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Katy’s Cocktail Making Hens

Cocktail making is the perfect way to spice up your hens night! And of course, with a handsome topless man in the mix you can’t go wrong. Katy sure loved her cocktail making hens day, as you can see!

Cocktail making lessons will set you up to keep the party at home and not having to break the bank for every cocktail  you drink on a night out. And since you’re making them you can tailor make them to your own taste… What kind of person are you, sour or sweet? The girls found the cocktails delicious!



Why just draw a handsome man? When you could paint ON one!

Hayley’s ‘Paint on the Man’ Hens Day

With a canvas like Archer how could you not be inspired. Inspiration was definitely bursting at the seams at this party.

The Hen absolutely loved her surprise! She enjoyed interacting with our lovely Archer just as much as she did painting on him.

She even painted the logo for where her husband works!

What body part would you choose to paint? The foot maybe 🤣



Party Like a Yogi!

Do you know your Malas from your Mantra? Or your Namaste from your Navasana? (0)

In a completely new venture for Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, these wonderful young ladies turned their hen’s passion, which was YOGA, into a fun afternoon of life drawing and yoga.

Fortunately for these ladies, one of our art instructors is a Yoga teacher and one of our models in an advanced Yoga practitioner, so they were able to use their knowledge of yoga to throw a dynamic and flexible afternoon of yoga moves and life drawing.

How often do you get the chance to kick your heels off, dance around barefoot, and get up close and personal with your own yogi? No need to get all dolled up for this party, your friends can come and get their groove on in their active wear!

It didn’t take long before the inner artist in the ladies was expressed through the creative direction of our art instructor and the inspiration of our models yoga poses!

The great thing about group life drawing is that not everyone gets to see the same perspective, so no two drawings are ever the same. We always find everyone has a great giggle comparing their different drawings. Another fascinating thing is that this is something that absolutely everybody can do, there are no rules, and everybody‘s drawings turn out completely unique because we all have different techniques and skill levels.

As you can see, they had an absolute blast! (14)

By the second drawing the ladies had found their strides and we were seeing some very accomplished results. (11)

But of course, it was a Hen’s Party and the gorgeous hen was definitely ready for some action and a little dancing with our yogi Bikram. (19)

You can probably imagine some of the fabulous drawings that the hen’s friends were producing by now, with a few new points of focus! (16)

So we’re sure you’ll agree that Sarah’s Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Yoga Life Drawing Party was an outstanding success; thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Check out our Facebook page for the video to see all the fun.

You could take your party to the next level and add a few of your own accessories to keep your ladies entertained.

What a flexible  and fun group of girls they were!

Hens Night Party, Girls Night Out, Birthday Party

Life Drawing hen’s night party or a Stripper?

Getting a stripper is so passé. These ladies took a close, 90 minute long look instead of spending a small fortune for a quick glance. The scrumptious view got their creative juices flowing. What more can a hen ask for? (1)

Our life drawing bundles are pure fun; the intention isn’t to draw well, it’s to have as much fun as you possibly can with your girlfriends. Giggles are obligatory. (16)

AND you’re not only invited to look, rather you ‘have’ to look… how else will you be able to draw the private parts and all the gorgeous rest that accompanies them 😉

A fit guy in the buff for your hen and her friends, add in a generous dose of alcohol, throw in that the model gets his kit off for 90 minutes and what do you get?

No NOT that, you get a life drawing icebreaker that everyone of every age will get stuck into. (13)

The model and instructor will arrive at the designated location armed with everything you need, the model will assume his position, so to speak, while you pour the drinks. Then you will all get the chance to create your own phallictastic work of art.

Some calculations: on average you get to see the private bits of a stripper for 5 seconds. Let’s do a quick calculation: if ordering a stripper for your hen do costs you around $220 , that works out to $18.33  per second of full nudity. Rather costly. So not only is it passé, it’s over the top expensive when you consider the alternatives that exist for your hen night. Our Life Drawing bundle gives you 90 minutes of full Monty.

Often girls are afraid of life drawing. “I can only draw stick figures” is something we here at almost every party. For many people just hearing the word ‘drawing’ uttered, takes you back to those horrible art lessons at school where you were convinced that nobody could draw worse than you. Our life drawing bundles are pure fun; the intention isn’t to draw well, it’s to maximise your relish. After all when else would you get to see and truly observe a nude man in an atmosphere of no pressure together with your girlfriends?

Themed life drawing hens party

Themed Life Drawing is when a model uses a specific theme as a source of inspiration. If you take a look at our life drawing package page you’ll glean an array of different theme examples to choose from. Some theme ideas we’ve had are: cowboy, doctor, bikie, sailor, musician. The other day we had a new request for a theme – this hen’s night sure turned out to be CROWTASTIC.

We staged it for a hen who dreams of the Adelaide Crows (what sort of dreams cannot be revealed) and we brought part of that dream to life. (8)

The Crow’s biggest fan met one of our models, dressed (and otherwise) as the real thing. (5)

Initially our model wore all The Crows paraphernalia: a Crows Cap, Crows shorts and Crows  socks. Surprises all round: everything came off in a whizz.

But then there was a bit of debate: would it be better if he modeled with Crows socks on or socks off? The qualified majority, there were 30 girls at this party, decided in favour of ‘socks on’.

The hen was quite a strong character. She decided that she wanted her friends to draw her and the model posing together: he would kneel at her feet whilst reverently holding her foot. (10) (12)

This is not the sort of experience offered on the football field. But perhaps it may be in the future 😉. For Power fans (that is Port Adelaide)… feel free to feel envious.

Paint on the Model

Want to go one step further than life drawing? Then try tuning our model into your own living artwork at a Paint on the Model hen’s night. No prior skill required – just the desire to experiment with colours and shapes  and cover our gorgeous model in paint. Her’s what one grou of ladies got up to at a recent Paint on the Model hen’s party. (6)

Wondering what her paintbrush is up to down there? So am I! (7)

Beautiful colours and gentle flowing strokes adorn our model.

What a work of art he became. These ladies had so much fun exploring their creativity.

Bollywood Dance Hens Party

A fun Bollywood Dance Hens Night Party. Check out the girl’s face painting.

A life drawing hen’s night (12)

What is hiding behind the teapot?

It’s fascinating to see how differently everyone captures the nude life drawing model on paper. (5) (6)

Others like it fleshy. (9) (10) (11)

A Bollywood Hens Night Party in the Adelaide CBD

Mudra Dance Academy Hens Night Bollywood Session

Esta’s Bollywood Hens Night Party

Louise Trecassi, who was the chief bridesmaid at Esta’s Bollywood Hens Night Party, wrote the following about her experience:

Welcome to Bollywood!

For one unforgettable night, 25 girls were the stars in our own Bollywood movie. I chose a Bollywood dance night from the team at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide to celebrate my friends special night. For more than an hour, we laughed, smiled, shook our hips and learnt a Bollywood dance. It was a fun and unique experience. We loved that it was something different.

Mudra, a qualified Bollywood dance teacher, made it so much fun as she taught us traditional and modern dance steps. We got to choose our own music and chose Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. Mudra made it easy for us to quickly catch on and before we knew it we were dancing like professionals!

We danced at a city venue which also provided a two-course dinner. We were given complimentary champagne and colourful Indian scarves to complete the affordable package. We had so much fun that we want to reunite to dance again.

So girls, try something different and fun and get ready to shake your hips and enjoy a Bollywood night of your life.” (3)

Our gorgeous Bollywood Hens Night Party teacher Mudra poses with the girls.

Merlindie was the Chief Bridesmaid who organised this Life Drawing Hens Night Party for her best friend Tara

The hen’s party life drawing event took place on the weekend at the hen’s mum’s house. She was up for being part of the fun too. It’s often the mums who are the least timid with regard to our nude male models. After all they are most likely to have seen a nude man more often in their life then their daughter.
Everyone had such a fun day. The hen chose her favourite life drawing at the end of the party. It was one her mum had done (ohhh). Scroll a bit further to see it – it’s the last photo in this sequence.

Tara, the hen, unwraps her ‘present’. It was a little challenging.

Our stunning nude male model Dakota inspired the girls to do some brilliant life drawings at their hen’s do.

mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (6)
mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (5)
mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (25)

Jane’s dog took a liking to Dakota too!

At the end we asked Tara to choose her favourite artwork. It was a hard choice, these girls were really creative.

mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (27)
mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (26)

Aahh, mums rule, even when it comes to drawing a nude male model at a hen’s parties.

mini-henspartyideasadelaide-draw-the-man-life-drawing-merlindie- (28)

Our lovely Bollywood  Dance teacher Mudra is a joy to be with.

mini-hens-party-adelaide-katies-bollywood dance-party-with mudra
What the girls wrote to us about their Bollywood party:

Thank you so much for a most wonderful event on Saturday!! The girl’s all loved the dance lesson!!!! Mudra was a delight and such a joy to have her share her culture with us. Thank you so much for making the organising so straightforward. You were both so easy to communicate with and I appreciated your prompt and thoughtful responses! Also thank you so much for the special extra of the video. We will all enjoy reliving the fun. Thanks. I’m so glad we pushed ahead with making this happen! Such a novel and unique part of our day. Kindest regards. Kate

Erin’s ‘Draw The Man, Life Drawing‘ hen’s day

Hens Party Adelaide, Draw The Man, Life Drawing, Erin's Hen's Day

Life drawing for our hen’s day was fantastic. We all had so much fun and it was just something different. The boys were great, giving tips for our drawings and ensuring our drinks were always full and our shoulders relaxed. Jacqueline was really helpful as well also giving us some advice on how to make our drawings that little bit better. I would definitely recommend something like this to my friends and family for any events they have where they’re looking for something a little bit different and exciting. The photos you’ve attached are great.  We were saying we barely noticed you taking them yet there seemed to be so many throughout the afternoon and it was good we could sit back and relax and it was all done for us. Thanks again for helping us make Erin’s day so enjoyable and memorable. Melissa Clarke

Hens Party Adelaide Draw The Man, Life Drawing, Erin

Shirley’s ‘Cocktail-Making’ hen’s night party

Hens Party Adelaide, Cocktail Making Party

We had a great day and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  And our hen thoroughly enjoyed herself which is what matters most! You were all very friendly and I appreciate the effort you put in to help make Shirley’s hens a great day! I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the bartenders were giving out massages as well, that was a great touch. Food was great too, going to try make the pesto tomatoes at home soon! Olivia Clasohm

Hens Party Adelaide, Shirley's Cocktail Making Party

I attended a Hen’s party recently staged by Hen’s Party Adelaide.  I’m very pleased to say it was a very well planned event with just the right amount of fun/laughs appropriate to our age group (45+) and I believe this would be the case for any age Hen’s party. Jacqueline and her staff were extremely professional and obliging with any requests. I really enjoyed making the cocktails and the fantastic shoulder massage I received. Our bride thoroughly enjoyed the event as did all of the guests. I would definitely attend another event arranged by Hens Party Adelaide and highly recommend there service. Judith Gordon

AJ’s ‘Draw The Man’ hen’s night party

AJ, the hen, dressed up as Cleopatra and all her friends dressed up too. They rented an apartment at the Oaks Plaza Pier, right on the beach at Glenelg, 12 minutes drive from Adelaide’s Central Business District.

Hi Girls! Just want to say thank you for putting on a great show for my sisters Draw The Man Hen’s Night. The boys were simply delightful and the girls had such a good time. We got some really good pictures out of the session! The photos you took during the night turned out wonderful! They are very professional and respectful! I will certainly be telling all my friends about you!! Thanks again!! Petra Mangler, AJ’s sister

Petra dressed up as Little Miss Piggy.


AJ decided she wanted to be a model too. So she and Vincenzo posed together for her girlfriends. Here are some of the magnificent drawings of the two of them. If you look carefully you’ll notice that each drawing is made from a different angle – ie a different spot in the room.

Hens Party Adelaide, Getting Ready for a Group Photo

Everybody getting read for a group photo.


The hen’s mum had so much fun. Our gorgeous Hens Party Ideas Adelaide boys really spoilt her.

Sharon’s ‘Bollywood Dancing’ hen’s night party


Our Bollywood Dance teacher Jessy ( the cute guy in the red t-shirt) was born and raised in India. He intertwines Pure Funk with his deep love for traditional Indian dance to create ‘Bollywood Fusion’. Dancing with Jessy is so much fun, he’s Mr Dynamo!  Read what Milla wrote about their hens night party with Jessy:

Dear Jacqueline, The ‘Bollywood’ hen’s night for Sharon was so much fun. Sharon, our hen, had a wonderful time and this will be a night she will remember for a long time. I was very impressed with our dance teacher, Jessy ,who is  a true Bollywood dance professional and was able to put together a dance sequence that suited our abilities and got us all dancing in no time. Everyone felt comfortable learning and performing ‘Bollywood’ style as Jessy had the right mix of fun, encouragement and dance professionalism. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time. Cheers, Milla (Ludmilla Milo)


Sharon with all her friends showing us a ‘mudra’ (a position of the hands, that guides energy flow to the brain) they learnt. This mudra is the ‘Gesture of Debate’  (Vitaka Mudra) with the hands raised and the tips of the forefingers and the thumbs touching each other.

Gesture of Debate

These ladies moved so much that our photographer Jacqueline’s photos were all blurred!

Baylee’s ‘Draw the Man, Life Drawing’ hens night party

Hens Party Adelaide, 'Draw the Man, Life Drawing', Girls Night Out

To Hens Party Adelaide,   Thank you so much for helping me arrange a brilliant Hens day for my friend. All of us, and especially the bride-to-be had a wonderful time. I was very happy with the venue at the Prince Albert Hotel. I think the upstairs private room was the perfect setting with good light and a good sized space for our group of 14 women. At the start of the event, I think most of the group was a little nervous about their lack of drawing skills, but after a few warm up sketches everyone was surprised at how much they had improved. It was really interesting and funny to see people’s different interpretations of the model. I thought the staff were excellent.  It was really helpful to have artistic advice at hand to improve our technique and the model and waiter were very nice and seemed to have a fun time with our group. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to others (I already have!). Most of our group said they would like to do it again!   Thanks again!! Lucy Commis Admissions Officer Flinders University


 Every drawing of our gorgeous nude male models is different – that’s part of the fun!

Having fun with Hens Party Adelaide's Draw The Man Package
Our models and topless waiters enjoy seeing the drawings too. And sometimes they even have some drawing advice to give!

Mel’s ‘Draw the Man, Life Drawing’ hens night party

Mel’s hens night party totally surprised her – read what she wrote to us about it:

The private area we had set aside for us was very intimate and easy to get everyone involved because we were close to one another. Having drinks bought to us was a great touch, and really helped keep us all in the moment.

I was quite shocked at first because I had been very specific about a “no willies” hens night… which was taken to be literal.. no willies (plural). As there was only one “willy”, my Chief Bridesmaid (who we have come to love as Chief-zilla) got away with it!

The whole evening surprised me because I had NO idea what was coming. I had been driven to the city and there were threats of blindfolds and other mean things if I even tried to ask anyone what we were doing. I found all the staff to be very lovely. Lou was especially helpful with drawing hints and tips, was very gracious and lovely. The whole idea of a draw the man class is great. The evening was very tasteful, different, unique and I should mention MEMORABLE (once i was over the shock of it all!)
It was very mum and aunty friendly. My mother in law who couldn’t make it, was very disappointed and said it sounded like something she would have had fun at. I do think it is a very “hens night” oriented idea and I would happily attend one again with girlfriends.

The photos taken were not intrusive and captured the fun of the evening. I barely noticed them being taken until the end. One of my friends commented she would have loved a photo of the look on my face when I worked out what was happening…. apparently it was priceless! I am more than happy with the photos, and happy for you to share them. Please feel free to share this with others. I really did have an awesome time. I think my Chief-zilla (Chief Bridesmaid) made a wonderful discovery with all of you! Well done. 🙂

Mary Power was Mel’s chief bridesmaid. What Mary emailed us about her event:

Thank you to all your staff for organising a wonderful event for our bride. She was a little shocked at first (we kept it a surprise) but then thoroughly enjoyed the drawing experience as did all the girls.

Hens Party Adelaide: Draw the Man, Life Drawing

It was a tasteful and enjoyable evening- the models were great looking and very friendly. A very nice shape to draw! Cuckoo was a great venue and we were so happy with the fun photos captured by Jacqueline. She was also very helpful in the booking and planning process.

Hens Party Adelaide: Draw the Man, Life Drawing

You gave some great artistic advice which was well received by all the girls and kept us giggling. I would not hesitate to recommend your Draw the Man – Life Drawing package.”

Mary Power, Careers Adviser , University of South Australia

Leash’s testimonial – ‘Paint the Man, Life Painting’ hens night party

Leash took part in a Paint the Man, Life painting Event. Leash’s testimonial intermingled with some photos:

Bright faces. Happy women. Great venue. Charismatic men. Creativity flowing. Beautiful demeanour of the gorgeous men and bubbly facilitators supporting us with our venture into creative new depths.”

Hens Party Adelaide: Paint the Man, Life Painting

“I loved the event. I felt totally supported in delving into a new activity that I previously would fob off as I consider myself to be an entirely untalented artisan, especially when it comes to live drawing. The exercises we did however, allowed me to slowly ease my way into representing the beautiful male physique onto my paper, with first drafts being awkward and nervous, I slowly found the use of colour and adding water to my pastels allowed for an expression that excited and delighted me. I found myself wanting more time, wanting to capture every element of shade and colour on the page.”

Hens Party Adelaide: Paint the Man, Life Painting, Allesia's Paintings

“Bobby, the gorgeous and welcoming waiter served me sparkling white and amazing shoulder rubs to put me at ease, he was warm and gentle and had me feel totally nurtured and at ease. We then were given the opportunity to swap paintings and to add to another’s. This had me change my creative style, picking up someone else’s feel and occurring of the environment and incredibly masculine model. I enjoyed playing with different lines and colours, moving from realist to abstract to what the woman said next to me that I was ‘drawing his aura rather than his physicality’. Wasn’t my intention, but sounded good to me.

Overall I would say this was one of the most enjoyable events that I’ve been to with a bunch of women. It allowed us to really get to know each other and I felt that the creativity allowed for dissolving barriers between me and people I had only just met to be really close and have a lot of fun with the gorgeous other women. I will definitely be going to one again!” Allesia Winter, Coordinator at ART LOGIC

Hens Party Adelaide: Paint the Man, Life Painting, Ladies' Party

Jen’s ‘Draw the Man, Life Drawing’ hen’s night party

Jen the Hen was totally surprised and Kelly her chief bridesmaid, who owns a bridal business herself, did a brilliant job of organising ‘Draw The Man Life Drawing’ Hen’s Party long in advance. This is what Jen the Hen wrote:

What a surprise it was to walk into an art class, but not an ordinary one!! Was so much fun. I had told my bridesmaids i didn’t want a stripper, but this nude model art class was a fantastic idea. Lou, Jacqueline, Bobby and Romeo were all great and made us all feel relaxed.
Such an awesome afternoon. Definitely a great idea for a hen’s party.  Lots and lots of laughs.
Jen Hills (Hen)

Hens Party Adelaide,: Draw the Man, Life Drawing Event

This is what Kelly, the Chief Bridesmaid wrote:

Our hens group had such a great afternoon doing the Life Drawing. Jen the hen was super surprised and absolutely loved it. The mother of the bride won best drawing which was hilarious.
Bobby (model) and Romeo (topless waiter) were both really lovely and made everyone feel comfortable. A big thank you for helping me organize such a great surprise.
I will definitely recommend you for other hen’s parties. Kelly Cooper (Bridesmaid), Owner of  ‘The Ultimate Bride’, an A1 Adelaide bridal store

Jessica’s testimonial – ‘Paint the Man, Life Painting’ hens night party

Jessica took part in a ‘Paint the Man, Life Painting’ event. Here’s what she wrote about her experience:

Paint The Man, Life Painting is not only a great social occasion that guarantees plenty of laughs amongst friends, it also puts your creative skills to the test! Just to make it extra special, you have some artistic souvenirs to take home with you to remember the night by.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to celebrate their Hens night in style with something just a little bit outside the square! Jessica Honeychurch

Hens Party Adelaide - Paint the Man, Life Drawing Package

Orlane’s ‘Paint the Man, Life Painting’ hen’s night party

Watch this fun video of Orlane’s hen’s night party that Stephen Cornwell from The Studio put together :

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305 | Draw The Man, Life Drawing | Nude Male Art Model

Orlane also wrote a (long) testimonial about her experience with us:

I just want to express my sincere thank you to Jacqueline and Lou for making my hen’s party such a memorable experience not only as a Bride-To-Be but as a woman and as a friend! And a new born artist!… I like to think so anyway….

See, it is my second time around getting married! I am a middle-aged, single (not for long anymore though!!!) working mother of two! I am to be married this coming week-end!

When I got engaged a year ago, I thought….this time around, the wedding and everything around it should be fun! Looking back to my first marital experience over 20 years ago, I can’t seem to find genuine good memories about my wedding which I ended catering for myself (can you even imagine cooking at your own wedding? I did and although I can look back and smile, it was no fun!). I had no engagement party and never even considered a hen’s party or a bachelor party for my husband-to-be!!!

So this time around I was determined to have FUN and remember the whole experience of getting married again with a huge grin on my face! I promise myself to make the whole experience as stress free as possible and leave it in the hands of the experts starting with my “girlie” party!

Celebrating with my Girlfriends, Hens Party Adelaide

I was blessed to meet Jacqueline,  owner of Hens Party Ideas Adelaide at the opening of an art gallery! She is so easy to talk to, with an infectious smile and genuine friendliness! We got talking and unbeknown to me I had just met the lady who was going to help me have a great time at my “hen’s party”.

It was so easy…I e-mailed Jacqueline at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide and she got back to me in no time! We arranged a meeting and discussed the different options which I had read about on her wonderful website! I also got to meet Lou, her business partner, equally friendly and professional!

Both ladies really listened to me and we agreed that Life Painting would be the theme of my party! I was torn between so many of their great choices like the Bollywood or Belly Dancing Options! But I felt confident after that meeting that Life Painting was the way to go thanks to the expert advice of Jacqueline!


After that meeting, there was nothing to worry about but to send a list of my girlfriends and their contact details! Lou and Jacqueline did the rest and kept me updated! I just had to rock-up on the day and feel super special!!! And have FUN!

This was really my day! And my girlfriends and I got to experience something that none of us had done before! Life Painting with a real model! We got to discover our artistic sides (or not!…)in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. The whole party was run by great professionals! Real art teachers (who kept encouraging us during this journey of self-artistic discovery), a very nice model, a waiter who not only looked sexy, but kept our champers flowing while we were drawing and painting (who wants to dehydrate!) and massaged our shoulders so that our tender middle-aged bodies did not suffer from the strain of being creative…(He was also a qualified masseur). My idea of heaven on earth! Almost make me wish that it was not my second and last marriage!….In order to have that kind of great time again, guess what? I am going to hook-up all my “To be married girlfriends” to Hens Party Ideas Adelaide! I recommend it 100% without a shadow of a doubt!

So Thank You to all your team for the most memorable Hen’s Party that I and my girlfriends ever attended! It was worth every cent! And I got great pictures to show for it just in case my memory starts to fail me one day!

From Orlane: A very relaxed bride-to-be!!!”


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