Hot Dress Tips for a Super Classy Hens Night Party

Hot Dress Tips for a Super Classy Hens Night Party

Fortunately we’re all different. I mean how boring would it be if everyone wanted exactly the same thing. Some girls want classy hen’s night parties with just a touch of naughtiness. Other girls want it crude and rude. And of course there is the whole gamut of in between. all have different tastes
Depending on your taste both extremes can be tons of fun. But what we all probably have in common is that we want to look good in what we wear. That’s why we’ve compiled the following hot dress tips.

Dress Tip Number 1 for a Super Classy Hens Night Party

If your hen is into the aesthetic side of life, and has a clear idea of what she wants her wedding to look like, our first hens do dress idea is to incorporate that look into the hen’s day party. You could view the hen’s party as setting the scene for the wedding.

Is your hen free-flowing, relaxed and earthy type? Does she want the wedding to be casual and relaxed? Then choose a long, loose and relaxed dress. (37)
Or does she belong to the other end of the spectrum? Does she want a super chic glamorous wedding? Then high heels and a sleek mini dress would be the perfect henday party outfit. (20)
Or is she in between and wants a vintage wedding day? (34)

Then start the day early, organise a high tea, pepper it with some life drawing and wear cute tea dresses or an old-fashioned jumpsuit. (33)
You could let yourself be inspired by women of the 1950’s like this Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. The designs of their dresses are stunning and the sultry glamorous and feminine look of their close can be mesmerising. If you want to look feminine, what better way to show off your curves than with a 1950’s circle skirt dress or a slim line wiggle dress.

Dress Idea Number 2 for a Super Classy Hens Event

Whoever says that White is only for weddings is wrong. A hens day party or a hens night with everyone dressed in white, including white accessories would definitely take you out of run-of-the-mill territory. (24)

You could choose dress that wraps around your body snugly for a sexy confident look, or go with white lace for something more summery with a touch of feminine chic.

What to Wear – Idea number 3 for a Super Classy Hens Night Party

When in doubt, go with sparkle. Sequins signal celebration and can be pretty dazzling.

You could choose an all gold mini sequin dress. (4)
Or keep it cool and understated by pairing a sequin miniskirt with a black silk top (7)
The more extroverted could opt for bright red sequin dresses and those that verge to more romantic could go for a dark red sequin ensemble. (30) (2)

Hot ClothesTip Number 4 for a Classy Hens Night Party

Jumpsuits, overalls, rompers are so much fun and are guaranteed to take your style up a notch. (22)

They’re ideal for hen parties, because they work well as comfy day wear for high tea and shopping, then at night, just add heels, earrings, rings and bangles , and you’ll be good to go. (21)

Hot Wardrobe Tip Number 5 for a Classy Hens Night Party

It‘s fun to wear a super sexy, super short mini, or a backless, braless dress but there is also something exciting and super stylish about dressing discretely, and hiding what you’d normally flaunt. (8)
Pick your best asset, it could be your legs, breasts, arms, back, or midriff, and show it off. Choose an outfit that’s suits who you really are inside, not who you think you should be, whether it’s classic and elegant, relaxed and fun, or chic and stunning. (35) (15) off your midriff
Adorn your outfit with your favourite accessories, and then you’ll be all set for the most stylish send-off from singledom known to mankind.


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