21 Top Hen’s Party Ideas

21 Top Hen’s Party Ideas

Don’t know what to do for your hens party? We’re here to the rescue: 21 fun hens party ideas. We’ve provided contact details of businesses in Adelaide, South Australia that will translate these hens party packages into action. If you don’t live in Adelaide search for similar businesses in your part of the world, they are bound to exist. If not, start one yourself.

  1. A spa pamper session: perfect for a hen who is totally stressed out and just can’t relax.

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (21)

    Indulge in some time at the spa enjoying things that go beyond massage. Try something you’ve never experienced before, like cupping or hot stones. A dynamic hen’s party idea is to have the soothing spa treatment be the energising kick-off for further fun.


    Spa on Brougham in North Adelaide if you plan to spend the night in town: these ladies are experts in indulgence.

    or Pamper Me in Prospect, Adelaide if you are  North of the city.


  1. A Cheeky Burlesque Class: if you want to spice things up.

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    A professional burlesque instructor gives you warm-up moves before teaching you a great routine. This hens party idea’s focus is on fun and giggles. In addition you’ll learn many a sensual move -could come in handy sometime 😉 Try: Hens Party Ideas Adelaide – Burlesque – the art of seduction . Their hen’s party burlesque instructor comes to your place or stages your hen’s night at one of the hotels they work with in the Adelaide CBD.

  1. Chocolate Making: if your hen fancies some sweet indulgence.

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Book a party at ‘Adelaide’s chocolate school’. You get to make all different kinds of chocolates when you choose this hen’s night idea.   You can also make adult-only chocolates with their x-rated moulds.

  1. A Dance Class: for a hen who’s keen to shoot some serious shapes on the dance floor.

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One fun idea is to add a little sexiness to the mix or try something with a little more ‘culture’ like Bollywood. Another awesome hen’s party idea is a film-themed dance class like Dirty Dancing or Grease. A professional choreographer teaches you all the moves. Try: Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’s Bollywood dancing package or ask their Adelaide team to organise a sexy, film-themed dance hen’s do event for you.

  1. A boat party: is your hen’s idea of escape to hit the water and seek the dolphins?

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If yes, try the following hen’s party idea: sip champagne and watch the sky light up in beautiful pinks as the sun sets on the water. Contact Temptation Sailing – they are based at Marina Pier, Holdfast Shores Marina in Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia. Or take a dolphin cruise on the Port River with the Port Princess.

  1. A cocktail making masterclass -perfect for the hen who seeks the taste of the exotic.

  2. henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (5)

Does she know her Mojitos from her Margaritas and her Cosmopolitans from her Caipirinhas? This is a shakealicious hen’s party idea. The cocktail making class appeals because it gives everybody something to do and enjoy – many a good bonding experience has been made with a little help from Bacchus’ nectar.  A mixologist teaches you to make, shake and muddle great cocktails which gets your party to a rocking start. Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’s swoon-worthy bartender comes to your place with all the gear you’ll need.

  1. Karting: for a dare-devil type hen who is up for fun and thrills

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (17)

Put the pedal to the metal at one of Adelaide’s karting facilities. This hens party idea is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Try Kart Mania in Gepps Cross, Adelaide. They are the largest karting and laser force skirmish complex in South Australia.

Another alternative is Ultra-fast Karts in Richmond, Adelaide

  1. A nude life drawing package: is your hen adventurous?

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (6)

We think nude life drawing is the best way for the hen to take her last long look at something different…to…well…what she’s about to sign up for. This hens party idea is also for girls who suffer from the dismal disease of only being able to draw stick figures – the only skill set required is an adventurous spirit. This definetly beats a stripper. Hens Party Ideas Adelaide has some hot male models. Book an instructor/MC as well – s/he’ll guide you through the poses.


  1. Fascinator making: for the crafty, out-of-the-ordinary hen.

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (2)

    This hens’s party idea gives your hen’s night outfit the final touch.
    What is a fascinator? It’s a decorative accessory worn like a hat made from any combination of feathers, flowers, beads and fine fabrics. You attach it to the hair with a clip, comb or band. An instructor brings all the equipment you need and takes you through the simple steps of making your fascinator. All girls then wear their creations throughout the hen’s night – you’ll be sure to stand out.
    Contact ART LOGIC – call 0410 767 869 for this millinery adventure.


  1. Paint Balling: for a hen who enjoys getting hot and sweaty.

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (11)

This may be an unusual idea for a hen do activity, normally it’s the kind of thing guys do. Declare a paint splattering war and then let loose in an indoor paintball site. But watch out, I have heard you get hooked the first time you play. Contact Delta Force Monarto for this hen party idea.

  1. Rudigami: for the hen who like to use her hands.

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Is your hen deviously crafty? Rudigami is the art of rude origami. This hens party idea gets transforming paper into willies that are works of art.

Contact Hens Party Ideas Adelaide on 0410 767 869 for this cheeky hens party idea.


  1. Pole dancing: lets your hen release her inner flirt.

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (13)
You’ll spin, dip and slide the night away at the Pole Boutique in Goodwood, Adelaide with this hens night idea. You can also share hot secrets and learn a series of sexy moves. That will have you feeling your inner temptress – sssshhhhhhh don’t kiss and tell.

  1. Fortune Teller: for the hen who wants to know what the future holds.

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This hen’s party idea sets the theme for love that is written in the stars. Decorate your party area with mystical charm and hire a fortune teller to come read the girls’ fortunes with her tarot cards. She’ll perform short, accurate and inspiring readings to uplift your spirits. Everyone’s future comes with its ups and downs, Hens Party Ideas Adelaide’s  tarot card reader focuses on the positive that the future brings. You’ll find out how to make your future fun and fulfilling.


  1. Wine tasting: does your hen like to travel distances on a high?

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Try a wine crawl instead of a pub crawl, Adelaide is perfect for it. Here in Adelaide we have 3 wine regions right at our doorstep: the Barossa Valley, the Adelaide Hills and Mclaren Vale. Wine Tours Down Under have some good ideas for wine tasting hens parties. You’ll realise that learning about wine is like space travel: once you get going, there’s no end in sight.


  1. A Yoga Hen Party: for the hen who has other things on her mind.

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (9)

Hens parties don’t have to be about boozy bars and penis straws. We love the idea of working out with friends, so why not incorporate it into your hen’s party. Contact Pol-arise Adelaide and ask them to provide you with your very own private session hen’s party yoga class.

  1. A Flower Arranging Party: are flowers, friends, and creativity your hens favourite things?

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (8)

New skills ahoy: delight in learning how to make that perfect bunch of flowers. There is something inspiring and calming about learning the aesthetics of flower arrangement and, you’ll get to take your new creation rather than a shocking hangover home with you.

To explore this hens party idea in Adelaide contact Rainy Sunday.

  1. The Tea Party Hen Do: anyone for high tea?

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (19)

You can’t go wrong with a classic afternoon tea party with cupcakes and champagne as part of the mix. High teas hark back to the days when dinner was eaten around 8pm and, therefore, afternoon teas were mini meals. Our favourite Adelaide venue for this nourishing hens party idea is the Mockingbird Lounge in the sea-side suburb of Glenelg.  Their cafe is also a second-hand book store with plenty of literacy excitement. They have a lovely private courtyard garden and function room out the back.


  1. The Treasure Hunt: an adventure to put the zig in zag, and a spring in your hen’s step

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (18)

The ‘Hens Treasure Hunt’  also in Glenelg, Adelaide has it all worked out.  You are given a mission and then: it’s game time. Not only is it lots of fun, you also get to explore Glenelg in the process. The hunt ends at a mystery pub where lucky winners are awarded their prizes


  1. A Horseback Hens Party: does your hen know what it feels like to ride a horse?

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (3)

Horses have the power to take you away from life’s everyday cares, yet at the same time they keep you grounded in the present. As Laurel Braitman explains: “A horse is a borderland creature, a gateway animal to another world. They allow us to imagine other ways of existing in our world. Horses let us be cowgirls and princesses.”

With Westwood Park Services you can ride along Aldinga Beach with stunning views of hills during the day and glorious sunsets in the evening. You’ll paddle your horse in the water and hear the splash of the ocean under its hooves. They provide horse rides for beginners too.


  1. Invite a Magician: does your hen want a magical evening?

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (7)

Best if the magician performs close up magic and then adds an extra half an hour of tuition. The tuition session allows everyone to learn a trick or two. Then try them out on an unsuspecting victim later on in the evening. A brilliant way to break the ice if there are lots of girls that don’t know each other. Hens Party Ideas Adelaide has some great magicians working for them.


  1. Play Games: for all hens in the entire universe

    henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (20)

    Last but not least, games are a brilliant idea to get a hen’s party off to a roaring start. Below we’ve listed some of the all-time favourites, ranging from silly to naughty and everything in between.


It’s a simple game and lots of fun. You choose a list of words that are ‘forbidden’ during the evening. Anyone who accidentally says them gets punished. The severity of the punishment is up to you: perhaps they have to share an embarrassing fact or do a crazy dare.

Never have I ever

This is a take on the classic ’truth or dare’. It’s the ideal conversation starter. Each girl has a turn at making a statement starting with “Never have I ever …”. Anybody who has done that must have a drink. This game is really funny and you’ll get to learn a lot about the hen’s friends.


Everybody, in true Mexican-style, gets blindfolded in turn, is spun around and gets to have bash at the goodies inside the giant pink penis.

Toilet paper wedding dress

Another great way to get the girls to meet each other. Create groups of girls that don’t know each other. Each team is given 3 rolls of toilet paper. They choose one to be the bride for the duration of the game and together they fashion a wedding dress and veil as best they can. The winning team gets a prize and the losing teams does the tidying up afterwards.

Guess the Memory

Get everyone to anonymously write down a personal memory of themselves with the bride-to-be. All the memories then get put into a hat and the hen has to read them aloud and guess who wrote it. That’s a good way for everyone to get to know each other and have a good bonding laugh. You can then paste all the memories in a book and give it to the hen as a heartfelt present. She’ll love that.

I Hope You Do

How about something sentimental? Ask everyone to find a chair, supply them with a glass of sparkling and have them spend 10 minutes filling out what they hope and wish for for the bride to be on a little card. As in Guess the Memory, these cards can be read out aloud and then pasted in a book for the hen.

Well, that’s it for now. Oh and congratulations if you’ve go to the very end of this article of 2025 words.
I’m sure there are many other brilliant hens party ideas out there, so write to us and tell us yours. We’ll add it to our list.


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