A Guide To Hosting A Classy Hen’s Night Party in Adelaide

Hen’s Night Party Tips:

  1. Set the date and communicate it early to family and friends.
  2. Sort out the following early on:
    – Basic outline of activities and time frames.
    – Approximate budget, and how money will be collected.
    – Book in venues and service providers.
  3. Nominate one person as the main co-ordinator and point of contact, preferably someone who knows the hen’s likes and dislikes well.
  4. Before the important day:
    – Plan your decorations if you are staging the party at your home or a rented location, and leave twice as much time as you think you need!
    Organise name tags for the guests.
    – Do any preparation required for games.
  5. At the party event:
    – Allow for late arrivals before planned activities commence.
    – Plan an ‘ice breaker’ activity to welcome incoming guests.
    – Have a few games on standby in-case there’s a lull in the gathering.
    – Allow time for non-organised socialising.
    – Keep the focus on your hen a fair bit of the time, after all, it’s all about her.

    Allow your hen to relax and enjoy. You wouldn’t want an overwhelmed hen!
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Decide on the Type of Hens Party, be it a Hen’s Night, a Hen’s day or a Hen’s Weekend.

Most important, consider the hen’s personality – does she like to hit the town, have a quiet time with friends, or perhaps try new things? The lead-up to the wedding can be a stressful time and an activity that makes her relax and laugh is ideal.

Here are some great Hens Night Party Ideas that we stage in Adelaide and surroundings:

  • Bollywood Dancing Hen’s Party – Massage your heart while dancing and laughing and be the stars in your own Bollywood movie. An hour and a half of lively dancing in a style which combines Hip Hop, Salsa, Indian and Bhangra styles: Bollywood!.
  • Paint The Man Life Painting Hen’s Night Party – Play with colour and form and paint what guys tend to hide. No holding back required here! You’ll have 90 minutes of fun creating (abstracted) sketches in colour with the support of Torun or Kate, our qualified art teachers.
  • Draw the Man Hen’s Night Party – Be as frivolous or serious as you like while closely observing what guys usually hide! Learning how to draw the nude body will do wonders for your next job application. No skills required, having fun and playing with forms is the sole item on the agenda here.


Get Things Sorted Early for your Hens Party, be it a Hen’s Night, a Hen’s day or a Hen’s Weekend

  1. Set the date well in advance. The week before the wedding (rather than the day before) is an important time to help the bride relax and enjoy.
  2. Develop an outline of planned activities and time frames. Do not try to do too much – one or two key activities or locations – and allow ample time for eating and socialising. Also allow extra time for those guests arriving late as well as late meal services.
  3. Work out a basic budget. Guests often pay their own way at the hen’s party. It is easier to work out a set amount and ask for prepayment in advance or upon arrival. Another option is to have everyone contribute to a cash kitty at the start of the party, and then pay for drinks and activities from this as you go.
  4. Try to keep the budget affordable for everyone. You might trim the budget by:
    – Hosting the party entirely at home and bringing facilatators to your location.
    – Self-catering your meal together at home or in a rented location.; either by a small select group or by everyone contributing and eating.
    – Sticking to just one big-budget activity, then providing your own games & music
    – DIY decorations, invitations, costumes
  5. Book the event well in advance. Try to book at least 4 weeks ahead for packages, even longer for venues, especially if your party is on a Saturday night. Deposits are usually required to confirm your booking., so make sure you have your finances worked out.
  6. If you’re going to be moving from place to place, consider organising some group transport, or arrange carpooling.
  7. It can be fun for everyone to dress according to a chosen theme. Don’t forget to include details in the party invites and any associated costs in your budget. Some ideas are: dressing  in the hen’s favourite colour, wearing something associated with the hen , or wearing t-shirts with an iron-on-transfer photo of the hen (her t-shirt could have the groom on it).


Staying in Touch With All the Girls Invited to your Hen’s Night Party

  • Ask everyone to ‘save the date’ early on. Exact details can follow later.
  • Tell everyone who the nominated contact person and co-ordinator is – planning the hen’s party is traditionally the job of the maid of honour. However, tasks can be delegated. Set up a group or an event on Facebook, or use a special email account and mailing list specifically for the party event.
  • Let everyone know about the budget, prepayment requirements and likely additional costs. If you are taking payments in advance, keep a list of who has paid , and bring the list to the party.
  • Indulge in a Girls Night Out with Hens Party Adelaide


The day before your Hen’s Party, if you are staging it at home

Put some thought into decorations, and allow twice as long as you think you’ll need to set them up! Try these ideas:

  1. Create a special atmosphere with colourful swathes of hung material, cushions, coloured light-bulbs, and scent the air with subtle oil burner or incense fragrance.
  2. For a more exotic environment, added some potted plants, ferns or bamboo; bowls filled with water or pebbles and floating candles; bamboo table runners; add a ‘sounds of nature’ CD.

Clear away low-hanging decorations, such as balloons, and ensure the floor is free of objects if you are planning games, dance or drawing or painting. No slippery carpets, please! Also push back furniture and keep drinks/food well out of the way. This will prevent accidents and ensure you all have great fun.

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