We Who Run These Hens Night Parties in Adelaide and Surroundings

Ever wanted to get a bit artsy and stretch your creativity muscles (as well as have a bit of fun with your friends in the mix) at your hens night party?

With our great range of hens night party ideas / packages, you will be sure to have a hen night, day or weekend that will suit everyone’s interests (and sensibilities!) – and if you have any questions or want to change anything about any of the packages, just shoot us an email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our Party Facilitators Team go through a training process to ensure that they have the skills to lead a group of guests through an event that is safe, fun, welcoming and a rich learning experience.

Our Adelaide Support Team

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Jacqueline Mitchell, Director

Jacqueline’s main goal in life is to enjoy every moment to the fullest. So far, she has outperformed even her wildest expectations in this area, living overseas for 25 years while she worked frst as an Economics lecturer and then as a Simultaneous Conference Interpreter (one of those people sitting in a glass booth instantly translating everything that’s said into another language), which took her all over Europe, learning and meeting new people all the way.

Now settled in South Australia, Jacqueline has even more fun with her friends and family, cycling, trampolining, bush-walking and travelling with them. She has three wonderful children who agree that playing, being silly and going on wild adventures are essential ingredients of life.

Jacqueline also owns ART LOGIC, a business that curates art exhibitions for SA businesses and rents and sells contemporary South Australian art. She co-owns HANG LOGIC.

The Hen’s parties are Jacqueline’s way of bringing this life of happiness to others, enabling them to enjoy themselves and maybe even augment their fun skills ;-).

Jacqueline tells us: “I believe in the power of art to inspire, soothe, heal, entertain, amuse, challenge, educate, culturally enrich and fulfill. I therefore support South Australian artists and cultures and have chosen to create these businesses that  actively pursue creative goals. The thing adore about these hen’s night parties that we stage in Adelaide SA is how happy the girls at them are.”

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Aurora, Burlesque facilitator

Aurora finds Burlesque incredibly inspiring and liberating, and loves sharing this with others.

“I’ve been performing since 2013, and have fallen in love with the glamour and freedom of the art form of Burlesque. I’ve performed and competed across Adelaide, as-well as interstate. I am also going to be performing in NZ later this year!
My alter ego has many lights. Including neo routines, equipped with hilarious props and punchlines, but I particularly love classic Burlesque. I’m a sucker for some classic bump and grind and vintage glamour. I describe myself as very cheeky on stage, where parts of my personality shine through.”
A review of her performance in a competition in March described her act as: “Gyrating and smiling through almost carnivorous teeth, it was a smooth and engaging performance.”
When teaching Burlesque she starts start with a run-down of what Burlesque is about, and begins by teaching some simple, classic moves: Like the bump, grind, shimmy, and ‘burlesque walk’.
Depending on the nature of the class she then teaches a simple, classic routine that incorporates the moves just learnt. Seduction is core to her being and she transmits this way of being to those who learn with her.

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Maryann, Burlesque facilitator

“I love teaching the art of Burlesque, I like seeing people achieve something they thought they weren’t able to, or bring someone out of their shell. If everyone is smiling and saying how much they enjoyed it at the end then I did my job well.”

A lot of Maryann’s performances have centred around Marilyn Monroe, however she gets the most pleasure performing as herself. It is a chance for her to be sensual and bewitching. She likes to incorporate her audience where possible to make them a part of the act as this always brings up the electric energy in the room.

“The biggest thing for me is fun, as most of my burlesque classes are a group ‘one off’ session I like it to be as enjoyable as possible. Learning some basic moves, a routine and have a giggle as a group. If it is a hens night I usually try and make at least one activity centre around the bride to be, to make it ultra-special and keep the “Hen’s Night” vibe.”

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Tom, Life Drawing and Painting Facilitator

Tom facilitates the Life Drawing and the Life Painting package, and who better for this task than an artist, designer and comedian?

Loving the motto ‘follow your heart, and live the wildest of your dreams’, Tom left his native North European home to enjoy the warm, sunny lifestyle in Australia.

Using a wide variety of mediums, from oil paints, acrylics, wood, steel, plastics to clay, Tom draws inspiration from his surroundings and his vast imagination.

Art, Tom believes, is the expression of his inner playfulness, and what creates the wonder is the form it can take within different mediums. Tom brings with him a wealth of knowledge, gained not only through his multi-dimensional career but also from his extensive travels.

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Mudra, Bollywood Dance facilitator

Mudra is a warm, gorgeous, and a fantastic teacher! During our Bollywood hens night parties, she makes it easy to learn moves that appear impossible. Our hens and their friends have loved that she also shares her Indian heritage, passing on more than just her fun moves, and transporting you into a world of colour, history and myth.

Mudra is a trained Indian Classical Dancer with a degree in Indian classical dancing. Her expertise and years of experience mean that she has mastered many styles of Indian dances, from Bollywood to Indian Folk, Indian Classical and Fusion Dances. Mudra teaches and also does stage performances in both India and Australia (at Multicultural Concerts, Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Functions, and Community Events), and was the winner of Indian Australian Dancing Star 2012 Adelaide Audition – and was a top 4 finalist in the Grand Finale which was held in Sydney!

Mudra is known for her exceptional choreography, which blends her knowledge of various Indian dance styles, and for her unique dancing expressions, with which she truly stands out from the crowd.

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Yati, Bollywood Dance Hens Night Party Teacher

Yati is inspiring, vibrant and exceptional. This young Indian woman has it all: brains, grace and beauty. She was born in Ahmedabad, near Mumbai in India. She came here for her studies and also works as a fashion model.

As a teacher, Yati, in her gentle, caring art, makes sure everyone has fun learning the moves of Bollywood dance. Yati loves everything about Bollywood: the costumes, the dance moves, the music and the expressions.

Our Bollywood Dance teachers are not only teachers, but also Bollywood dance performers. Yati has been dancing since she was 10 and began dancing professionally when she was 14. She masters semi-classical Indian dancing and Bollywood dancing. Those who watch her performances are stunned by her skill and artistic composition.

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Jessy, Bollywood Dance Hens Night Party Teacher

Born and raised in India, Bollywood is in Jessy’s blood. Being trained in Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop,  and Funk has allowed him to incorporate these dance styles into his Bollywood teaching thus making his dances unique.
Jessy’s teaching brings out the confidence, fun and skill hidden in everyone at any level.

Jessy tells us “Bollywood is a dance style anyone can do it. All it takes is the ability to swing all your body parts in time to catchy Indian tunes, add some graceful neck and hand movements and you’re on your way!’”

Of all the dance styles Jessy knows, he thinks that Bollywood is the most happy and vibrant style. It has allowed him to meet, perform and teach many people and share his enthusiasm through this fun cultural experience whilst having a great workout!

In his Bollywood Fusion hen’s night party classes he shares his knowledge and passion, interpreting the music and giving his unique perspective on  traditional Indian dance. Jessy brings fun, culture, rhythm and movement to each class.

Jessy thinks Bollywood Dance ranks among the best ideas for a hens night party.

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Sapfo, Foretelling Bright Futures Hens Night Party facilitator

Sapfo’s ancestry reaches back to Asia Minor. It was from her great grandmother and grandmother that she learned to read with her spiritual eyes.

Sapfo has dedicated her entire life to supporting people with her positive energy. She works with Tarot cards in her Foretelling Bright Futures hens night parties. They help and guide her in finding answers to people’s questions.

Sapfo tells us: “I love seeing the happy, enthusiastic and impatient faces of women at hens nights. They urgently want to know their future. For me it is so rewarding when I see the smiles in people’s faces at the end of a reading. I give them answers so that they continue to smile.”

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Ky, Love Books creator

Art is something as natural as breathing to Ky.

Art is the way Ky has always interacted with the world.

Ky has been a living statue, made installations, done performance art, majored in sculpture, drawn, painted, photographed, made soundscapes and now focuses on book making.
Ky has a degree in Visual Arts and a Diploma of Art Therapy which gives her a wide range of tools to works with anyone interested in exploring their story.
The books are amazing collaborations. They create new connections.

That is why they are perfect for lovers and for the hen and her friends who want to share their story.
Each book is unique and each process has its fun surprises.

We can help you celebrate your next party. Come dance, draw or paint the day (or night) away and give your guests an experience they will never forget. Adelaide Hens Party caters for any event from ladies parties, birthdays, hens parties, to corporate events and other social functions. We also have a superb selection of artful wedding gifts.


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