Bollywood Dancing for Ladies Parties and Hens Night Parties

Bollywood Dancing for Ladies Parties and Hens Night Parties

Bollywood dancing is ideal for a group of women because it lets your fantasy loose: you can be as emotional, energetic and dramatic as you want to be, that’s all part of the Bollywood script! You can be bold and sensual, demure and shy or anything in between.

Bollywood Dancing Fun with Hens Party Adelaide

Bollywood dancing is so much fun. It’s a brilliant way to start a ladies’ party. No need for a bad conscience if you have more than your healthy share of drinks later on because with Bollywood dance you’ll have had a fantastic workout   Bollywood dance is upbeat, energetic and rapidly activates those often too dormant sweat glands.

The name Bollywood comes from combining ‘Bombay’ (former name of the city Mumbai where the Hindi language film industry is based) and ‘Hollywood’. Originally the term belittled India’s film culture. Nowadays Indians are proud of their Bollywood ‘culture’.

When I think of Bollywood dancing, what immediately springs to mind are the amazingly melodramatic Bollywood films.

Intrigue and Drama, the Bollywood Mix

My daughter is married to an Indian so I have some insider knowledge of the Indian way of life.

The Indian Marriage, Hens Party Adelaide

Indians are brought up with music and if the music in a film isn’t good, the movie won’t sell. Indian audiences expect top value for their money; films must have song and dance, love and despair, comedy and dare-devil thrills, all combined in a three hour long extravaganza of colour and form. Indians call these movies ‘masala’ movies, like the masala spice mixture. These movies are just like masala, they’re a wild mix of different extremes.

Bollywood dance is about storytelling. The songs are from the movies and are there for a particular reason — for example, a celebration song, a seduction song, a love song, a song of sadness. So when you dance, you are dancing to the words and embodying the mood of the song. Different songs are used at different occasions … there are seemingly endless range of wedding songs, and you’ll hear them being played at every Indian wedding!

The dancing itself is a fusion of all dance forms: of Indian classical, Indian folk dance, belly dancing, jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine. Bollywood is all about fantasy and glamour and there really are no limits to the creativity.

Bollywood Fusion, Hens Party Adelaide

Viewers have grown to expect funky, intricate dance structures and this has  given rise to Bollywood choreography. Pure acting is no longer enough, artistic choreography is a must for a top film.

Our Hens Party Adelaide Bollywood Dance facilitators Sarika and Francesca are not only star Bollywood dancers they are also respected choreographers. That’s why we are so honoured to have them work with us.  They are also gorgeous and a lot of fun and know exactly what level of dancing to teach at our Ladies Parties and Hens Night Party events.

Sarika and Francesca, Hens Party Adelaide Bollywood Dance Facilitators


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