Exciting Times Ahead for the New Year

Exciting Times Ahead for the New Year

Wishing you a happy New Years from Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, we’re extremely excited for the parties that will come along with it. We’d absolutely love to help you celebrate the end of your single life and the beginning of your adventures with the one you love. Are you planning your family members, best friends or maybe even your own Hens Party and don’t want to get stuck doing the same old thing? Leave 2017 and its boring ways in the past and look forward to an innovative, fun, classy Hens Party.  Hens Party Ideas Adelaide is here to help you make your resolution to try new and exciting things come to life. There’s no excuses not to stray for the safe and overdone “drinks with the girls and a stripper” because we’ve made it our mission to tailor to everyone, whether they want to fulfill their fantasies, explore an artform they never have before or just have more fun than ever before.

Dance Parties

For those of you who like me, love to find any excuse to dance, our burlesque and bollywood dance parties are perfect. Even if you’re not typically one to bust out the moves at the staff party, take on the ‘new year, new me’ mentality and step out of your comfort zone to spend 90 minutes of pure bliss learning fun dance routines from our professional dance instructors. You’ll have your coworkers in awe of your moves at your next office party. We’ve found that both of these parties provide the perfect bonding experience for friends of all ages and types to come together.

As you can see, we weren’t kidding when we said our dancing parties are perfect for all ages, at this party we had mature middle aged women, youthful young women, spiteful young girls and even a gorgeous little baby.


Life Drawing

Do you think of yourself as more of a artistic spirit? Or have you never explored the artistic side of yourself but can tell its just itching to come out? Our life drawing parties are the perfect balance between naughty and nice. Rather than spendings many hundreds on a tacky stripper which will last 15 minutes, spend a luxury 90 minutes drawing and looking at a handsome muscular model. Looks aren’t the only thing our male models have, although there’s no denying they’re killing that game, they also have charm. Personality is just as important to us as appearances are, that’s why we’ve hand chosen only the sweetest, most charming men who will make you feel at ease and create a fun atmosphere. Traditionally, when you get married your guests give you and your partner gifts, we say screw tradition, why not gift one of your framed drawings from your hens party to your new husband on your wedding night, he’s sure to love it.



Paint on the Man 

Are you more of a hands on kind or girl? No fear, we’ve got the package for you, pun intended. Not only do you get to admire and draw a gorgeous man, you also get to paint him. First spend forty-five minutes getting to know his body by drawing him and designing your painting then spend the next forty-five minutes hands on, bringing your vision to life. This activity is sooo much fun, as you can see below!


Cocktail Making

Looking to kick back and have a few drinks but thinking that might be a bit to boring? We have the perfect twist! Why waste time, energy and money on the hassle of leaving your house and going to a loud, overpriced, over packed cocktail bar when you can in the comfort of your own home and make the cocktails yourself.  Our gorgeous cocktail makers will teach and your friends  you to make three or more delicious cocktails. We all love a good cocktail and not only does it make for a great night but you walk away with a skill which will save you hundreds on buying overpriced cocktails. All this while admiring a muscular topless man, what more could you ask for? As you can see, it’s lots of fun.


I’ve personally always been intrigued by the art of origami with such delicate and beautiful artworks created by just one peice of paper. So when we found out about rudigami, we jumped at the opportunity to offer it to our lovely clients. Spend 90 minutes learning to make four or more naughty origami creations, depending on how easy you are with handling a penis. Have a look at one of the final creations, a penis flashing his own penis.


Makeup/Face Painting

Planning a night out and want to treat your hen and friends to feeling fabulous by getting their makeup done by one of our makeup artists? Or are you having a themed party and would like your makeup to fit the party? We love bringing your makeup visions to life. Having your makeup done burlesque style is the perfect pairing with our burlesque dance parties, don’t just do the party, look it too with bold extravagant lines and colours.


Topless Waiter

A topless waiter is the perfect addition to any other package or just as a stand alone if you have your own activities. How could you deny yourself a gorgeous young man to serve you food and drinks, massage you and create a fun atmosphere through playing games with you. Get creative in ways you can use their services, they’re at your beck and call.



Are you looking for something different to create a wow factor? Our magicians are guaranteed to do so. Remember being in absolute awe of magicians when you were younger, our magicians illusions are sure to make the magicians you’ve seen in the past look like child’s play. Allow a gorgeous man to get you tingling with excitement outside of the bedroom for a change.


Fortune Teller

You’re starting a new life with the one you love, what better way to spend your hens party than finding out what the future holds? Have one of our experience fortune tellers give you an insight into what your life with you partner will look like. Kids? A dog? A house? All will be told. You’re single friends who have desperately been waiting for the right one to come along will love you for it to, as they’ll have a better insight into what their future holds.


As you can see, we have the means to create a special day for everyone and anyone. Whether to you “special” means celebrating your last days of the single life by appreciate a gorgeous naked man, expressing yourself through dance, experiencing a one in a lifetime chance to paint on a nude man, being wowed by a magician, having a fun night of drinking with your best friends by your side with a twist and more, we’ve got you sorted.

We love personalising our Hens Parties to each hen, through creating skits, themes and playing games so give us a call on 0410 767 869 to discuss the possibilities for your Hens Party and how we can make it special for the hen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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