A Fun, Foreign Flair For Your Hens Party

A Fun, Foreign Flair For Your Hens Party

If you want some ideas for an upcoming hen’s party that you can hold at home, then you’ve come to the right place!

Having a girl’s night in certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having plenty of fun, in fact sometimes it actually lets you create the perfect atmosphere. We’ve scoured the globe and been inspired by a kaleidoscope of colours, fashions, food and cultures to bring you five fantastic ideas from top countries and cities of the world.

La Parisienne

France, Paris, the City of Love. The French capital has been the inspiration for thousands of years for sculptors, poets and artists alike, with its iconic buildings, beautiful rivers and spectacular nightlife. Famed for the Louvre that displays the works of grand artists such as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and displays arguably the worlds most famous artwork, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Create your own little bit of Paris for your Hen’s Party with a Nude Life Drawing Party! Be inspired by the great artists to try your hand at sketching your hunky male model in a variety of poses, even the full monty if you desire!  Your skills will only improve as the party progresses, helped along of course with a little French Champagne.


Here are some ideas for you to set the scene for a perfect Parisian themed Life Drawing Party:

  • Surround your home with iconic French images – the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and the River Seine, the most romantic river in the world.
  • Bring a taste of the famous French cafes and patisseries with Croissants, Baguettes and delicious Macaroons
  • Arouse the senses with Sparkling Champagne; tiny sparkling bubbles, clink of glasses, leaves your palate tingling.
  • A little Chanel No 5
  • And from the home of Fashion, ask your guests to come along in their finest Haute Couture!



Welcome to the timeless beauty of Japan, a world where contemporary modern culture fuses with its ancient traditions seamlessly. Imperial Palaces and Shrines built with traditional architecture sit alongside the snowtopped Mt Fuji, surrounded by cherry blossom trees and great lakes.

The Japanese have refined their skills over thousands of years, master craftsman whose attention to detail is reflected in everything they create. Ancient sculptures depicting samurai warriors and Shinto gods and Japanese folding screens adorned with shodo paintings were created with the same detail that is now devoted to the modern artwork of Manga and Anime.


Rudigami is our naughty version of Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create decorative art. According to myth, anyone who strings together 1000 origami cranes is granted a wish. Our instructor will teach you how to transform paper into marvellous little willies, all shapes and sizes! Balls are optional. One can only imagine the wishes that may be granted with a string full of willies!  This is a really fun party and perfect for best friends and grandmas alike!

A fun way to start your party would be:

  • Have your friends and family come in their best Geisha kimono – have a prize for the best dressed
  • Make gourmet platters of Japanese delicacies – Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki
  • Don’t forget to serve a little Japanese Sake with the Green Tea, but be careful – that stuff can be deadly!



Sex in the City!

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”  Just one of the many fabulous quotes from the effervescent Carrie Bradshaw, New York columnist of Sex in the City fame. If ol’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra hadn’t sung this city into our hearts, Carrie and her friends certainly cemented this city as a firm favourite of the ladies and of the finer things in life.


No woman worth her weight in gold could be seen without designer labels, accessories, and of course- Shoes!  But what we really love about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda is that they always had time to smash out a great cocktail!


New York! New York!  Is a wonderful theme for your Hens Party, and we’ll supply the Cocktails. Our gorgeous male mixologist is the perfect accessory for your party, and of course he’ll bring along all the ingredients to make up the iconic Sex in the City Cocktails including:

  • Cosmopolitans
  • Manhattans
  • Martinis
  • Mojitos


The Bride-to-be could take centre stage as the gorgeous Carrie ably surrounded by the seductive temptress Samantha Jones, art dealer Charlotte York and lawyer Miranda Hobbs, and the rest of your party can find their sexiest dresses for a real girls night in. What a fun opportunity to dress up!   Have fun setting your home up as your own New York nightclub with sultry lighting and lush furnishings.


Stiff Upper Lip

Yes. That was lip. Nothing else stiff around here. Of course we are referring to the good old British tradition of showing emotional restraint and finishing the job at all odds! The British Isles are swamped in tradition – strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, dunking biscuits in your tea and eating fish and chips on a Friday to name a few!


The British Royal Palaces and other Grand Manor houses such as those depicted in Downton Abbey are steeped in a tradition of servitude. Ladies in waiting and Valets were personal assistants to the Lords and Ladies of the court and Butlers, Footmen, Governesses and Parlour Maids were all employed as fine servants of the aristocracy.

Bring Downton Abbey to life in your own backyard with one or more of our gorgeous Topless Waiters! There to attend to your every need they will serve your champagne and chocolates, massage your shoulders, have a little fun and games and just outright spoil you!



Get your guests in the mood early by sending them beautifully designed invitations asking them to attend in all their finery, furs and jewels (we didn’t say they had to be real!). Recreate the famous Downton Abbey table and bring out the candelabras, vintage silverware and china. Bring out the hat rack and drape an assortment of hats inspired by the 1920’s for everybody to have a bit of fun with throughout the party. Make sure you have an extra special one for your topless waiter to wear!


Print placecards for each of your “Ladies” and menus in a design that matches your original invitations and your menu can be as simple or as grandiose as you choose. It can be cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and pork pies, or you can serve Downton Abbey favourites such as:

  • Goat Cheese and Fig Canapes on Raisin Bread
  • Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
  • Lobster Rissoles
  • Truffled Wild Mushroom Tartlets

Make sure you complete your dinner party with fine wines, ports and sherries, all served by your humble waiter, appropriately dressed with an apron, bow tie and ??? well— that’s up to you!


What more can we say – this is party time! Your home can be transformed into a lavish production with colourful silks in multiple bright colours, a few strings of fairy lights, colourful cushion covers and candles. Some carved elephants, camels and snakes dotted around the room and a few bowls filled with floating flowers and tealights, and your home will be dressed for this Indian extravaganza!


Get ready to groove! Our wonderful instructor will teach you how to get those hips moving and learn a new dance routine. Armed with a wonderful selection of western music you will learn how to shimmy your way through a whole lot of fun!



Your guests will hardly be able to resist the abundance of food and beautiful aromas created by Indian favourites such as Pakoras, Samosas,  and Kebabs, accompanied by curries, pappadams, relishes and naan bread.



As a special treat for your guests, you may even decide to treat them all to an Indian Mehindi session. These gorgeous patterns are applied to your hands and feet and make you feel sexy and fabulous! And the best thing about them – they simply wash off after a few days – which just may be how long it takes you to recover from your fabulous Hens Party!


Do you have any other foreign theme parties you would like to recreate? Contact us by email or call us! We can help make it happen!


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