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Hens Party Planner Adelaide

A hen’s party or a hen’s night hen weekend  is an event organised for a woman who is about to be married. It is usually organised by a close friend of the bride-to-be and involves the hen celebrating  one last night (or a weekend) of ‘freedom’ with her close friends before she is marries.

Hen’s parties are sometimes viewed as a night (or weekend) of alcoholic silliness, however such events don’t necessarily create something the hen will want to or even be able to remember.

That’s one of the reasons why we created our business HensPartyIdeasAdelaide. We wanted to offer fun, creative alternatives to girls and parties they’ll all want to remember 😉

A successful party event requires planning; who to invite, where to go, what do to and what to wear. Creating the right hen’s party environment is a big part of that. The event could for example include all the guests wearing a special t-shirt in honour of the bride, or costumes, sashes, badges or other innovative props to help the party to be fun and memorable.

To complement the chosen fancy dress theme, you can use hen’s party accessories to make the fancy dress even more fun.

Some will choose a particular party package while others will organise the party to take place at sporting events with for example a day at the Adelaide races or a night at the greyhounds. Horse racing courses and greyhound tracks often have special events for the hen’s party or for group bookings so it is worth checking out what offers are out there so you can get the best one for your ladies party.

Whatever form the event does take, the hen’s party theme chosen should be one that allows everyone to enjoy the event. One fun thing about a chosen theme dress is that it can be kept by the guests and the hen to remember the night (or weekend) out.

We have posted many ideas to help with your hen’s night preparation on this website, so please browse and feel free to contact our team to ensure that  your special night is an event you will never forget.


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