Getting Creative and Having Fun at your Hens Night Party

Getting Creative and Having Fun at your Hens Night Party

How often have you heard people say, “I’ve got two left feet”, or “I can only draw stick figures”, or even “I’d love to but I’m too scared of making a fool of myself”?

Well, prepare to tell your friends (and maybe even yourself) that those excuses no longer stand! Courtesy  of Hens Party Adelaide there are a lot of new parties going on in town.

We guarantee classy indulgence for hen's night parties and ladies' parties

The Hens Night Party scene was sorely lacking in Adelaide when Lou Gannon (artist and educator) and I first started to hatch our grand concept. Our research showed that there are many women who want something more than a stripper for their last night of ‘singledom’. You wouldn’t know it when you look at what was on offer!

Getting creative and having fun with friends is the name of the game at Hens Party Adelaide, with the opportunity to further or find your hidden skills! The only pressure you’ll find is the pressure you put on yourself, there are no grades here.

After an initial flood of fun ideas for hens parties, we decided to focus on a few main concepts to start off with, including life drawing and painting, dancing and, of course, food.

It’s no secret that being creative often means you have more fun and because Lou and I are insiders within the local artistic community it’s easy for us to find that perfect match for each party.

We have both seen how social circumstances can lead even the most stubborn naysayers (the ones that say: “I couldn’t. It would turn out terrible. I’d look stupid.”) to give something new a try and discover that they actually enjoy the experience.

So if the goal of your evening is fun, creative indulgence and stylish celebration Hens Party Adelaide is just the thing you’re looking for!


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