How to achieve your goals for the New Year and 10 things to help you

How to achieve your goals for the New Year and 10 things to help you


It seems to be the common opinion that 2018 has flown by faster than Harry on his broom trying to catch the snitch.  With 2018 almost in our rear-view mirror we’re beginning to think about the year ahead – 2019 and what it will hold. The thought of the oncoming New Year can provoke a variety of feelings, some being positive and some, inevitably, and negative. Excitement, nervousness, curiosity, hope, determination and overwhelm are just some of the feelings associated with the New Year.  With thoughts of the New Year and the feelings previously mentioned the word goals often pops into your head. So, what are goals, why should we set them and how can we best achieve our goals. Below we’ve summarised all our best tips and tricks which is sure to help you make 2019 your best year yet.


A goal as defined by Wikipedia is “A desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve a personal or organisational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.” Many people endeavour to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. So why set them? Goals to some can seem unimportant, but I’ve found that they’re not only important but VITAL to my progress in all facets of my life. A few reasons for this are, as important as it may be to you to achieve something life is very busy, and if you don’t lay out a plan, you’ll lack the time and focus to succeed. Whereas when you focus on an end goal and break your path to it down into manageable steps that you can work towards you’re less likely to be distracted. Achieving goals gives you motivation in life to set more goals and succeed. Goals allow you to measure progress and appreciate how far you’ve come.


To be successful in fulfilling your goals, setting them is the first step; however, how you set them is just as important.  I followed these exact methods this year having had a set list of goals I made at the end of last year, and I have achieved every single one of my new year’s resolutions and goals.

  1.  1. Start the New Year the way you want the rest of your year to go.


New Year’s Eve is one of the most highly anticipated nights of the year and yet it somehow always ends up being a letdown. New Year’s Eve and day are almost always associated with reflection on your past year. Because most of us have very high expectations of ourselves, it can be easy to overlook all the fantastic things we achieved and see only those things we didn’t accomplish. What does thinking like this bring? The answer is only negative thoughts that won’t carry you successfully into the New Year. There have been many years where I’ve gone out partying, drunken far too much and woken up with a deathly hangover, leading to my new year’s day spent scoffing down unhealthy food and frankly feeling pretty depressed. Last year I decided, as appealing as it sounds rather than go out and start the New Year the exact opposite way to how I wanted to take on 2018 I would stay home, enjoy a glass of wine and think about all that I was grateful for in 2017. I woke up the next morning, hangover free and started out on all my goals for the New Year. This really got me feeling that not only could I take on these new challenges, but I was psyched to do so. That attitude pretty much remained present throughout the whole year.


  1. 2. End 2018 on a positive note.


It’s important to end your year on a positive note, you could do this by looking back at your photos and remembering all the great times you had this year and the great people that you met. We suggest making a list of achievements and things you’re proud of. Even if they’re small things like you ate a bit healthier than the year before it’s important to note these things and acknowledge yourself for your progress. Because the truth is that long-lasting success and happiness isn’t a one-step program, it’s a progression of slow and steady improvement.


  1. 3. Let go of certain feelings.


First off to embrace the New Year and what it holds for you, there are a few feelings that you can’t take with you into 2019. Regret is almost always a useless feeling. Regret suggests that that event or action had never happened, however, what’s important in life is to learn from our mistakes. Without making mistakes and learning from them, we would never grow, which is why you should never regret something that has helped you become a better person. The same goes for shame, as well as resentment, disappointment and anger. If you clearly think about these emotions and what they bring about you’ll see that there is no use for them and they’re holding you back from better achieving your best 2019.



  1. 4. Set realistic goals.


Keep your list of goals relatively small. You can always add more, but taking goals off your list or not being able to achieve them can often feel like a failure which is hugely counterproductive. Have high expectations of yourself but set achievable goals within this.  Setting reasonable goals allows you to feel gratification in achieving them which means you’ll feel more motivated for your next goals.


  1. 5. Accept that some goals aren’t going to happen at this point in your life.


If there are specific goals that you’ve had over many years but haven’t succeeded in you might need to rethink its place on your 2019 goals. Often this is the case when you put things down that you think you should do rather than actually want to do. The thing with this is that even if you try to convince yourself that you “want to become fitter” in 2019 but don’t actually having a burning desire to do so your subconscious will procrastinate taking the steps to do so. As a result, you’ll feel like a failure which in turn will affect the success of your other goals, because you’ll feel incapable. The key is to set goals which you really want to achieve because if done correctly you’ll triumph!


  1. 6. Find someone to share your goals and progress with.


In my family, we have a tradition that at the end of every year we map out our goals for the new year and set them out in a comprehensive plan. Sharing your goals with lots of people around you also creates an element of accountability which can make you feel more inclined to go through with your action plan.

  1. 7. Make your goals fun.

Because this can sometimes be overwhelming, we also add an element of creativity and fun into this by creating collages that inspire us. We collect magazines throughout the year and use the pictures in these to visualise our goals. For example, if one of your goals is to get fitter, you might include a photo of someone who inspires you to achieve this whether you don’t know them and you just think that they have a body and fitness level that you’d like to accomplish or they’re someone whose attitude inspires you. By doing this, you’ve already envisioned your success and what achieving your goals will visually look like.



  1. 8. Start your 2019 morning’s right.


Have you ever found that if you leave the house in an outfit you really like, and your makeup has turned out well on this particular morning, you end up having a really successful day because you’ve set the standard early on, leaving you to take on the day with a sense of confidence and excitement. If you start your day with a routine that makes you happy and prepared there is almost nothing that can derail your day. For some people this can include mediating, sipping your coffee at your favourite window or garden spot, drinking warm water and lemon, working out, planning out your day or anything else that is productive in calming your brain and preparing it for the day ahead. Try and avoid doing things that aren’t productive like scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram. A good start to your day will set positive intentions for the rest of your day.


  1. 9. Get organised.


I know people always say this and sometimes it’s easy to dismiss but the truth is being organised gives you the space to achieve and create. Being organised means that your goals will feel far less overwhelming because you know exactly what you need to do and you know where your goals and the steps you’ve set fit into the rest of your life. Organisation in your life can look different for different people. For some, having your house tidy cleans the mind and allows you to feel calm and prepared for the day. I’ve found that having a comprehensive calendar where I map out my whole day and all of the little steps I need to achieve to succeed in my goals, helps me feel like I’m on top of things and I know what I’m doing, which is invaluable.


  1. 10. Reward yourself.


When you can see that you’re slowly reaching your goals by achieving the daily steps you’ve set to get there, reward yourself. Whether it’s eating something delicious that might not be on your vigorous meal plan, or buying that beautiful dress you wanted that doesn’t fit your financial goals, it’s important sometimes, to loosen the belt and allow yourself pleasures in life. Rewarding yourself also acts as a great motivation to achieve your goals that much faster. Or maybe, your reward is booking a party with Hens Party ideas Adelaide 😉 Why not indulge yourself in an evening of fun to reward yourself for all your hard work.


We’d love to hear if this article helped you with your goals!


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