How to Add a Theatrical Flare to Your Hen’s Party

How to Add a Theatrical Flare to Your Hen’s Party

Mad March is almost upon us. The Adelaide Festival, The Fringe, The Clipsal and WOMADelaide are all piled into four small but exhilarating weeks that leave us short on time and cash. Adelaide has woken up from her heat induced coma and has thrown on her best outfit ready to hit the town. People flock from all over the world to see our hidden gem of a city and the streets are buzzing with a heightened feeling of giddy excitement and anticipation. Ingenuity and creativity are pouring out of every city crevice and corner and dispersing into the air, making this a perfect time to plan your hen’s party. The feeling of fresh inspiration is contagious and ideas will flow through your mind like the Amazon River. This wave of freshly thawed ideas has also hit us here at Hen’s Party Ideas Adelaide and we have complied a range of ways you can incorporate a theatrical flare into your hen’s party, taking inspiration from our beloved city during festival season.

The various Adelaide festivals each cater to a different type of audience, although that doesn’t mean you can’t attend all four, and hence, inspiration can be drawn from one, two, three or all four depending on the style of hen’s party you are organising.

The Adelaide Festival is typically more high brow and runs for only two weeks. Men and women dress up in suits and pearls and attend the (newly renovated) Adelaide Festival Centre to see critically acclaimed music, theatre, opera, dance, film and visual arts. If you’re opting to host a classier hen’s party The Adelaide Festival is definitely a great source of inspiration. Our Life Drawing Package is a perfect sophisticated alternative to a typical hen’s party. The hen and her guests are instructed on the art form and are led through an informative yet light and fun lesson on how best to appreciate the human form and how to transfer this appreciation onto paper. To read more about the elegance of the life drawing art form read our article, Life Drawing or Life Painting: a Classy Idea for a Hen’s Night or Ladies’ Party. The guests will have a great time dressing up in classy cocktail attire which is a wonderful excuse to uncover those timeless heels at the back of every woman’s wardrobe. For more advice read over our article on Classy Dressing Tips where we go through all your options in more detail.



To continue the classy theme why not also incorporate it into the catering. There is nothing quite like sipping a glass of red at the theatre and what goes more perfectly with red wine than a delicious slice of cheese! A wine and cheese platter is a great appetiser and is well equipped to set a refined social atmosphere. If you wanted to host the hen’s party at a function hall have a look at our Glam It Up Package, where you can get accomodation, appetisers, canapés, gourmet meals and cocktails as well as excellent service and style in one easy bundle.


If you were thinking of planning a more alternative and dynamic hen’s party, the Adelaide Fringe is the perfect event to draw inspiration from. With the extraordinary quirkiness of the Garden of Unearthly Delights, the intrigue of the Royal Croquet Club and the comfort of Gluttony ideas can be taken from all the Fringe venues. Boasting a line up of comedy, cabaret, theatre, music, dance, circus, magic and physical theatre there is a never-ending list of entertainment available to you. A splendid way to incorporate this into your hens party is to hire Hen’s Party Ideas Adelaide’s own magician! Guaranteed to make your jaw drop, the fascinating magic tricks will leave you in a state of wonder. Merging the line between the possible and impossible you, your hen and her guests will be amazed!


The Fringe also heralds a substantial range of burlesque shows. If the sensuality, beauty and physical excellence of burlesque interests you, we offer a Burlesque Dancing Package, where our brilliantly talented instructors lead you through the basics of burlesque, getting you, the bride-to-be and all her friends twirling, strutting and shaking their hips. Another large section of the Fringe performances are the circus and physical theatre acts. Extremely skilled performers come from around the world to show off their physical prowess and astound audiences with their refined tricks, some of which have taken years to master. Here at Hen’s Party Idea’s Adelaide we think it is very hard to be unimpressed with physical theatre and so have recently added a a Topless Acrobatic Waiter to the services we offer! Be wonderstruck not only by his dashing good looks,  charm and serving skills but also his fantastic acrobatic talents.



For a more worldly and cultured party have a look at the WOMADelaide Festival held in Botanic Park every year. Standing for World Of Music And Dance, WOMAD is a international festival designed to celebrate art and culture, with a specific emphasis on music. Heralding musicians and dance groups from all over the world the festival is diverse and dynamic, attracting a crowd often clothed in colourful hippie attire. To integrate this into your hen’s night why not have us host you a Bollywood Dancing Party? Swirl, twirl, stamp, shake and twist with our fun and skilled teachers who will guide you through the art of Bollywood dancing while ensuring you have a fun and entertaining time. The moves you will pick up are perfect for pulling out at a music festival like WOMAD and will have everyone standing back to admire your talent.


WOMAD brings out the spirituality in everyone. The park, transformed into a hub of bright flags, bare feet, international cuisines, music and dance is the perfect place to widen your mind. To take a token of this and add it to your hen’s party you could have a professional taro card reader attend and tell the future of the hen and her guests. Entering a new phase of her life your bride-to-be is probably looking ahead and wondering what the future offers. Our Fortune Telling Package is a perfect way for her to have a glimpse at what is to come and provides an engaging experience for all attending.
The last event occurring in our beloved Adelaide during March is the Clipsal 500 where our everyday streets that we know and love are transformed into a race track for Supercars. Loud and exhilarating the Clipsal is a fast paced event where alcohol flows almost as fast as the cars drive. Alcohol is a part of most hen’s parties and so why not make it the focus? We offer a Cocktail Making Package where our gorgeous topless mixologist will instruct you on the best ways to make delicious cocktails, which you can enjoy throughout the night.


We hope you’re ready for a hectic month of art and culture, all of us here at Hen’s Party Ideas Adelaide sure are! Keep your mind open and your eyes peeled for anything which you can incorporate into your hen’s party to give it a dynamic edge. To book any of our many wondrous hen’s party packages or just for some advice on party planning call us on 0410 767 869 or contact us here.


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