cuisine.



Australians are huge on sport. Does your hen also love sport? A fun theme idea would be to integrate her favourite sport into the party. If she’s an avid Port Power supporter then the party colours could be black, white and teal and pears could be served. Recently we put on a cricket themed party where a bat, ball and stumps were used as props for life drawing.



A time period themed party is great if your hen has a favourite era. Does she love the fashion of the eighties or the music of the thirties? Is she a Britney Spears fan (because lets be honest Britney is synonymous with the 2000’s) or likes black and white cinema? If she is into sci-fi you could even have a future themed party which could incorporate a game around predictions.


Humans are complex creatures and hence every hen will have a myriad of likes, passions and interests. The perfect theme idea may be thought of instantaneously but we would suggest taking a couple weeks to think about the hen, her passions and her interest. Jot down ideas and have a brainstorming session with her close friends and family, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. It may seem like a lot more work to plan a themed hens party but we are here to help and seeing your bestie overcome with joy will be worth it. We suggest surprising the hen with the party theme on the day! It adds an element of anticipation and suspense which heightens her excitement and delight. We’ve had themes of all sorts so know you’re in good hands. If you’re still not sure on a theme, contact us and tell us a few things about the bride and we’ll help you come up with something creative and fun.


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