Body Parts – what turns us on?

Body Parts – what turns us on?

What it is that really turns us on in a man? Those dreamy eyes, that soft, rounded mouth, those muscles? We hear it all the time: he’s a legs guy, he’s a boob man, he loves a tight butt – but what about us?  Let’s explore the best bits of the male body. We’ll start at the top.

Those Eyes

There’s no denying that Mr McDreamy’s gaze will draw you in right from the word go, and he’s got bedroom on his mind. Somehow you sink into that cesspool, and everything else that you’ve been thinking about just seems to slip away to some obscure place. They are the source of songs of romance and love, and a pure source of intimacy.

That Mouth/That smile

Soft and sensual, a man’s lips and mouth speak to a woman like no other body part. The way a woman is kissed, the way a man wraps his tongue around your mouth, exploring, teasing, with the promise of something even deeper happening with that tongue and those lips way down below. Sometimes there’s an irrepressible urgency in that kiss, it tells us there’s no waiting, he wants you! Now that’s irresistible! And we need to talk about that smile here, because there’s no denying that that those flashy whites, or that sly little curl as he smiles at you from across the room can simply melt your heart. He’s a keeper.


There’s something primitive about the emotions that a male jawline raises within us. It is said that women in their most fertile phases appear to prefer men with a stronger jawline, and men go to great lengths to enhance their jawline with a well manicured beard to create a more chiselled jawline. It’s all about that primitive sex appeal!  How closely have you ever examined your man’s jawline? Perhaps that’s something you could explore in one of our Hens Party Life Drawing Classes, for those who perhaps don’t want to focus on something a little – ahem – lower.

Those Arms

Moving down a little, there’s no question that those arms are one hot body part. Again, some primitive attraction, to ravage you and pin you down, and drag you off to some bedroom rendezvous! They provide a sense of security and women just love to imagine themselves wrapped amongst those flexing muscles. Here’s a guy that says, I work out, I look after myself. There’s something particularly attractive about those muscles peeking out from below a curled up cuff, or a tight t-shirt to show us his well -toned biceps. Drool! Perhaps Hens Party Ideas Adelaide could provide you with our Topless Male Waiters for the night, where not only do you get to enjoy their biceps, but you get to feast on the whole package. Our guys are fabulous young male models, and they are there to serve you with a few fancy cocktails and glasses of champagne, and of course they are on hand for a lovely shoulder massage.

Chest and Abs

Now we’re talking! That whole upper torso area just talks sexy to us! That tight t-shirt over those chest muscles are just about more than we can bear, and our hands just long to reach out and run our fingers over them so we can feel  those smooth, round mounds just pumping beneath them. You imagine yourself with your head resting against those pecs – lying on a grassy mound on a romantic summer picnic, or after a steamy session in the bedroom where you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. Research suggests that a strong, hairy chest is one of the most physically attractive parts of man for many women. And don’t even get me started on the abs – phew, even the mere suggestion of a six pack drives women wild! Those images of a man with a perfectly toned six pack slowly moving down to the washed out denim jeans, with the top button loosely undone – now that’s a promise of something exciting to come. You would definitely get an opportunity to run your fingers over some lovely tight torso’s with our Paint on the Model party. This is a daring and playful hands-on, nude male model experience where you get to paint on the body part of our gorgeous male models – of your choosing!  Nothings off limits – and we mean nothing!


Rippling muscles as he lifts that sack over his back, the sweat glistening over the firm, toned mounds as he goes about his workday. Or the mere hint of something greater underneath as he stretches his arm across the back of the couch behind you, and the shirt struggles to hide the eye candy that lurks beneath. And we are talking animal instinct, something to get your claws into at your most intimate moments, or just to run your fingers down his back in a gentle, sensual way, a little foreplay to let him know that you are in the mood. Yep, there is definitely something about the male back that says sexy. If our Paint on the Model party is not for you, perhaps you might enjoy a Life Drawing party. This cheeky 90 minute session allows you to get up close and personal with our beautiful guys and really look at their bodies in detail. Their poses are fun, artistic and dynamic – this is a really fun party and something very special.


His Penis

Is it or is it not attractive – that is the question? Really? Hell yeah! We love them – all shapes, sizes and colours!  Not so much physically to look at though, but for everything that they represent to us.  Wonderful foreplay and hot sizzling sex in the bedroom, the bathroom, the back of the car! This is forbidden fruit, hidden away so that it provokes some sense of curiosity and attraction, we really do want to know if it is sock you have hidden under those jeans or if you really are pleased to see me. And the more nurturing side of our female energy which says that this is about reproduction, the coming together to create new life. We love stroking them, fondling them, sucking them, teasing them with our tongue and driving them home with a penetration that leaves us gasping for more. Yep – we love ‘em! One of our Hens Party ideas is a Rudigami party. Learn the ancient art of paper folding, but with a twist – transforming paper into willies! We can do small dicks or super dicks – this is really a fabulous icebreaker and a great way to start off your party.

His Butt

There is something so incredibly sexy about a well toned butt in that nearly takes our breath away. In a tight pair of shorts, filling out those faded, hip hugging Levi’s, a cheeky little flash as he bends over to pick something up, they are all wonderful images that have us steaming up, and of course a muscular, naked butt as he strides across the room is just pure eye candy. A playful little pinch as you walk past – something just between the two of you that says I’m here, even when it’s in a room full of people. Those cute little dimples that sit just above his well rounded mounds – they just drive some women wild! And in the bedroom,  that’s just a whole other level. Spanking, whipping and pulling on those cheeks heightens our arousal, and allows us to control greater penetration during sex, really driving him home. Again, our Nude Male Life Drawing is a perfect opportunity for your ladies to get up close and personal  with a fabulous, cheeky butt.

The Scrotum

Scrotum, balls, fun bags – call them what you will – attractive or is it not – definitely not! Eeek!  Nothing about the scrotum holds any attraction for us ladies.  We don’t mind fondling them, rubbing them, using them to create arousal in him, but hey- keep it in your pants buddy – we don’t actually want to see them!

His Face

This is the whole package, the zing, bam, come to me. Pure, instant, animal attraction. We show in our faces the nature of the person we are, kind hearted, fun  loving, strong and sturdy, and women are instantly drawn to the qualities in a man’s face that they are drawn to in everyday life – without even knowing it.  “I’m so attracted to your face” – it’s an old song, but it is at the heart of every relationship and the very connection that we make with our partners.

Overall Physique

So what we find is pretty important to most women is that a man is looking after himself, and is strong and healthy.  That primal instinct in women is looking for someone that is going to provide for them and keep them safe.  Nobody wants the fat guy or the scrawny guy,  or a guy who prunes himself in the mirror all day, they want a guy who’s lifestyle and choices result in a great body.


So pretty much, we love all their bits!  Some more so than others, but they are definitely to be enjoyed, in every way! At Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we can cater for a very special party for you and your ladies, here’s your chance to have something with  a cheeky twist,  something to get your party started or we can arrange a complete package for your whole evening where you are guaranteed to go home with some fabulous memories.



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