An All Out Penis Party

An All Out Penis Party

The decorations adorning the walls, ceilings, tables and doorways at any event is imperative to set the desired atmosphere of the night and hens parties are no exception. Just as important are the added accessories and party extras, which will add that special touch, such as straws, glasses, napkins and serving materials. How you choose to style your hens party should mainly centre around the personal preferences of the bride to be. Firstly you should think about your theme (if you have one). Whether that theme is something specific such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or more generalised such as ‘classy cocktail’ adding decorations which follow your chosen theme will create a fun and dynamic environment. For tips and ideas for themes read our article.

It is easier to sort out the main decorations first. For each hens party the ‘main decorations’ may differ, however, generally they would include an array of bunting, banners and posters as well as table cloths and possibly balloons.

Bunting is a relatively simple, yet still aesthetically appealing, item. It is easy to put up and generally cheap to buy. You can get themed ones relating to specific colours and if you have a lot of time on your hands and are feeling creative they’re something which can be made at home as a experimental DIY. Don’t worry if you have never sewed before but have been wanting to give it a shot, this is the perfect opportunity as bunting easy to make andeasy to correct if a mistake is made. Table cloths are also easy and affordable, and go a long way with presentation whilst keeping the table protected from any potential spillage.

When people mention ‘hens party decorations’ we know most of your minds jump straight to penis gags and, of course, we are no exception. The team here at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide has seen our fair share of dick accessories and embellishments. They are a perfect addition to our Life Drawing or Paint on the Model packages so we thought we would put together a short list of our favourites.

Dick Trays   

Talk about a big package, these trays can make any snack look delicious. But it gets better. What’s better than eating food out of dick trays you may ask? Eating food out of dick trays served by one of our gorgeous topless waiters. Charismatic and endearing our models will not only provide you with exquisite service they are also there for entertainment, with a variety of hens party games up their sleeves and seamless conversational skills.

COCKtail Straws

Is it really a hens party without penis straws? They’re like sashes for your 21st, a right of passage. They also make the perfect addition to our Cocktail Making Parties, penis straws are hilarious and handy at the same time. Just when you thought cocktails had reached the pinnacle of the drink tower you have now discovered that the new and delicious cocktail you have just learnt to create through the teachings of one of our attractive and charming topless mixologists can be adorned with a penis shaped straw. They really suit any drink and once the hens party is finished you can take these babies home and reuse them at your next family event! We’re sure your great grandmother Dorris will be impressed!


Pucker up ladies! Add a little rouge to your lips to get into the party spirit. This accessory seamlessly complements our Make-Up Package which will get you and all the guests radiating with confidence and feeling glamorous for the night ahead.

Willy Confetti

Confetti. An item which has come to be a staple at weddings since the tradition of throwing flowers, petals, rice or grains over the bride and groom to bestow prosperity and happiness. Why wait until the wedding to start giving over this prosperity? Willy shaped confetti is amusing and fun to use. A great addition to one of our Burlesque Parties where you and all the hens party guests will learn the basics of burlesque increasing your sensuality and confidence whilst picking up some great dance moves. It is also a great opportunity to dress up in something that gets you feeling sexy and empowered, a feeling which you can share with all your best girlfriends. Use our burlesque dance lessons to take a stand against the stigma around marriage being the end of sexiness by learning the ultimate art of seduction.

Penis Toothpicks 

A unique and entertaining way to serve canapés penis toothpicks are, again, both useful and amusing. Similarly to the dick trays, these make a wonderful combination with our Topless Waiters.

Willy Slippers

On the day of your hens party you shouldn’t just be celebrating at night, take this opportunity to make the whole day filled with glamour and fun. Book one of our Glam It Up packages to really pamper yourself with a luxurious room, hotel facilities such as their pool and spa and much more. Keep the indulgence going by treating yourself to getting your makeup done by one of our professional makeup artists who are there to make you feel glamorous for the day/night to come. Before and after your main activities you want to have some comfortable footwear to give you release from wearing those stylish yet uncomfortable shoes you’ll inevitable choose to wear.  Willy slippers have you covered. Coming home from partying and slipping into these comfortable and soft shoes will be a God’s send. They also have the added bonus of being hilarious!

Penis Piñata

Perfect for letting out any pent up frustration you may have towards humans of the opposite sex, whacking a penis piñata will do just the trick. An entertaining party game that will reveal everyone’s inner child, breaking open a penis shaped piñata is something every bride-to-be has to experience before her wedding day. It also serves as a great warm up to one of our dancing parties such as our Burlesque and Bollywood Packages.

Willy Water Gun 

Summer is still in full swing, something which we are constantly reminded of whenever we leave the house (I think we’re not the only ones who scuttle from aircon to aircon and only come out once the sun has gone down). A big upside to this weather though, is the relief of cooling down, and these hilarious willy water guns are perfectly suited for the job. If your hens party is coming up in the next few months we are sure all your guests will love a mist spritz from one of these water guns or you can go all out and have a full on water fight. As after all, you are never too old for a water fight. If you’re feeling extra cheeky these guns can also be filled with alcohol and used at one of our Cocktail Making parties.

The decor of a hens party can take many different paths. Think about what your hen would like but if nothing in particular strikes you about her taste in party design going for a simple yet classic theme is always a good option. Try and keep an overall theme even if you don’t have a specific one for the party. Deciding on a colour palette is a good idea as it helps to tie everything together. If you are short on ideas feel free to contact us and we would be happy to offer our thoughts.

To discuss how we can make your hens party special call us on 0410 767 869 or to make your booking email us [email protected]



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