Fun and elegant, let Adelaide local experts reduce the stress  of planning your hen’s night party – ideas from Nude Male Life Drawing to Bollywood. $25-$80pp. Choose from Life Drawing, Cocktail-Making, Rudigami, Topless Waiters, Burlesque, The Magician, Paint ON the Man, Fortune-TellingFace&Body-Painting and Bollywood Dancing. 1) Browse our packages below, and 2) Call us to customise your needs.

1) Select your package style…

Life Drawing

Life drawing is the perfect balance between sexy and fun. Combining the two most important factors into…

$45+ per personRead more »

Bollywood Dancing

Learn the traditional art of Bollywood dance with a modern twist, it’s guaranteed to get you laughing…

$40+ per personRead more »

Cocktail Making

Stir things up for a night of delicious cocktail drinking with one of our cocktail bartenders. This…

$65+ per personRead more »

Topless Male Waiters

Indulge: enjoy a gorgeous topless man at your beck and call. This topless waiter can serve you…

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Learn to practice the art of Origami with a rude twist – Rudigami.

$35 per personRead more »


Classy 4 star hotel accommodation,  gourmet meals, cocktails, spend the night at the Adelaide Rockford and do some…

$40 + per personRead more »

Burlesque Dancing

Let loose with your girlfriends and discover your seductive, empowering and sexy side by learning burlesque dancing…

$40+ per personRead more »

Paint on the Model

Cover a gorgeous guy’s silken skin with colour and transform him into your contemporary art work. We’re Adelaide…

$60+ per personRead more »

Foretelling Bright Futures

Have fabulous fortune telling fun with our experienced tarot card reader and make your life even more…

$35+ per personRead more »

Face&Body Painting, Make-up

A hens party is the perfect opportunity to get glam and stray from your usual boring makeup…

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Nude Female Life Drawing

We may specialise in parties tailored to straight women but this package is more than perfect for…

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2) Love it?

Give us a call to book or to customise any package to be what you and your hen desire. Our team are great at turning your ideas into reality!

Your Hen’s Night Party or Ladies’ Party in Adelaide

Read our tips and ideas for planning your hen’s night/day/weekend party: exciting, stylish, and naughty suggestions for a wild night out. Embark on an Adelaide hen’s party to remember.

It’s fun to get the hen blushing but aim even higher – to entertain all girls at the party. If all her friends are having fun, then the bride-to-be will be truly happy.

Email or call Hens Party Ideas Adelaide on 0410 767 869 to share your wishes, or to tap our brains.

Enjoy our city centre venues (The Cumberland Arms Hotel, The Prince Albert Hotel) or have our facilitators come to your preferred location.

Classy Hens Night Party Ideas in Adelaide

Planning a Adelaide hen's party event? You will need a little patience, some wine, a short burst of screaming therapy and a fantastic crew of girls to share your weekend with. As any successful hen party organiser will tell you, the endeavour is worthy of a national qualification, but totally worth it in the end! Yes, we know the challenges.

Our team understands the need to have safe fun at your hens party, whether going away for a weekend, out on the town at night, or an evening in. We provide a range of fun hen party ideas and support to add enjoyment for all hens on their special night.

Historically, the hen's event, like marriage, has undergone something of a revolution. In England, hens events did not become popular until the 1990s. Many of our parents didn’t have one and centuries have been bridged since the hen do’s ancient Greek beginnings. In the 1970s women were paraded around their work place whilst colleagues celebrated the marriage to-be. The rejoicing was focused on the woman’s relinquishment of work and her entry into home domestics and motherhood. Yet men now marry men and women now marry women and this was unthinkable even ten years ago. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, something new and bright, sacred and exciting has emerged within the institution of marriage and the hens events.

Gone are the days when we marry so that families may align their wealth and social status. We remain career driven and open to raising a family, choosing whom we marry. We enter our married life economically independent and equal to our husband, or in some cases wife. So the big question is, if we are to ditch 'the hens party' and choose another name for what has really become a new celebration, what would it be?

Men have these 'Stag events' which compared to a 'Hens event' sounds regal and stately….surely we can come up with something more exciting than a hen event?

"One option is to have a schedule, because everyone’s lives are different with different commitments, whether that be kids, dogs, parents, whatever. Put a schedule together so people have options. Give everyone lots of warning and make sure you communicate. It’s a good idea to keep everyone in the know so it’s an even playing field.”

"And if anyone can’t come, don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable or guilty about it."

"With a hens party, it should be something that she will really enjoy and look back at fondly. Think about what the bride likes, and even if it’s not your thing, think about how you can incorporate it into the day."

"It is rare to get really good girlfriend time these days, so make sure her hens party counts."

Want to totally spoil your friends with a classy girls-only party in Adelaide? Are you the one who’s organizing a ladies party in Adelaide (a hen’s night /day/weekend), a birthday party, a divorce party, an office party, a girls’ night out or even a girls’ night in)? Celebrating is fun and does us good – it’s ‘life-acknowledging’. And choosing something out-of-the-ordinary to do when you gather the girls makes celebrating even more fun.
That’s why we girls at Hens Party Adelaide have come up with awesome ideas for girls-only parties.

We Are All Unique

Each of us is unique, so each lady’s party will be different; best to match the needs and interest of those you are celebrating with. That’s why it’s optimal to plan each party, (whether it’s a hen’s party (hen’s night/day /weekend), a birthday party, a divorce party, an office party or a girls night out or in) with the ‘party princess(es)’ in mind. Do you know her/their hobbies, likes and dislikes? If not ask around.

Our Awesome Party Ideas

Does she/they love to dance? Then choose our Bollywood Dancing or our Tribal Goddess Dancing Package and swing with the rhythm.

Would she/they thrive on something arty mixed with a touch of classy sensuality? Then choose our Paint The Man, Life Painting or our Draw The Man, Life Drawing Package with a nude male mode to inspire you, a topless waiter to spoil you and an art teacher to guide you. We'll take photos to capture the fun.

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide | 0432924305 | Draw The Man, Life Drawing | Nude Male Art Model

Does she/they like to be challenged? Then choose our ‘The Surprise, Draw On The Man’ Package for a fun hands-on experience.

Would she/they like to master the art of cocktail making? Have our gorgeous topless mixologist teach you the art of ‘mixology’.

Is she/they a foodie? Mmmhh, then let our gourmet Olivier spoil you with the wines and cheeses of his home country France.

Share Your Ideas With Us

Do you have an idea, a wish or a dream that we don’t provide?Tell us what it is, and we’ll work together with you to create it.
Oh, by the way, if you want to go local, we are the only Adelaide based provider of these party packages for girls, women and ladies.

And if you’re agonizing over a gift for the party princess, check out our arty glass wedding gift ideas or our hand-made love books.

Join with our Team for your Party

By booking your party through Hens Party Ideas Adelaide, you'll save time and money. Jacqueline is an experienced and skilled party planner with a good local knowledge of venues and fun activities in Adelaide. We give you the awesome options and you choose.
And if you’re agonizing over a gift for the party princess, check out our arty glass wedding gift ideas or our hand-made love books.
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