Delightful Ideas for the Hen’s Wedding or Hens Party

Delightful Ideas for the Hen’s Wedding or Hens Party

It’s that time of the year again. Our hearts are warming up right along with the weather and love seems to be blossoming out of the budding flowers. Our muscles no longer need to endure a half-hour warm up prior to physical activity, (previously reserved to rolling, bundled in blankets, to the fridge and scurrying at full capacity back to the couch), and as a result people are lunging down on one knee left, right and centre.

Those minutes which were previously spent strategising over which combination of coats, jumpers and raincoats will be needed for the day’s endeavors, are now devoid of such action, and hence, are transformed into vital wedding planning seconds. Organising a wedding these days involves a seemingly limitless number of choices; from deciding what attire you will be donning to choosing which font will be used on the invitations. Unlike your wardrobe, which houses a small array of finite items (unless of course you are Kim Kardashian in which case your wardrobe is a living replica of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag), wedding planning can seem boundless. We know that on top of careers, family, friends and a healthy dose of culture, squeezing in wedding preparations can be difficult. Unfortunately, the time that used to be allocated to determining whether to pluck the navy sweater or the blue from your closet isn’t quite enough to plan your wedding. While you might be slightly more engaged now (in more than one way) we want to make sure the only new weight you have to bear is that of your dazzling new ring.

As you know, hens parties are our speciality, but so too, are ideas. So we’ve hit the drawing board and brainstormed a few original ideas which can be applied to both weddings and hens parties.

Personalised Popsicle Sticks

To add your own personal quirk to your wedding or hens party whilst simultaneously capitalising on the famed Australian summer why not incorporate icy poles into the catering menu. Not only are they loved by all and free from any potentially looming allergens (I’m talking about you gluten and lactose), they are refreshingly cooling, making them perfect for a summer wedding or hens party. Why not make your own? You and your friends could experiment with differing juice combinations and perhaps add fruits in for a contrast of texture. It does mean though that you will have to (sigh) taste test a few delicious ice blocks for research; but we all have to make sacrifices for the wedding of our dreams. If you are feeling particularly devious why not mix in a splash of alcohol for the adults? Cocktails are delicious in every form of course but as ice blocks they have the added bonus of being a cooling summer dessert. This idea is not only perfect for your wedding but also for your hens party, you’ll have girls begging for more. A fun game for your hens party is to have a naughty message on the Popsicles  and play a game to see who can lick their Popsicles the hardest. May the naughtiest win.

Now here’s my favourite part – Grain & Co. and Vector Etch, two Australian businesses located in Sydney and Brisbane respectively, both offer custom popsicle engraving. On the ends of your heavenly homemade ice blocks you can have your guests look down at your personal message engraved into the wooden pop stick. What you have written is up to you but some suggestion are ‘Mr and Mrs…’, ‘Thanks for Coming’ or simply ‘Congratulations’, because who better to congratulate yourself on your newly acquired relationship status than, you guessed it, yourself. Vector Etch offers a more affordable price, however, requires a minimum order of fifty popsicle sticks, whereas Grain & Co. only requires a minimum of 25 so I suggest deciding who to order from depending on your specific needs.

Movie Madness

A wedding is an event designed to share the celebration of your love with those you love. A day to reminisce on the previous chapter you’ve shared with your partner and look onwards to a new one. But how do you share this trip down memory lane with your friends and family? Long speeches? Definitely. But on top of that why not embrace your inner Spielberg and create a video compiled of footage and pictures showing you and your partners’ past lives and shared memories? This can be displayed on a constant loop throughout the wedding reception and provides a talking point for the guests who may not have met before. It is an engaging and humorous way of sharing your lives and I have to admit seeing childhood photos of the married couple always gets me giggling. Besides being a fun aspect of the wedding, the video can also be shared on social media, to incorporate even those who could not make it to the wedding.


Script n Snapshots

I have always loved the idea of a guest book. A space-conscious memento that can easily be plucked out of bookshelves, released from cupboards or slid out from under the bed. Something that doesn’t have to be left behind due to lack of space in those brown cardboard boxes. A treasure which can be nostalgically read in your senior years of marriage, reliving the day and remembering all the blessings wished upon you. For a more elegant guest book why not opt for a personalised cover detailing the couple’s names and wedding date embossed in gold. Leaving it on a table during the reception and allowing the guests to interact with it in their own time. For a deviation from the traditional method, why not get your guests to write their blessings on the back of, or next to, a photograph of themselves, turning the guest book into more of a personalised photo album. Polaroid cameras print the photograph immediately, which means your guests can write their message on the back of the photo and it can be placed in a clear photo album straight away. Polaroid cameras can be found relatively cheaply online and utilising them provides an engaging and fun element to your wedding. If you’re looking to remember all the fun and maybe a little naughty times you had at your hens, this is the perfect idea. You can ask us to take Polaroids of you during your life drawing session, burlesque dancing or one of the many other fun packages we offer and then have the girls write what the most fun party of it for them was next to the picture.



Charming Place Cards

A lovely way of showing your guests some appreciation and making your wedding a bit more personal is to design the place cards. Whilst everyone knows place cards are handy to indicate where each person is seated, they are also a delightful way of communicating with your guests. Writing a small thoughtful note on the inside of the folded card is a charming way to acknowledge the support of your friends and family, giving the wedding a more intimate atmosphere. Some suggestions could be to write: the thing you appreciate most about each guest, your favourite memory together or even just a personal thank you for attending.

A wedding is much like a banquet. Everyone feasts on platters piled high with adoration, elation and pride, albeit probably served with an entrée of apprehension. But once ‘I do’s’ are exchanged it is right aboard the marriage carriage straight to happiness station. Now even without all these wonderful (if I do say so myself) ideas, you can count on you, your partner, and all your guests boarding that train, but perhaps with them the seats would be more of a plush velvet rather than comfy leather. Each wedding is different and I encourage you to arrange yours exactly how you like it but I do hope, after reading over these ideas, and attending your own unique and extraordinary hens party, your imagination will be inspired.



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